I dug the grave

I started working on my course! I’m excited about it. I’m doing slides with audio voiceovers. I can’t do just documents. First, they are too easy to steal and pass on to others for free. AND that would be boring. I will have some documents of course, but not with anything really valuable. Most of the content will be in the videos. I’m not doing the course on my own website. That would be nuts. I will probably use Teachable.

I’m thinking about doing 4 modules. Maybe 3. Not sure. The price is still up in the air. It’s just a self-paced course. No live content. I’m looking over my curriculum now, and I think most people could finish it in 3 hours or less. Don’t laugh at my class! 😉 It’s just a “How to pass your certification exam” course (not the real title). I’m not teaching the concepts or anything that is actually on the test. People pay $2000 for those courses.  I’ll probably charge $30 – $40.

At this pace, I can definitely have it out by the end of September. Woohoo! I could probably finish it in a weekend, but I want it to be excellent. I will be updating the course constantly. I’m sure I’ll get feedback on what sucks because people love to share that. LOL.

It’s really strange that I will probably make more money with this course then I will with tarot in the next 3 months. I wasn’t counting on this. I think finishing Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, working on my tarot biz, and yes, Bank Boost help me decide that I want to be an entrepreneur. Not to sound dramatic, but that is really the only option for me. Yes, I have a full-time job now. I’ve had it for 14 years (not doing the same thing). But my job won’t last forever. I need to have a plan and this is the plan. Tarot, an online course and maybe tutoring down the line. Not sure about that. I don’t want to tutor, but if I have to, I will. I would love to just stick with tarot, astrology and this course.

Ugh, I cried during work over the new system today. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. I can’t remember if the last system made me cry. LOL. This sucks. They have unrealistic expectations, and their system is bad. It wasn’t made for us to use. It’s okay for New York, but not us.  Oh well. This is all motivation for me to work on my own shit and release my online course.

I do have to do well at work. They picked me and 4 others because they thought we were smart. Don’t laugh. I was gifted as a kid and as Lena Dunham said, “turned into a fucked up adult.” Well, I’m not really an adult. Isn’t that obvious? When others talk about adulting, I say ‘what’s that?’

I’m watching I am a Killer on Netflix. It is a documentary series about people on death row. As I’m sure most know, I am against the death penalty for several reasons. One is that death is a gift. But that is definitely not the main reason. Anyway, two of the people on death row had no idea that the death penalty existed where they live. Um, THEY LIVE IN TEXAS. How could they not know that??? Every execution makes the news. Okay, one was 17 when he committed his crime.  No, that’s not a good excuse. Texas, hello?

It has been proven that the death penalty is not a deterrent. But I’m still shocked they didn’t know the death penalty existed. Wow. Both guys lived in Texas their whole lives. Strange.

I have to do a tarot reading tonight. So I better get going. Bye! 🙂

The decision

While I’m glad James Holmes did not get the death penalty, I have to say that if he were black he would have gotten it. Whites get the benefit of doubt. “Maybe he was mentally ill…” Do blacks get that same benefit of doubt? NO. All of the people on death row in Colorado are black. The death penalty is racist and should be abolished.

In Colorado, Blacks Are 4 Percent Of The Population And 100 Percent Of Death Row Inmates

/end rant

I will add that me wanting life in prison for Holmes didn’t have a lot to do with mental illness. The death penalty is barbaric. And if I hear one more story of an innocent person being on death row…So that is why I’m against it. It isn’t fair. Innocent people have been killed. Do I have to go on?

James Holmes did/does have social anxiety. And perhaps some sort of schizoid disorder. (The prosecution didn’t want anyone to believe the latter).  But I do think he was legally sane at the time of the murders. I think he was just lashing out. He was frustrated. All of a sudden he wasn’t doing well in school (due to oral presentations) and his first girlfriend broke up with him. I’m looking at this through the lens of someone with SA. He didn’t see other alternatives. I wish he would’ve killed himself instead of killing others. 😦 Did he have a psychotic break? Maybe. I don’t know. It’s possible but like I said this has nothing to do with me wanting him to get life in prison instead of the death penalty.

Edited to add: Holmes did TRY to get help. The system failed. This could’ve been prevented. If only the therapist/hospital had told someone exactly what he said.

I think Holmes would rather die than spend the rest of his life locked up. His family are the only ones slightly relieved.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he commits suicide. He already told the shrink how bored he was in jail. He is miserable (as he should be). Punishment fits the crime. Let him live for 60 more years in solitude. THAT IS THE DEATH PENALTY. He is getting what he deserves. Death is a gift. Why give him that?