Just protecting my soul

Can’t even go to concerts anymore. Music is supposed to be the one sacred thing left. Some people would say church. For me, it is music. It brings all different types of people together…yes, even at a country music concert. I went to see Jason Aldean many years ago. I’m a liberal. Not all country music lovers are conservative red necks. People like to stereotype people based on the music they listen to. That’s another subject.

About gun control: I don’t get how we are supposed to get rid of the guns already bought. A determined person will get their hands on a gun. Do they know how many guns are currently in America?

There are 300 million guns in America, tell me how we are going to get rid of them. People are just going to follow the law and get rid of the ones they already own? LOL.

I would love for America to have fewer guns. But I also know it is relatively easy to get an illegal gun. I guess I don’t have a lot of faith in people. Drunk driving is illegal. People still do it. Determined people will do what they want. Prove to me that this “gun control” thing will work and I’ll jump on board. I just keep thinking of the guns already here. Maybe if they pass gun control now, in 50+ years, there will be fewer guns in the country. I’ll give people that.

One more thing: I find the NRA abhorrent. They are one of the worst things that have ever happen to politics. I wish they didn’t exist. So I’m definitely not anti-gun control. I just want someone to logically explain to me how this would work.

I haven’t watched the news much since Monday. I woke up at 4AM EST and heard that 20+ people had been killed. I didn’t go back to sleep.  I watched the news almost all day. After Monday, I’ve just tuned out. I feel a bit cold about it. Maybe numb. I don’t know.

Pretend you’re good at it

I know hiding under tables and bathrooms isn’t normal. I know that I’ve carved out a life that lets me hide when I need to because I wouldn’t survive any other way.

-Jen Lawson

AMEN! That is exactly what I’ve done. Call me avoidant or whatever. But I’m doing what I can to freaking survive! People call me crazy all the time. Their loss. ROFL. 😉

I realized it would have sounded a bit crazy, but that made sense. After all, I was a bit crazy. And I didn’t have to pretend to be good at it. I was a damn natural.

OMG. This girl is speaking my language. No more quotes from the book for now.


I was going to congratulate Bruce Springsteen for canceling his concert in North Carolina over their new homophobic law. But then I realized I’m going to North Carolina TWICE this spring. I’m going for a birthday vacation in the mountains (Asheville), and I’m going for an Ellie Goulding concert. Oh well. What am I supposed to do? Cancel? Yeah, right. Bruce is a better person than me. That’s for sure.

(In my defense, I made plans for all this well before there was talk of an anti-LGBT law).

I’m worried about Ellie Goulding. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and there is other stuff going on with her that is more gossipy so I won’t say it. I can say that her US shows aren’t going great. I keep forgetting that Ellie isn’t a big star in the States. I was thinking it was going to be fun, but the crowd in San Diego was dead. What if the people in North Carolina are like that too?  I have lowered my standards for the concert (due to the audience, not Ellie). This makes me sad for her. She could have canceled the US leg of the tour. She is going through a rough time. 😦

I finally got my parking for the Tori Kelly concert sort of figured out. I can only park in the venue’s parking garage starting at 7 PM! The concert starts at 8. There’s no way I’m arriving in DC at 7. I don’t even know what the traffic will be like because I haven’t driven in DC in forever (usually take a bus). So I’m going to Woodbridge, VA (Potomac Mills) for a few hours and then head to DC around 6. I hope that works out. I do have a GPS with traffic so it should be able to tell me how bad traffic is. I’m just going to walk around Ikea for those hours.

The Tori Kelly concert is in 8 days. I can’t even think too much about it. Overwhelm. I’m going to make myself get everything ready by this weekend.

This week I…

Music of the week: Ellie Goulding, Kanye West, Shania Twain, Demi Lovato, Sia, Fifth Harmony, Coldplay, Little Mix

TV of the week:  House of Cards, basketball

Movie of the week:  I finally saw Spotlight! Where do I begin? It is just a documentary. I love documentaries, but calling a movie a documentary is not a good thing. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I watched it twice. Maybe going into it completely blind (which seems impossible) makes the movie better, but I already knew most of that stuff. I didn’t know details, of course. It was good, but I don’t get the big deal. What a letdown.

Books of the week:  I finished  A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy by Sue Klebold. I did a blog post about it below.

I’m now trying to finish Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson. This book is good, but she tries too hard at being funny. I would rather have a straight bio than a “funny” bio filled with bad jokes. I still appreciate the book, but I’m in no rush to finish it.

Plans for the weekend: Working on my practicum will be my #1 priority. I also have errands to run. In other words, I’m not doing anything fun this weekend. I’ll probably make some time to sit outside with my dog and get some reading done.

I’m looking forward to my first Lyon + Post package. I’m only doing it because Nicole posted a referral link and that gave me $30 in credit to spend on anything. This is my referral link that also gives anyone $30 to use on clothes from that site.  I’m going to do a post on that experience early next week. I’ll go into more detail on the service. I’m only keeping one thing since I have the credit. Thanks so much Nicole (for the referral and introducing me to the company)!

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

Don’t over complicate it

When (life’s) not playing out like the movies
It doesn’t mean it’s falling apart

Wise words from Ellie Goulding. I wanted to use those lyrics for a title, but I couldn’t figure out how to fit them in. Anyway, those words are so true!

I have been sick for over a month. I’m not exaggerating. This is the longest cold ever. I could understand it if I were around people. Then it would make sense. I have used 3 times the amount of Afrin I’m supposed to.

Side effects of overdosing on Afrin? Light headed/dizziness, chest pains, nausea, stomach pains, and slight head pains. I wouldn’t recommend it. But I can’t sleep or work when I can’t breathe so this is what I’m doing to get by.

I’m beginning to think it must be something in my house. I’ve had my dog for almost a year so it can’t be him…right? Ewww. I don’t want to think about what it could be. Could it be allergies? I just know I’m sick of being sick. And when I can breathe, I’m sick from too much Afrin. ARGH!!

That’s what I feel right now. I can breathe, but I have a headache and feel very light headed.

I was thinking about going to see the Dixie Chicks on tour. They are coming here twice. I love them and I don’t think this will be their last tour. At least I hope not. One concert a year seems to be my limit these days. I used to go to at least 3 shows a year. One year it was Dave Matthews Band, Melissa Etheridge and Janet Jackson in one summer. Not anymore. So I’m probably not going. That would be so fun, though. (No, not as fun as Ellie).

I wish I could say I’m not going to take more Afrin. I feel so blah. I almost quit working today. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do extra hours even though I need to. The medicine is making me sick, but I can’t breathe without it. What am I supposed to do? I feel like I need to see a doctor, but I’m not…as of right now.

The Charade

I can’t take a day off until October and I’m really feeling it now. My last day off was in June. I was hoping that the weekends would make up for no days off but no, that is when I have everything planned. And this past weekend, I traveled to Virginia Beach to see the one and only D’Angelo and Mary J. Blige. What a weekend. I went down late Friday night and came back on Sunday. It was like having no weekend. I’m still exhausted.

I’m going to blog about this marvelous concert more in depth in my music blog. I don’t even know where to begin. I waited 10+ years to see D’Angelo live and it finally happened…not the way I wanted it to but it  happened. He said, “VA, I will be back”. I think he said it more than once. I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell New York that on Sunday night. He knows VA (his home state) loves him and supports him more than anywhere else in the US. I can’t say the world because he is huge overseas. Anyhow, I’m holding him to his promise. He will be back and hopefully not opening for a huge star like Mary J. I don’t know why they chose to kick the tour off in VA Beach but D’Angelo and I say THANK YOU!

The love for Mary was overwhelming. The place was electrified. She put on a great show. I saw her about 10 years ago and she was far better this time around. Just watching and listening to the audience was entertaining. I know she felt the love. I saw Mary’s husband, Kendu and other VIPs sit a few rows in front of me to watch D’angelo’s set.

I did not dance much if at all for Mary. Everyone else was dancing. By then I was tired and I wanted more D’Angelo. However, I did dance for D*. I did not care about what others thought. Oh yes, they did have opinions. LOL. I wanted to show him support. While everyone else in my section (not the pit) were seated, I fucking danced. In front of people. I almost felt like I was in my bedroom but nope, I did not go that far. That was how I felt. I was surrounded by Mary J. Blige fans who did not get D at all so why would I sit when they don’t even care??! Luckily the whole audience wasn’t that way. The people around me wanted to know why he was even there. 😦

(*Yes I had to pop a klonopin to dance. Some people get drunk, I get medicated. I would have been too shy/self conscious otherwise. I did wait until I knew I would need something to loosen up before I took one).

I would like to think I got a nod from D during “Brown Sugar”. He was looking right at my section and I was the only one standing. I nodded back. I wanted him to do that pointing thing he does where he points out members of the audience but he didn’t do it at all to anyone on my side. Bummer.

Great show. I wish I could follow the whole tour. hahaha. Why does it cost so much money? I thought the best things in life were free?! No more concerts for me until next summer………….unless D’Angelo goes on a solo tour before then. I don’t have to worry about John Mayer. He is having throat surgery again soon (Please get fully well this time!). There’s probably about 3-5 other artists I have never seen that I  would break my no concert rule for. It changes all the time but I almost always have a top 5 I would do anything to see. Anything for me is travel 2 hours, I can’t afford much more than that. So my anything is not extreme.


I got into jewelry making class at the museum! Yay. Class starts in  mid September. This should be interesting. The class is really small. I just want to learn everything. Should be fun.

I’m sooooooooooooooooooo glad I’m not in school. Not only because I wouldn’t be able to take the jewelry class but training at work and doing school? Hell, no! This training is tough. I wanted to cry one day last week. Yeah, maybe I do need a day off. It is so much and I’m worried about not getting everything. It’s not like I can afford not to get it. I have no choice. I have to get it. It doesn’t stop there. Then after work I have to figure out what the hell I learned so I can type it up. Overwhelmed does not begin to describe how I feel about all this. I’m stressed out and I need a day off and I need to stop going on weekend getaways.


I did make it to the beach for about 45 minutes on Saturday. What a waste of paid parking. I will never visit the beach in August. Too crowded. In fact, I have never been to the beach during this time of year due to that fact. It was around noon and the weather was nice. Not too hot. etc. So everyone was out. Here is how close I got to the ocean:

No clarity. No dipping my feet in the ocean. ROFL. But I’m glad I at least attempted to go. Usually I don’t try because I don’t want to deal with the crowds, the traffic and the parking.