Fix a heart

I have decided to move. I’m buying a townhouse! Yes there are many hindrances. I don’t have an answer for everything now. I’m an indecisive person until I make a decision. This is right for me. My current living situation is affecting me mentally and physically in negative ways. The thing I’m saddest about is having to give up my cat (one of the drawbacks). 😦 It has nothing to do with whether the townhouse allows cats or not. My cat is part of what is making me sick. That was one of the main reasons why I wanted to live here as long as I could. We had a rough start but she is my best friend. 😦 I will hate not knowing what will happen to her…..

This is supposed to be a picture post. “My dream townhouse” post. I don’t know how much townhouse I can afford but I’m think all of these are in my budget. I’ll post them by price – from highest to lowest. Oh, I decided to go with a townhouse because of less maintenance. I don’t know anything about fees. I will learn soon. And I’m not moving tomorrow. My goal is within a year and a half. I would love to move in 12 months.

Picture time
Townhome #1 highest price 2 bedrooms/2 baths

love the exterior!!


This is where my office would be – in the loft. I love this place!
Townhome#2 – middle price 3 bedrooms/1 bath

nice doors - living room


Townhouse#3 – least expensive 2 bedrooms/2 baths



I’m a landscape geek. I love that. Since this one doesn’t have a lot of pics I’ll add that it has a loft area (office space!).
I would take any of ’em. 🙂 Of course I would prefer an end unit if possible. That would sway my decision to a certain community. These are the 3 I like best in this area. I hope when it is time for me to buy I can find something like the options above.

You NEVER ask for anything.

My manager to me: You never for anything. You can do what you want.

That was a compliment, right? Most people probably don’t see it that way. Because, DUH! you should ask for stuff. But I don’t. I never do. I believe I have to it on my own. Isn’t that what people teach? It’s your responsibility. Your fault. YOU. YOU. YOU. I had no idea. What am I supposed to ask for? I have no clue what others area asking for. Damn, I wish I knew. Could I have what they have? Wait, what do they have? Hmmm.

Once again, all I want to do is WORK FROM HOME…like 60% of our people do. Oh well.
I HATE looking at houses online. Houses I could have if only…Why do I punish myself this way? This is my current gotta have this house. AKA my dreamhouse.

3 bedrooms. 2 full baths.

If only I were sane and normal. I’m not looking at anymore houses until I can actually buy.