Better than Stitch Fix

Wow, I met one of my new moon goals already. I didn’t post this goal because it was one of the private ones. My goal was to get down to 140 pounds. Well, today I got on the scale, and I weigh 138!!! WTF? I can’t explain that. I hadn’t weighed myself in 6 to 8 weeks. I was so scared to find out how much I weighed. Is it possible that my scale is wrong? I’m still on the same medication (birth control and a very, very low dose of Abilify). So it can’t be that. I am exercising a little more because it’s warmer. I’m going to the park about 3 days a week. Hopefully, I will be going 6 days a week once I get into some type of routine.

My eating habits haven’t changed that much. I eat okay most of the time and then once a week I’ll order a burger and fries or something similar in calorie value. I’m trying to stop doing the delivery/take out thing once a week. I don’t know what else to say. I hope my scale is right. ūüôā I’ll have more to say later.

I signed up and kind of started a life coaching course on Udemy. No offense to Skillshare, but Udemy has the best online classes. Anyway, people think Tarot reading is just about predicting the future. That couldn’t be further¬†from the truth. I want to specialize in career readings. I want to help people. A basic (AKA cheap) life coaching course will help me give clients tips. I don’t want to just read for people. Most tarot readers don’t just read cards. They try to help the person if their cards aren’t looking positive.

Now let me get to the topic at hand. What’s better than Stitch Fix? ThredUp‘s Goody Box! I don’t know who my ‘stylist’ was, but he/she was amazing. I favorited some things on ThredUp, and I made a special Pinterest board just for my stylist. That person nailed it! I was the person who made a mistake. I told them no high rise jeans and no dresses with slits. But I forgot to mention NO shorts or cropped jeans. Of course, they sent about 3 of those items. My fault.

I got the cheapest box possible. They sent 15 items. Nothing was more than $25. Most items were between $10 – $15. I kept 7 items. My total is a little over $100. Hello? Cheaper than Stitch Fix and I LOVE what I kept. I kept the following items:

Adrienne Cittadini Print Dark Blouse – $16.99


Democracy Solid Dark Blue Jeans 11.99


Reborn Casual Dress $16.99


Ann Taylor Solid Dark Blue Jeans 13.99


The rest is jewelry. I have to say that the jewelry looks better in person and I think most of it is overpriced, but I still kept the following:

Black statement necklace – 11.99


New Directions necklace – $24.99


Light purple statement necklace – $11.99


That’s everything. I will definitely get another Goody Box. I would have never found these items on my own. They have thousands of items, and it is hard to search through everything. I will probably never do Stitch Fix again. I LOVE Stitch Fix, but the prices are much higher than ThredUp. I know some people don’t like previously worn clothes so obviously this wouldn’t be the service for them. But for everyone else, I would recommend ThredUp‘s Goody Boxes. Oh, the only downside is that it took a while to get to me.

I made the $10 deposit (normally $20) on April 4, and I didn’t get my box until April 18. ThredUp is known for having shipping issues. They sent an email a while back saying that it had been improved. Clearly not.

Another thing: I asked for jewelry. You can ask for purses and no jewelry. Or no accessories at all.

Use my ThredUp link if you want $10 off of anything at ThredUp. You must be a new customer to get the $10 credit.

I gotta go work on my Tarot course. Bye! ūüôā

Stitch Fix review #5

I love Stitch Fix. I get so many compliments when I wear their clothes. If I could afford it, I would get one every month. Instead, I get one for most season changes.

Amy, my old stylist, is no longer with the company. ūüė¶ She did my 4 previous fixes. But fear not! Michelle is here to save the day, and she’s awesome! She picked 3 items right from my Pinterest board. Yay.

Okay, here is what I received in my 5th fix:

Street Level Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag. Price $48


I saw this purse on Kelli’s YouTube video, and I fell in love. ¬†I thought it was a little bigger from the video. ¬†It is a little too small for me. My kindle can barely fit in there. The stitching and the strap feel/look cheap. But it was “only” $48.00, so I guess that is to be expected. ¬†KEPT.

Papermoon Balsman Button Down Knit Top. Price $54.00


This was not on my Pinterest board. I love plaid, but I didn’t like this from the picture I saw on the app. Well, I wore this on Sunday, and I¬†love it. I do wish it was longer. I like long, slightly oversized clothing. KEPT.

Alice Blue Ryah Hooded Cardigan. Price $54.00


This was on my Pinterest¬†board, and the pic doesn’t do it justice. It has a hood. Obvs. It also has pockets. ¬†I love gray. I wore this on Saturday. KEPT.

Kut From the Kloth Benter Mixed Material Top. Price $58.00

Here’s the front –


Here’s the back…


This isn’t from my Pinterest board. How did Michelle know I would love it? Maybe because I told them I love florals and I have a lot of gray on my Pinterest board? lol. I haven’t worn this yet. I can’t wait to wear it. KEPT.

Pistola Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean. Price $88.00


I put these on my Pinterest board. I wore these on Sunday. I only wish the zipper were on the outside of the jean. No one can really see it, so what’s the point of that detail? They are a little too big, but that is probably my fault because I’m between sizes. Michelle did size up because Pistola is often one size too small. KEPT.

Yep, I kept all 5 items for the FIFTH TIME. See why I can’t do this every month? I got the 25% discount, so each item ended up costing about $42 a piece. I give Michelle an A. I asked for Stitch Fix to keep Michelle as my stylist. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have a fix for a while. My next one might be for my birthday (May).

Thanks for reading! ūüôā

My first LeTote Select review

LeTote is trying something like Stitch Fix. They charge a $20 styling fee. They send 4 items. You have 5 days to send anything you don’t like back. First, let me explain what LeTote is. I’ve been using them off and on (mostly on) for 2-3 years. They are basically a rental clothing service. I get what they call the classic box. They send me 3 clothing items and two accessories to wear, and then I send everything back whenever I want. You can also keep the whole box or whatever item you want at a discount.

You can get as many Totes as you want. I usually keep my totes for 2-3 weeks. I have a referral link that can give you a FREE tote. That is a pretty good deal.

Anyhow, I’m not sure whether LeTote Select is available to everyone yet or just regular LeTote members. I will update this post once I know. Here is what I received in my first LeTote Select:


Noir mesh v neck top – price $58

I kept this item. I didn’t have enough black tops, so I was glad to get this. I’ve already worn it once. Love it.


Cece watercolor floral top – price $99

I wanted to like this top. I tried it on several times. It was a flattering fit. But I don’t like wearing pink. Fuchsia is fine, but not pink. I sent this back.


Octavia tiered ruffle maxi dress – price $82

I love maxi dresses and wear them all throughout the summer. I wanted to love this dress, but once again it is PINK, and I think it is rather plain. I sent it back.


Octavia double jacquard cardigan – price $ 72 (now on sale for $29)

I was planning on keeping this until the very last moment. I like the cardigan, but I don’t love it. If it were only $29, when they sent it to me, I would have kept it. But they wanted $72 for it which isn’t unrealistic for a cardigan but a little too much for something I only liked.

My total was $38 for the black tank since I already paid the $20 styling fee. Overall, I thought they did okay, and I told them that when I sent back the survey. The biggest problem I had with them is that I’ve been a customer for 2-3 years and they know what kind of clothes I like. YET, they went out of their way to send clothes I might not like, and I didn’t. I don’t know why they did that. It ended up backfiring.

If you like LeTote regular clothes, I would recommend you try LeTote Select. Maybe I should have been more specific with my requests. I told them I wanted summer pieces similar to clothes I already liked from them. Besides the cardigan, I guess they did that. I might try them again, or I might stick with Stitch Fix. I get the most compliments when I wear Stitch Fix clothing.

Thanks for reading. ūüôā

Stitch Fix #4 and Lyon + Post

Amy is still my stylist! ūüôā After all this time without getting a Fix, I thought I might get someone new. I love Amy. She rocks. I canceled Trunk Club and LeTote is on hold until June. So I decided to do Stitch Fix¬†again.

Amy picked 2 things straight from my Pinterest board. I cannot recommend doing a Pinterest board enough. I feel that it is a MUST. I hear some stylists don’t look at Pinterest boards. I find that hard to believe. Or maybe some people have too many pins. I have a maximum of 10 current pins from Stitch Fix on my board whenever I want a fix. (I find out what is current by looking at vids of what others are getting and by seeing pics of what people are getting on Facebook groups).

Anyway, here is what Amy picked for me:

Skies are Blue Caine Fringe Open Cardigan – $54.00


I love cardigans. Simple as that. It is so soft!  I pinned this to my Pinterest board and Amy sent it to me.

Verdict: Kept

Daniel Rainn Bernal Split Neck Blouse – $64.00


I did NOT pin this blouse. I didn’t know it existed. I LOVE it. It is by far my favorite item I received in this Fix. I love Daniel Rainn.

Verdict: kept!

Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest – $68.00


I asked for a vest with gold detail. This does have gold detail, but this isn’t the vest I wanted. This isn’t the color I wanted. I pinned a blue vest and a gold/tan vest. I was really disappointed to receive this vest. I don’t wear white…ever! However, this is off white so I decided to give it try. I’m planning on wearing this tomorrow for a trip to the park and to the doctor. How dirty will it get? Ugh, I hate white. I hope I don’t regret keeping this.

Verdict: Kept

Fun2fun Owena Split Neck Tunic Р $48.00


Amy picked this from my Pinterest board. I chose this because purple is my favorite color. It looks a little better online than in person. But the more I looked at it the more I liked it.

Verdict: kept

Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean – $88.00

I didn’t bother to take a pic of the jeans. They are boyfriend jeans with ONE kind of big hole on one leg. blah. But I need a pair of jeans. I like that they are different. I think. ūüėČ

Verdict: kept (The jeans¬†are too big so I’m exchanging them for a smaller size).

Amy did well! ūüôā I loved that she picked the Daniel Rann blouse for me. Swoon. I love that blouse. That is so my style! The biggest disappointment was the vest. I wish it were blue. Bummer. The good thing is that since I kept all five items, I got the 25% off discount. So worth it.

While I’m here, I also want to share a purchase from Lyon + Post. I had some credits (THANK YOU!!) so I picked 4 items to try on. I ended up keeping 2 items. One was a pair of corduroy pants. And the other is my new favorite item:


It’s a vest. Yes, it is super bulky and I love it. I can’t wear it a ton right now because it is 70 degrees (!!). But whenever I have to go somewhere and it is between 40 and 50 something degrees, I wear this vest without a coat. It is also reversible. The other color is black. I love this vest so much. But since it is currently warm, I will try out my thinner Stitch Fix vest.

Don’t forget to use my referral link to get $30 off your Lyon + Post order.

Thanks for reading!

Stitch Fix review #3

Stitch Fix time. I was styled by Amy again! yay. I thought that since a couple of months had passed that I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have the same stylist for all three fixes. If you saw me on Snapchat (kat3x5), you already know that I freaked out when I found out Amy has read this blog! How humiliating. The thought of ANYONE reading this blog makes me freak out. This is my 1,000th post, btw. Anyway…

Amy did a great job again. She picked two items straight from my Pinterest¬†board.¬†In my note, I asked for a statement necklace and said that my Pinterest¬†board was updated. That’s it. ¬†Here is what I received:

Bay to Baubles Lucile Crystal Collar Necklace

Price: $34


I like this necklace, but I have a similar one from Wantable.

Market & Spruce Chaplin Lined Hooded Anorak Jacket

Price $94

stitch fix

I wish it were a little bigger. It’s a medium, but it fits like a small. I requested this item after so many people raved about it. I need a fall/spring jacket.

Le Lis Polli Lace Detail Knit Top

Price: $48

stitch fix 2

Like it. I love wearing gray, and I love lace.

Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt

Price: $48

stitch fix 3

I love plaid, and I don’t have many plaid shirts.¬†A lot of people are getting this shirt from Stitch Fix, so I wasn’t surprised to see this in my fix.

Renee C Reyna Knit Maxi Dress

Price: $78.00

stitch fix maxi dress

I pinned the maxi skirt to my Pinterest¬†board. Um, I had no idea a DRESS existed! How awesome. ¬†A dress is always better than a skirt. I don’t have to find a blouse to wear with it, so I’m happy.

Guess what?? After much debating, this fix is a 5 for 5. It doesn’t make sense to send back a $34 necklace and a blouse with the “buy 5” 25% off discount. This is a¬†deal if I keep all 5 items so that’s what I’m doing. Plus, I know I will wear everything multiple times* and get my money’s worth.

*I am already planning on wearing the maxi dress on Saturday and Wednesday.

I got a trunk preview from Trunk Club on the same day I got my Stitch Fix. Really??! Didn’t I just do Trunk Club? If they could only see my bank account. They wouldn’t send me anything right now. Sigh. I’m not sure I’m doing a blog post on Trunk Club, but I will open it on Snapchat.

Trunk Club review #2

Trunk Club is a styling service for men and women.You keep and pay for what you like and send the rest back (free shipping both ways). There isn‚Äôt a styling fee. ¬†All of their clothes came from Nordstrom. BUT they don’t get to choose from everything at Nordstrom. Trunk Club’s selection is smaller.

My last stylist (Brooke) left the company. My new stylist is Kendall. I talked with her on the phone about what I like to wear, and she prepared a trunk for me. I told her no shorts, sandals or heels. I also told her I like maxi dresses, and I wanted loose fitted tops. I did not mention a price range. Here’s what she sent:

Brand: NYDJ

Price: $69.60 (on sale)

I know this looks “grown up” AKA grandmotherly¬†in the picture, but in real life, it looks better. Anyone who knows me (or reads my blog) knows I’m not a grown up. I dress (and act)¬†like a conservative teenager.

Verdict: As of right now, I’m keeping this.

Brand: Free People

Price: $68


I received a sky blue version of this. At first, I hated it. But I kept trying it on, and I like it. It might have something to do with me really wanting fall clothing. I have enough summer clothes.

Verdict: I’m on the fence. So far this is a keeper. NOPE. I changed my mind due to finances. I would like this is the fall when I will probably (hopefully) have more money.

Brand: Free People

Price: $58


Verdict: Sigh. I wanted to keep this, but I have to keep $$$ in mind. How often will I wear a plain black t-shirt? I will almost always reach for something with a print. So I’m unfortunately returning it. I love it, though.

Brand: DL1961

Price: $168


I don’t own a pair of white jeans. Yes, there is an obvious reason for that. Hello? Who can keep white clean?

Verdict: I wanted to like these, but they were a tad too big. I’m not paying $168 for jeans unless they fit perfectly.

Brand: Equipment

Price: $218


I love Equipment. I borrowed one of their blouses from Rent The Runway. I wore it during my Asheville vacay.

Verdict: Returning. I didn’t love it enough to spend $218.

Brand: Felicity & CoCo

Price: $88


I thought I would like this, but the colors…ugh! The bottom is orange¬†and¬†pink. I don’t wear orange.

Verdict: Returning. For some reason she sent me a medium even though I told them, I wear a small in dresses. A tad too big.

Brand: Felicity & CoCo

Price: $88


Same brand, same size, different fit. Strange. This is also a medium, but it fits! Well, it is too long, but I will either wear wedges or get it hemmed. This is by far my favorite item. However, I have so many blue and white maxi dresses. Tough decision.

Verdict: Keeping. ūüôā

Brand: Frame

Price: $249


I wanted to try these because I don’t have anything like them. Let’s just get to the verdict.

Verdict: Too big. Too long. Horrible fit. Returning.

Brand: Joie

Price: $268


I requested two floral blouses because she was giving me mostly solids. I like prints. I love Joie but…

Verdict: Returning. Despite the floral print, this is still too plain.

Brand: Joie

Price: $228


Joie has such beautiful blouses. I don’t know why I didn’t get the ones I saw in Saks 5th Avenue. Perhaps they don’t have them at Nordstrom/Trunk Club? I haven’t checked.

Verdict: Returning. Too plain.

Brand: Joie

Price: $238


It looks a little better in person.

Verdict: Returning

Brand: Eileen Fisher

Price: $98


This was the most disappointing item I received.

Verdict: returning $98 for that cropped t-shirt?!

Brand: Halogen

Price: $46


I love cardigans, but I like them to be oversized. Way too fitted.

Verdict: Returning

Brand: Halogen

Price: $46


I can get a similar cardigan at Forever 21. Too fitted (again). Too plain.

Verdict: Returning

Brand: Paige Denim

Price: $179


I wanted to try these jeans because I have never tried cropped jeans before. AND I love Paige jeans. I have a pair I have been wearing constantly from ThredUp. I paid less than $35 for those jeans.

Verdict: Returning. They are a little too big.

I wanted to¬†keep a pair of jeans. It isn’t Kendall’s fault that I’m losing weight, and nothing really fits at the moment. Overall, I think she did a good job. I don’t dress my age. I guess I should ask for trendier items. I don’t know how to word it. Most of these blouses/cardigans are too grown up for me.

There is still a chance I may change my mind on some things if something goes on sale like the NYDJ blouse did. I will update this post if I change my mind. As of right now, I’m only keeping 3 things.

I enjoyed this trunk more than my first trunk because I had more options.  If you want Kendall as your stylist you can click right here.

Fall/winter ThredUp Haul

I was supposed to wait until September to do this fall/winter haul, but I saw some great deals and couldn’t resist. This is my best ThredUp haul to date. It takes a while to get used to the site, so the first few were only semi-good.¬†I also get my Erin Condren planner on Wednesday. I will be¬†unboxing all this on Snapchat on Wednesday or Thursday (kat3x5). hahaha. ¬†To get $10 off your first ThredUp order, please consider using my link. Okay, here we go:

Brand/name: Liz & Co turtleneck sweater

Price: 9.49 (sale)


Brand/name: NY Collection sleeveless tank

Price: 7.99

(not exactly a winter item)


Brand/name: Forever 21 jeans (NWT)

Price: 7.49


Brand/name: Juicy Couture velour pants

Price: 4.49 (sale)


Brand/name: Tommy Hilfiger pullover sweater

Price: 3.99 (sale)


Brand/name: BeBe faux leather pants

Price: 27.99


Brand/name: Free People jeans

Price: 21.99


Brand/name: Lauren Jeans Co.

Price: 2.49 (sale)


Brand/name: Fenn Wright Mason wool cardigan

Price: 19.99 (sale)


Brand/name: Michael Kors jeans

Price: 18.99


Brand/name: Free People jeggings

Price: 17.99


Brand/name: Hot in Hollywood overalls ( NWT)

Price: 17.99


Brand/name: Papermoon cardigan

Price: 15.49


Brand/name: The Limited pullover sweater

Price: $14.99


Brand/name: Calvin Klein Jeans pullover sweater

Price: 10.49 (sale)


Brand/name: Old Navy sweatshirt

Price: 8.49


Brand/name: AB Studio top

Price: 7.49

(I already have this top in blue).


Brand/name: AB Studio top

Price: 4.99 (sale)


Brand/name: AB Studio sweater dress (NWT)

Price: 19.49


Brand/name: AB studio sweater dress

Price: 15.99



Brand/name: AB Studio sweater dress

Price: 15.99


I’m the most excited for the BeBe faux leather leggings. I got a chance to try a pair on, and I loved them. I rocked them. ūüėČ I love that they only have faux leather on¬†the front so the pants won’t be¬†too hot. So this is it. I’m not planning on ordering from ThredUp again for a couple of months. I¬†just wanted¬†to get fall and winter clothes.

Stitch Fix review (#2) and L&P

I got my second Stitch Fix. Amy was my stylist again. YAY. I heart her. She grabbed 3 of the first things (well, the last 3 posted, but the most recent¬†3 pins)¬†I posted on my Pinterest board. Her note was more personal this time. She mentioned my birthday twice. How nice. In my note to her, I mentioned I was going to the mountains for my birthday and I wanted a cardigan. I also reminded her about my Pinterest board. That’s it.

Here’s what Amy sent me:

Brand/name: Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel

Price: $64.00


Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Satchel

Verdict: I LOVE this bag! I pinned this to my board and told Amy I wanted it in any color. I’m glad she choose mint. It goes with my mint jeans I got in my last fix. This bag is huge for a crossbody. But I live for big handbags. This is definitely a keeper.

Brand/name: Dear John Finnegan roll cuff short

Price: $58.00


Dear John Shorts

Verdict: Keeping. Wah! Needless to say, I didn’t pin these shorts or ANY shorts because I don’t wear shorts. I choose not to shave my legs 99% of the time, so I don’t like wearing shorts. Somehow I knew I was going to get shorts because it seemed like everyone was getting them. I kept them for the discount, and I will probably shave my legs for my birthday vacay and if it is hot enough (I’m going to the mountains), I will wear these shorts.

I still don’t know why I got shorts. I told Stitch Fix that I do NOT show my legs. #Fail They do fit nicely, though.

Brand/name: Market & Spruce Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan

Price: $68.00


Market & Spruce cardigan

Verdict: Keeping. I love cardigans. I say that all the time because I’m almost always wearing either a cardigan or a denim jacket. I had this pinned on my Pinterest board also.

Brand/name: Le Lis Truxton Embellished Crew Neck Blouse

Price: $48.00


Le Lis Truxton embellished crew neck blouse

Verdict: Keeping. I love floral prints. I pinned two other floral tops, but Amy said they were out of stock, so she sent this one. I would have preferred a floral print with a white background. That is what I pinned, but I like this.

Brand/name: Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt

Price: $54.00


Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt

Verdict: Keeping. I pinned a bunch of these Pixley chevron shirts last time and this time. I finally got one. These are very popular. I’m so glad I received the purple one because purple is my favorite color.

Yes, I’m once again (despite the shorts) keeping ALL FIVE ITEMS. Yay, for the discount. My total was $199. Amy just looked at my Pinterest board and chose three items straight from there. If you do Stitch Fix, I cannot recommend having a Pinterest board enough. Maybe I’m easy to please, or maybe Amy is just a good stylist. I don’t know. But I’m happy (despite the shorts – lol), with this Fix.

I will not be doing another fix until I see some new items I “must have.” That probably won’t happen until fall.

I’ve decided to combine my Stitch Fix review and Lyon & Post review together. If you use my referral link, you get $30 off your order, and as you will see, some things¬†only cost $30.¬†I tried four items from L&P, this time, including a pair of $229 Paige denim jeans, and I only kept one thing. I kept this perforated sweatshirt:

Brand/name: Twenty Perforated Current sweatshirt

Price: $32 (on sale)


Perforated Sweatshirt

The website shows the sweatshirt with a cami under it so I assumed that is how it came. But nah. I have to wear my own cami under it. I like it because it’s different and it is so soft. ūüôā This is a keeper.

I like Lyon & Post. I like how you can pick your own clothing, but I’m taking a break due to budget reasons. Besides, I don’t need any more clothes!

My LeTote giveaway is still open if you are interested.  I also snapped a bunch on snapchat (kat3x5) this morning. I unboxed a Wantable box and a ThredUp box. Thanks for reading. Bye.

ThredUp Haul #2

Here is my final (for a while) ThredUp haul. Get $10 off your first order by clicking on my referral link. The first part of my haul is here. And my LeTote giveaway is still going on. Check that out here.

Brand/name: Easy Spirit Wedges

Price: $19.49


Brand/name: Splendid cardigan

Price: 25.99


Brand/name: Cache cardigan

Price: 26.99


Brand/name: Talbots cardigan

Price: 16.49

I love this cardigan. Lightweight.


Brand/name: American Eagle Outfitters cardigan

Price: 10.49


Brand/name: Chelsea Suite dress

Price: 10.49

I don’t know why I couldn’t see this when I ordered it but it is a little too long. I like either maxi dresses or right above the knee.


Brand/name: Active by Old Navy t-shirt

Price: 9.99

So comfy.


Brand/Name: Calvin Klein jumpsuit (NWT)

Price: 22.49

If I remember correctly,¬†this¬†is too long. I probably have to wear my wedges with this. (I don’t do heels).


Brand/name: Adriano Goldschmied jeggings

Price: 25.99


Brand/name: Crocs wedges (NWT)

Price: 14.99

UGH! These are the wrong size. They are marked at least one size too small.¬†No wonder the person got rid of them NWT. I thought I could stretch them, so I decided against returning them. I cut off the¬†tag to walk around outside so I couldn’t return them. I donated these shoes to¬†The Purple Heart.


Brand/name: Joe’s Jeans

Price: 32.99


Brand/name: Divided by H&M kimono

Price: 9.49


Brand/name: Dress Barn dress

Price: 15.49

This is gorgeous!


Brand/name: Merona maxi skirt

Price: 5.99


Brand/name:  Saint Tropez sleeveless blouse

Price: 13.99

In love with this.


Brand/name: Steve Madden tote

Price: 41.49

I love quilted bags.


Brand/name: Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Love Crossbody (NWT)

Price: 135.49

This bag might be NWT, but I can tell the person stored this for a while. IOW, she didn’t recently buy this bag.Who knows when she bought it. It is out of stock everywhere right now. Nothing is wrong with it, though. I need two¬†pics for this beauty:



Brand/name: Dorothy Perkins 3/4 sleeve top

Price: 6.99


Brand/name: New York & Company blouse

Price: 4.99


Brand/name: Express blouse

Price: 14.49


Brand/name: New York & Company top

Price: 10.49


That’s the end!! I’ve officially built my wardrobe back. I moved around a lot and let other people keep my clothes.¬†Who knows what happened to my things? I sure don’t have my stuff anymore. ¬†It doesn’t matter now because now I have stuff that somewhat flatters my body and stuff I LOVE.

LeTote review & giveaway

I have a giveaway! LeTote is giving me a chance to give away three totes to 3 different people. So the person would get one box (AKA tote) free. A tote consists of 3 clothing items and two accessories. Accessories include jewelry, scarves, and purses. I don’t know how long this giveaway will last because they didn’t inform me. If you are interested, just comment on this entry or respond to me on Twitter (thesewalls). Or snapchat me (kat3x5). The first three people that comment will receive¬†a free tote. I will erase this when the giveaway is over.

All I need is an email address, and they ask for a first and last name. I guess¬†initials might work so you don’t have to give me your full name.

What is LeTote? A fashion subscription service. You borrow clothes and accessories to wear, and you can send them back in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. Your choice. LeTote charges you monthly.  OR you can purchase the clothes with a nice discount. They have items from Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, BCBGeneration, Free People, Splendid and more.

This is my 3rd time using LeTote. I love their clothes for the most part. I wish they had more bottoms. I have never gotten a pair of jeans. You can browse their clothes without signing up. Here is what I received in my third tote:

Brand/name: Summer & Sage Melange drape front jacket.


Brand/name: Octavia Navajo sweater cardigan


Brand/name: Ava turtleneck tunic


Brand/name: Clement dew drops necklace


Brand name: Cami royal purple drops


I LOVED my third tote especially the cardigans. I like how they sort of tried to match pieces. They sent me two cardigans because I love cardigans. I could have kept the whole tote for about $160 and if I weren’t doing Stitch Fix, I would have kept all of the items. My least favorite item was the earrings. When I first saw them, I was in awe. (Purple is my favorite color). ¬†But they were too heavy for my taste. I wore them out once. I kept the tote for 10 days and then sent it back for another box.

The following is what I just received yesterday in my 4th tote:

Brand/name: Noir wren v-panel tee


Brand/name: Tbags flowy printed tunic dress


Brand /name:  Eight Sixty floral wrap blouse


Brand/name: Camilla crystalline collar necklace


Brand/name: Noir Luxe cluster ring


Since I just received these items, I haven’t gotten the chance to wear them out. But I tried them on and everything fits. My favorite item is the wrap blouse. I’m thinking about keeping this tote for my birthday vacay (in mid-May). Or should I send it back for something different? I won’t be able to judge how much I like these items until I wear them out. I already know I’m wearing the “dress” on Wednesday (my day off). I put the word¬†dress in quotes because I’m wearing it with leggings. There is no way I’m wearing that as a dress! ūüėČ

Edited to add: I decided to keep all 5 items from this tote. I’m so in love with these pieces. The total was $141 for all 5 things.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you are interested!