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Shop Craftsy’s Pre-Black Friday and Black Friday Sales!

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Edit: Everything is on sale now through December 1. Not sure why they refer to this sale as pre-black Friday etc. The classes are $19.99 or less now. (For some classes that is a bargain!)

This week, Craftsy is hosting some amazing sales! Here are the details:

On Wednesday and Thursday, Craftsy is having a Pre-Black Friday Sale! You can uncover the Pre-Black Friday Sale: Enjoy Big Savings on Yarn, Fabric & Kits !

From Friday through Sunday, Craftsy is hosting their Black Friday Sale! All Classes $19.99 or less! Now is a great time to get the classes you’ve been eyeing all year! Craftsy classes also make a great gift, so do some holiday shopping for the crafter in your life.

Shop now because you won’t want to miss these incredible sales!


I totally fell for this sale. I’m a sucker for a course…especially from Craftsy. They also have yarn on sale and I brought 4 hanks! The good stuff. It was a bargain. I can’t wait to get it.

I do feel a bit mixed on sharing a sale. SPEND MONEY. Uh, no – but this is for learning and hell, I did it. I just love Craftsy so much and I will continue to share their (good) sales. After I work on my practicum tonight, I’m going to get started with a small lace project from my new class: Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond with Eunny Jang . I’m so excited…and I’m going on a tangent. /end

I won’t say all this every time I post a sale, I just want to point out they have cooking, photography, woodworking, knitting, jewelry making, sewing, crocheting classes AND MORE. So far I have enrolled in knitting, cooking and crocheting classes. The best classes I’ve taken so far are Crochet Basics & Beyond (w/Kim Werker) and Knit Lab.

All the classes are not great. Read the reviews first. They do offer money back if you don’t like a class but I’ve never tried to do that. Another thing I don’t like is when they consider a class ‘beginner’ but it is clearly intermediate. Hate that.

Oh well, I’m going to go now.  Bye. 🙂


Skip to the bottom of this post to see my first handmade bib necklace….if you dare.

This is too funny. I spent 45 minutes in line to get a ticket to see Michele Obama. See below:

ticket to see FLOTUS

I thought she was coming on Saturday uh, no she is coming today! There is no way I can take time off from work today and go see her. ROFL. No I did not look at the ticket. I got my ticket at 8:45PM and I was so tired. All I did was marvel at the fact that I actually got a ticket. Most rallies with the President don’t give out tickets so I was thinking “Wow I have a ticket!” I didn’t bother reading it. I’m relieved for so many reasons. I have a ton of tings to do on Saturday and I didn’t want to spend hours at this event. Getting there slightly early, trying to find parking, and then uh, the waiting.

I was so not looking forward to that. Plus my uncle is on hospice care and I am supposed to see him on Saturday. The last thing I wanted to do was go over there extra early just so I could see the First Lady. And I have to take my mom grocery shopping on Saturday morning. So I’m just thinking about all this plus seeing Michelle Obama. Too much for one day. I don’t have a ton of energy. Also, I didn’t really want to miss all of college football Saturday. I LOVE football. (Um, isn’t that obvious)?

I did get to meet two really cool people in line as  I was waiting for the tickets. I didn’t talk to them much. I was standoffish NOT because I didn’t want to talk, it is basically just my social anxiety. One of them went to the DNC convention in Charlotte. How cool! My mind went totally blank when she said that. I would have asked “How was Charlotte?” I wouldn’t have asked too much about the actual convention because I watched it on TV. lol. But I can’t relax enough to think around people.

The other person is going through a tough time with her health. She has/had cancer. She doesn’t have regular health insurance. She has to pay 1/3 of what she makes each month for COBRA. If Obama gets reelected, she will no longer have this problem.  She is also a single mom, recently divorced. Ouch. She just had surgery last week. She is a survivor. She is going through all this but she was thrilled to be standing in line. All she wanted, other than the ticket, was an Obama sign to put in her yard. She lives in a heavy Republican part of town so her signs from 2008 were constantly stolen.

Anyhow, the other two people bonded without me. The woman behind me and the woman in front of me talked like normal people. She asked the right questions to the woman who went to the convention. “So you got to see Clinton speak??! OMG, I love him!” She could talk. I can’t do that. I think of things to say once all eyes are off me. If you want to see me incoherent or not talking, just look at me. I can’t function. Yes in normal situations, I suck.

What made them “really cool” is that they did not do small talk. (???!!!) They were talking about real stuff. I would not have been interested in their conversation if it was about mundane stuff like the weather. Even when each one was talking to me, no small talk. I think I look off putting so maybe that is one reason why people don’t bother with small talk with me. Don’t get me wrong, some people do try. I try to give my best one word response. Sometimes I come up empty. I hate small talk. It is so boring. :/ Plus I’m bad at small talk. I can talk about bigger issues much easier but I’m still seen as aloof and socially awkward or not that interested. (Okay when it comes to small talk, I am truly not that interested. TALK ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE WEATHER! See if I were a guy, it would be so easy because then people would approach me about sports. I can give you more than one word on sports.)


I made my first bib necklace. It isn’t great but I’m still going to rock it. 😉 People can tell that it is handmade. That is the problem. I didn’t make the actual cloth bib. I brought 6 for $7.00 from an Etsy store. Great value! Here is what I came up with:

bib necklace

IMO, it looks much better in person…but it still looks very amateurish. It is sloppily handmade. The glue can be seen. etc.  . I like the necklace but it is only for me. I’m fully aware that this isn’t for selling or even gift giving. Heh. Everything on the necklace was already in my jewelry box. I didn’t have to buy anything other than the black cloth. Once I use all my “bibs”, I will make them by hand. It isn’t that hard. All I have to do to finish this necklace is cut out felt to put on the back of the necklace.

Why did I choose to do this necklace first? Purple is my favorite color (and I love feathers!!)  A broken earring, a necklace I partially tore apart and regular beads are on the necklace. My next one will probably be red  because I have a lot of random red stuff in my jewelry box. After that, I will probably have to buy stuff.

happy to be on abilify?

Oh my god! I love Abilify. 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

No I’m not happy…I’m still me. There is no magic drug. I’ve been on the lowest dose of Abilify for enough time for it to work and guess what?? IT IS WORKING. I have energy. I’m not sleeping in. I got up today like I used to do PRE-major depression. That’s not all.

I went into Michael’s (for the 1st time) and talked to the woman who does crochet classes. I’m so in! I was more into the jewelry making class but the teacher wasn’t there. She has to cancel classes sometimes because so few people show up. She really wanted me there today. But I do have school and HELLO? the NBA playoffs start today. Maybe she forgot?

When she sees the reserved “shy” me, she is going to wonder who that person she saw in the store was. LOL. I was with my mom running errands and we just stopped in Michaels for 2 minutes. I had no idea they did classes. I can’t hide excitement. When I’m with someone I know I am so over the top. However when I’m in a group or with people I don’t know my excitement turns inward into…anxiety(?).

I know how to crochet a little but I want to make hats for myself and for others. I’ve tried books and one DVD. Nothing has worked so I would LOVE to take a class. I know the basics of jewelry making. I am sort of past beginner but since I haven’t done it in at least 3 years, a beginner class would be fine.

Back to Abilify: 12 hours after I took the first dose, my muscles felt like they had aged 40 years. Everything hurt. It seemed like I had worked out for the first time in maybe 5 years. I did go to work. (A plus for having a job where I can sit down). But even walking hurt. Luckily that didn’t last for longer than two days. I am still scared of the other potential side effects. I have never been on anything with potential life changing side effects. I’ve said this isn’t a magic pill but it is the closest thing to it.

So this is my infomercial. Talk to your doctor today.

🙂 🙂 😉


I have to go to the library…and then school work (and playoffs) for the rest of the day.