I’ve been sleepwalking

May is my favorite month. My birthday is in 11 days. But that isn’t the fun part. I’m going to Asheville in 12 days. That is what I’m excited about. I’m finally really getting away. We’ll (my mom and I) be gone for 4 days and 3 nights. I have a long list of what to pack, but since I need most of those things, I can’t start packing most of it.

I’m excited to go to the Biltmore Estate for the first time. And the cabin where we are staying has horses, chickens, etc. I can’t wait. I’ve never been to Asheville. Yipee! I have also never driven that far. It’s 6 hours away! Anyway, I need to find more things to do in Asheville. I have Tuesday, and Wednesday planned out, but I’m scrapping all my plans for Thursday and starting from scratch. 

I finished my practicum! Now I’m waiting to hear back. Will they get rid of my apprentice status? Waiting…I have so much more free time now. I’ve been using it to read when I should be doing so many other things.

I’m off from work today and what did I do? I took my car to Sears Auto for the first time. I usually go to the dealer, but my warranty is up. And we don’t like each other. haha. I was going to sing the praises of Sears Auto, but my engine light came back on 20 minutes after they “fixed” it. I think the problem is that there is really no problem. The engine light comes on whenever the gas tank is less than half full. Anyway, I didn’t have to pay them for “fixing” the engine. I paid them to align my tires.

They were honest about the tires which was a huge shock to me. They could have told me my tires were busted, but no my tires are good. And guess what? I bought those tires from Walmart. Sears wanted $650 for a set of tires. ROFL. Walmart is cheaper than that so now that I know Walmart tires are good, I’m going back to them whenever I need new tires.

So even though my engine light didn’t get completely fixed, (grrr! what is going on?) I will probably go back to Sears Auto. It was so convenient. I walked around the mall while they worked on my car.

I made an appointment with my old therapist because that seemed easier than seeing someone new. Get this: The appointment isn’t until June 7. LOL. Glad I don’t really need help. Right?! I didn’t want to deal with going during lunch because she is ALWAYS at least 20 minutes late. So I’m going after work, and they don’t have a lot of afternoon appointments.

This week I…

Music of the week: Tori Kelly, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Prince, Martina McBride, Jennifer Pena, Jewel, Amy Grant

I listened to so much music this week. Baby Baby by Amy Grant and Tori Kelly gave me life:

In other music news, Beyonce is so frustrating. Imagine what would happen if she put out a good album. I don’t understand why she has so many dedicated fans. I do like her album – 4. I thought that was underrated. Anyway, my verdict is out on Lemonade. I like the concept. The concept is what keeps me listening to Lemonade on repeat.  But the actual music is still average (so far).  Btw, I haven’t seen the visual album. I’ve heard mixed things, so I’m not that interested.

Random tidbit: I hated the latest Rihanna album when it first came out, but now I almost love it. Almost. Anything is possible.

I love discovering “new” music, but I hate that I discovered Prince posthumously. Wait, I LOVED “Little Red Corvette” and 4 other songs before his death, so I don’t want to make it seem like I didn’t know who he was. Lol. I am a music fan.  So of course, I listened to Prince and knew of his music. I just didn’t listen to full albums. Singles only. I just want to be clear.

TV of the week:  The Fosters, basketball

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week:  I finished reading  We Have Always Lived in The Castle by Shirley Jackson.  I figured out the mystery way too early, but I’m still confused about one thing so I will probably search the internet for answers this weekend. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. Shirley Jackson also wrote the short story “The Lottery”. I LOVED that story when we read it in high school.  I just started Prince the Man and his Music by Matt Thorne. I’m waiting for library holds. Per usual.

Plans for the weekend: Busy weekend. I have to pack and plan for Asheville. This is my grocery store weekend. I’m mowing the lawn on Friday or Sunday (depends on the weather). I will post another Stitch Fix review this weekend. It should be interesting. They sent me shorts! Um, I don’t do shorts because I don’t shave my legs. So…I don’t know what I’m going to do. I told them “no shorts”! lol.

Edited to add: I just got my Stitch Fix. I did an unboxing on Snapchat (kat3x5). It will be up for 24 hours – until Friday afternoon.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Bye 🙂

Ridin’ with the Radio

They gave me a 2012 Buick Enclave for the weekend. And they acted like they wanted me to be grateful. Um, you sold me this lemon  car and the cylinder blew up two days later. ROFL! Hahaha. FUCKERS. Who has to pay for this car for 60 months. WHO? I have a 4 year warranty ….for what that is worth. Will it last 60 months? God, I hope so.

Back to this big ass car. I have never driven anything this big in my life! I was sooo scared. But now I’m comfortable with it. I could drive it all day. It has satellite radio and you know I’m a music fiend. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym and then just sit in the car to listen to the radio. However, I am so glad I’m not living in my old house.  There is no way I could take a $40,000 car back to that neighborhood! Are they nuts??! Hello? I’m so glad I have my mom’s house to go park at. Otherwise I would have checked into a hotel. They messed up my $13,0000 car! Multiple times…

I would love to have this Buick Enclave. 🙂 But it is a gas guzzler so unless I work at home, this isn’t feasible. Plus the cost of the car is a pretty big deterrent.  At least I know I can drive a SUV type car.

Another car pic:

Despite the car drama, this has been a relatively relaxing weekend. I hope I don’t get the Sunday blues. Make today last forever. I was so excited this morning to find out that the NBA season is going to happen and on Xmas day. All of a sudden, I’m looking forward to Christmas. 😉 YAY! I woke up to the news running across the screen on ESPN and I immediately jumped out of bed screaming. So freaking awesome. At least I have something to watch this winter (other than then NFL and college ball).

Next weekend I might go see Breaking Dawn. I thought the book was horrible. I only read about 30% of it before I just gave up but now I want to know what happens…so I may go see the movie. Who knows?