Had a great bday vacay

Here are a few pics:

The beach AKA The Potomac River
My dog on the porch at the cabin

The outside of the cabin

Some of the steps we had to climb to get from the beach to the cabin. We were hiking! My body ached, but it was a good time.

Thanks for looking. Have a great week! 🙂

Right Words, Wrong Time

Today is my birthday. Tomorrow I’m leaving on my trip, and I haven’t packed one thing!! I’m going around noon, so I have a little time.

I weigh 107 pounds which is better than what it used to be. I was feeling pretty good, but on Saturday, I ate some chicken, and I don’t think chicken likes me anymore. Now I’m a bit nauseous, but I don’t feel too bad. Plus, I’ve been taking my nausea medication.

I ate my birthday meal from Denny’s (don’t judge). The cinnamon pancakes were awesome. The rest of the meal was average. I also took my dog to the park. We had a great time.

I went to the GI doctor on Wednesday. Well, she’s a nurse practitioner. She’s outstanding. I like her. She has a plan for when my gastroparesis flares up again. I don’t like the plan because it involves a medicine I tried before, but it’s a plan.

I’ve got to go, so I’m going to post a few entries from my ‘private journal .’

May 11, 2011

So overwhelmed with work. I feel like no one understands. It’s fucking hard to work ten extra hours. I’m so over it. Today I didn’t make my numbers, but yesterday I did.

I can’t believe C (an ex-client of mine) is really gone. Well, I wish her well.

Ugh. I have to cancel my sauna appointment. It’s probably for the best considering weight loss.

One thing I’m grateful for: I was able to eat burger and fries again today!

Now I’m off to the treadmill.

May 13, 2021

I’m so sick of my paranoid mom. She’s so tough to live with. I know it could be worse. But argh!

So sick of working. Thankful to be off next week. It’s just not right. They are trying to take all my time.

Unsure about the whole self-employment thing, especially when I’m working so much.

I wonder is the Paxil making me so tired or is it my body. Am I malnourished? Do I need vitamins? Should I email J (my dietician)?

Grateful for: Tomorrow is Friday!

May 15, 2021

I worked overtime today. At least I don’t have to work tomorrow. Last year on my birthday, I worked a little for C.

I also went to Walmart today. I spent too much on trip stuff. I haven’t started packing.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the park. It’ll be my birthday! I just don’t want to spend all day in bed because I do enough of that.

Good time for a break. I feel like I need to reevaluate things. Everything.

Grateful for: my dog!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week. 🙂

In the homestretch of the hard times

I haven’t blogged in so long, I forgot how to start a post. 10,000 people want things from me, but I want to fucking blog.

I have two paying virtual assistant clients. One just paid me $75.00. I am charging her $15 per hour. So yeah, I’m only supposed to be working 5 hours a week for her. Five hours every week…forever, I hope.

Her books are a bit of a mess. I’m trying to fix it for her. I’ve never worked with a product-based service provider before. I’ve never done bookkeeping before.  So I don’t really know what I’m doing. Shhh! I have until next week to figure this shit out if I want to get paid again.

The other job is paying only $10 per hour in the beginning. It’s a Pinterest job. People get paid $25+ per hour to do Pinterest, so I don’t mind starting out at the bottom. I would love to just do Pinterest and get paid $25 an hour.  I did Pinterest for my own biz, and I’ve taken a whole course, so I know Pinterest well. And I think I want to be a Pinterest manager, so I can quit my job and maybe afford health insurance??

Last weekend was scary. I thought I was going to lose my job this past Monday. Instead, she wanted to promote me! No extra money. No extra duties. Thank god. I’m already stressed out. It’s just a title change. So whatever. At least I didn’t get fired, and I still have my health insurance.

I was so stressed, I did Gabby Berstein’s meditative workout outside. It was so nice. Sometimes I just need Gabby. I’m trying to look for more spiritual leaders, but I always come back to her. Plus, I’m in her membership, so I have access to a lot of her stuff.

I have so much stuff to do. It’s 8PM on a Friday night, and I haven’t started anything. Gotta go. But not before….

Election 2020: I don’t know whether I’m voting for president. I do believe we have maybe a senate race on the ballot, so of course, I’ll vote for that. Fuck Trump. I feel bad for Biden. Really bad. I might give him a sympathy vote. I have a while to decide.

FUCK THE GOVERNOR FOR CANCELLING MY BIRTHDAY. Okay, I get. But really?! My birthday should be a national holiday. How dare he cancel it? Trump didn’t cancel my birthday (yet). But the Democratic governor did, and you want to know why I call myself an independent?

Okay, seriously. The governor closed the state until May 30th 2+ weeks ago. BEFORE NEW YORK DID. My birthday plan was to go to the state park and stay for three nights. The cabins and camping grounds are closed, so I can’t do that. The park is still open, but I’m not driving 90 minutes to visit the state park. It’s not that great. I go for mostly for the cabin.

I have a week off for my birthday and nowhere to go. I will go to the local park unless they close that too. I doubt it. The playgrounds are closed, of course. I’m off April 16 and 17th, so I will take my dog to the park and see how crowded the park is then. I will wear a mask.

I really have to go. My dog’s birthday has been canceled too. His birthday is around April 26. Yes, I’m a bad mom for not knowing his birthday. All I know is that he is a Taurus, just like his mom.

This week I…

Music of the week: Ellie Goulding, Tori Kelly, Jillette Johnson, Maren Morris, Pia Toscano, Rachel Platten, Aretha Franklin, Ariana Grande

TV of the week:  The Affair

Podcasts of the week:  Dateline, Pod Save America, Someone Knows Something

Books of the week:

Weekend Plans: Working.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. 🙂


I’m a lone ranger

I’m definitely going to have to delete the videos on this post one day. Some of the files are huge. But they are here for now. Please enjoy!

I’m back from my birthday vacay. I came back yesterday, and I was exhausted. I meant to blog yesterday. I had some clarity on what I want to do professionally. I realized that my mom and I so don’t get along. LOL. Usually, we have a suite, so we don’t have to be together so much. But due to my dog, I couldn’t afford the suite. We got a nice room with two beds instead. Anyway, I also learned that my dog can’t go to the beach anymore. :/ That sucks! However, we are going to the state park to stay in a cabin next year, so I’m not too worried. But I don’t want to leave him at the vet, and I can’t take him to the beach.

Dog with an attitude

My dog is extremely protective. I guess he is a guard/watch dog. He barked at people and dogs. Not all people. But too many people. The beach is supposed to be relaxing, I don’t want to interrupt people’s trip with my dog. I enjoyed the trip, but I can’t in good faith keep taking him to the beach. He barks too much!

I’m probably going to blog more about some things. Not sure. A good trip overall, but I can’t wait until next year’s vacation when I will have my own room in a cabin. 🙂 Another thing is where we stayed, there were people with timeshares who were clearly annoyed with my dog. My dog only barked when he heard a loud noise, so he didn’t bark that much in the hotel. Thank god. But I can tell some people were still annoyed. I couldn’t sit on the balcony after 2PM for long periods because the “neighbors” were out there. We did enjoy mornings on the balcony.

Hotel room. Sorry for the dizzy video. LOL.
My best friend on the balcony

I have decided to create an astrology course. I’m doing an astrology 101 course. The difference between my class and others will be the cost. It will be worth about $300, but I will charge between $29 to $97. I want to offer a sliding scale or “pay what you can.” I may do that. I guess I can give people coupon codes. I hope people that can afford it will pay $97. I know some people won’t, of course. But some honest people will pay full price.

I want astrology to be affordable. Astrology courses are so expensive. Yes, there is a lot of FREE content out there, but it requires a lot of work to put it all together. I’m going to do that for people. That is why people pay for courses. They want it organized. Everyone doesn’t have the extra time to explore the internet. There is too much free stuff. How do people choose?

I just paid for the platform today, so I’m all in. If I change my mind, I can cancel at any time. There’s an exciting, but overwhelming challenge to complete a course in 90 days!! The challenge starts on June 1. Okay, I could do some courses in 90 days…not sure about astrology. I can do a mini-course, but not a full course. I would charge $19 for a mini-course, btw or should it be free since I’ve never done a class before? Anyhow, I’m working on my outline. I have a binder just for notes on this course. I have limited my resources to four books because there are so many astrology resources. I have picked what I think are the best sources. I’m already worried about creating an intermediate course when no one has bought the first course!

Anyway, I’m so excited about creating this course. It will be a lot of work. How do I maintain my website/business, work overtime, complete the online courses I’m taking, and create a course? Makes me want to scream. However, overtime won’t last forever. And the classes will end. I have to manage my time better.

People say not to create a course until people pay for it!! ROFL. People actually do that. Those are people who work well under pressure. That’s not me. I’m a Taurus. We don’t like pressure. 😉 If no one buys, I’m having fun. If I hate it, I’m going to quit. It’s that simple. Besides, I believe no one may buy when I first launch, but 2 years from now, people may buy it. Astrology doesn’t change. So I’m all good.

So much to say, but I want to get this blog post out.

This week I…

Music of the week: Keyshia Cole, Jussie Smollett, First Aid Kit, Coldplay, Lissie, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band

TV of the week:  NBA Playoffs, Survivor

Podcasts of the week:  Tarot For The Wild Soul, True Crime Garage, Pod SaveAmerica

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: Well, today is Saturday. It’s almost 8PM. I’m going to see about transcendental meditation tomorrow. It’s a free 90-minute meeting. I will tell everything on this blog, once I complete my sessions. People are so secretive about it. Well, if the teacher says not to tell people, I will respect that. I can’t afford the full price, but they are supposed to offer a sliding scale. If a sliding scale isn’t provided, I’m not signing up because it is out of my price range.

I made the burger from Hello Fresh. OMG, I fucked up the broccoli. I used too much oil. LOL. I can’t cook. If I’m not too tired tomorrow, I will make the meatloaf, potatoes and green beans tomorrow. Btw, I still ate the broccoli.

I have to go. I have homework for my tarot course to complete. Bye! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week. 🙂

Brand new day

OB/GYN: So what’s the story? Were you abused? Never had sex?

Me: I’m a virgin.

The way she said “were you abused?” was so casual. Too casual. I like her. I recommended her to another person. But I thought that question was weird. Anyway, then she told me I should take a Xanax to relax. LOL. I’ve tried that prior to dentist appointments (doesn’t work) and the GYN. I did take a Klonopin, but I only took one. I should have probably taken two.

This was the best pap smear I’ve ever had!! 🙂  This was only my 3rd one. She could tell she wouldn’t be able to get the speculum in the right way because I was squirming etc., so she just used her hand which is not the best way to do it but according to her, “it was better than nothing.” I wanted to hug her. I was so excited on my way to the car. I didn’t have to have that damn speculum all the way inside of me!

THANK YOU! It was still slightly painful. But it was more uncomfortable than painful. I also took two Advil before the appointment. I’m sure that helped a little. I don’t have to get a pap smear next year, but if I’m still on birth control, I will need one in 2020. I’m already dreading I will have a different doctor or nurse, and she won’t just use her hand. I might be off BC by then. If that is the case, I probably won’t go again until 2022 or something like that. 😉

Right before my appointment, she had to check on a baby she just delivered, and I thought I was going to have to see a nurse practitioner. Luckily, the baby was just “misbehaving” (their words, not mine). If I saw the nurse, I probably wouldn’t have the best pap smear ever.

Another good thing is that I don’t have to get a mammogram this year. I was shocked she didn’t find anything. Every time I go to the OB/GYN, they find something. YAY. Strange, but I’ll take it.

My birthday was okay. We (my mom, dog, and I)  went to a new park. We walked about two miles on a trail before it started raining. I’m only bummed we didn’t get to see the pretty part of the park (the grassy part – lol). The good thing is that due to disorganization I didn’t miss one second of training. Training started today on the new part.

I don’t usually do what I got on my birthday posts but this year was pretty exciting for me. I got $35 in Amazon gift cards (yes!!) and $50 from my dad. I also got a Tarot deck and guidebook. I’m thinking about using those for my YouTube videos, but I’m not sure. The cards are mostly black and white, and I’m not sure how they would be in videos. Too plain?  I also got an essential oil diffuser. I LOVE it. I’m using it right now. I have peppermint oil in it. That is supposed to keep me alert. The essentials oils also make the house smell like the oil which is an added benefit, but not why I use them.

Amazon has nicely priced essential oils. So I’m not planning on buying the expensive ones. Plus, I can’t take strong smells. My throat gets sore, and sometimes I start sneezing so the oils I do have should last for a while.

Ick. I think I poured too much peppermint oil in this evening. Too strong. My throat feels funny, and I have a slight headache. I’ve learned my lesson.

I want to give a shout out to YouTuber Stacey Flowers. I recently discovered her. Funny how she showed up in my recommendations when I’m doing a lot of cutting of things to save money. And no, I don’t look at budgeting videos on YouTube. I usually avoid them.  Anyhow, she is inspiring me. Too bad she is eating like a vegetarian (but she is NOT one), and she cooks. She only spends $50 a month on her grocery bill. Well, I don’t cook, and I eat meat, so she’s not helping me much there. However, I’m still inspired to spend less on groceries. I also like that she tithes even though she doesn’t make a lot. I’m not giving 10% of my income to a charity. BUT I am giving $10 to a cause I care deeply about this month.

The charity I’m giving to this month is The Innocence Project. I care about mass incarceration deeply. So of course, I care about innocent people being in jail. That makes me angry. I’m going to put my money where my anger is. Not to go on a tangent, but this is one of the reasons why I have a problem with the death penalty – WHAT IF THEY ARE INNOCENT? Look at the stats! Pay attention.  I also give to WWF  (World Wildlife Fund) every time I buy from Amazon. I have people covered and animals covered. WWF also helps the environment. I also like giving to St. Jude. Okay, I won’t list every charity I love.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Janelle Monae, Rachel Sage, Camilla Cabello, Lissie, Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake

TV of the week: NBA playoffs, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy

Movie of the week:  Trying to get to The Diary of Imaculee this weekend. I read her book years ago. It was my #1 book of the year. Can’t wait to see this movie.

Podcasts of the week:  Why is This Happening?, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The Lowe Post

I’m in love with Tarot for the Wild Soul. I just discovered it. Now I want to listen to every episode.

Books of the week: I finished reading This is Me: Loving the Person You are Today by Chrissy Metz. Not groundbreaking, but a decent memoir. 4 stars. I’m surprised people rave about it so much. Quick read. I love Chrissy. I just expected something more.

Now reading –

The Hate U Give is a library book.  It’s over 400 pages. I don’t think I’m going to get it read by the due date. 😦 UGH.  I’m only 23% through. There’s a long wait list for this book. It would probably take 6 months for me to get it again.  It’s good so far.

UPDATE: I have 3 library cards for 3 different counties/cities. (of course) The Hate U Give expired last night from the county. So I went to the city library website just to get on a waitlist. Uh, it was available!!! WHAT? YAY. JACKPOT. 🙂 I totally mean to yell.

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Erin Condren


Plans for the Weekend: Working, going to the park (if it doesn’t rain), studying for my tarot class, reading, and grocery shopping. Nothing unusual. My dad is coming back to the States on Tuesday. No comment. I should be doing 10 different things this evening, but I’m going to try to read The Hate U Give so I can finish it in time. No park today because it’s raining. Will it ever stop raining? Blah.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

B-day vacay 2017

I’m back. Obvs. I don’t know where to begin. I took tons of pics, but a lot of them are repetitive. I wish I could say my dog was 100% good, but there was one issue. He messed up the front door of the cabin! He tore some of the siding (???) off. I don’t know if they will charge me for it. I pray they don’t. Seriously. It doesn’t affect how the door works. It just looks bad in one little spot. That is the only thing he did. Otherwise, he was an angel.

This was my view from my eating spot:


Isn’t it gorgeous? I especially loved eating breakfast out there. Nothing beats that view in the morning. Btw, I love eating outside and will do that any chance I get.

We went out to eat for my birthday. We ate outside on the patio. Here’s the view:


The picture really doesn’t do it justice. I love water. The food was great. I had a bacon cheeseburger. 🙂

Here is a pic of the cabin’s living room:


I meant to take more pics of the inside of the cabin. The cabin was very nice. I’m used to staying in the one bedroom, so this cabin was huge to me.

We went to the beach. It took forever to get there because the GPS wouldn’t put me on the highway. But it was worth it.


There is also a mini beach at the state park. I went there twice with my dog. Here is my favorite pic of the state park’s beach:


I meditated out there on Thursday. It was heavenly. If only I could always meditate on a beach.

Here are a few more random pics of my dog:

DSCN0418 (3)

DSCN0397 (2)

Overall, the trip was a blast. My mom and I are so different. That almost cause friction. But I should know how she is and plan accordingly. I plan on blogging about this more. It was a spiritual test for sure, and I barely passed. Even though it was a vacation week, I have to end this entry with…

This week I…

Music of the week: Lea Michele, Britney Spears, Joseph, Chris Stapleton, Rachel Platten, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, India.Arie

TV of the week:  Pretty Little Liars

Movie of the week: None

Books of the week: I finished reading  Night by Elie Wiesel and May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness by Gabrielle Berstein.

Still reading  A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson,  A Course in Miracles and  A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey From Fear to Love by Alan Cohen.

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Erin Condren


Plans for the Weekend: I need to get serious about studying for my certification exam. I’m retaking a practice exam because I don’t know what else to do to prepare this weekend. I’m cleaning my house on Saturday, and I’m going to try to dog proof it more. He is such a high jumper. He can reach almost everything. That’s a big problem.

Have a nice weekend! Thanks for reading. 🙂

I don’t wanna grow up

…and I’m not. Ever. 😉


0 days until my birthday

1 day until my Asheville Vacay (stoked!)

I think I have finally come up with a good Asheville itinerary. Of course, rain might change things.  I don’t have it over scheduled, but I can’t imagine being in Asheville without some plan. It is kind of like people coming to where I live. You don’t just drive around and hope to find stuff. Tourists have to have some kind of plan.

Tuesday: Leaving at 7:30 AM to drive down to Asheville, NC. I plan to get there around 2:30 PM. I have to call an hour before I get there so F can give us a tour of the cabin and surrounding area.

After we get the tour, I plan to just explore the farm and the cabin itself. We’ll eat whatever we bought with us. I’m not planning on going anywhere because I’ll be tired.

Wednesday: Leave for the Biltmore Mansion at 8:30 AM. Stay there for as long as possible. I think they close around 6:30. I would like to stay there until at least 4. I plan on eating breakfast and lunch/dinner there.

Thursday: This was the hardest day to plan. We’re going to have breakfast at the cabin.  I think we’re going to the Asheville Visitor Center first thing in the morning and then head to the church (Basilica of Saint Lawerence). This is where things get iffy. If I can walk from the church to the Malaprops Bookstore, then I will. Otherwise, I will skip it because the bookstore doesn’t have parking.

After that, we will go to a local restaurant called The Local Joint. They serve breakfast until 3 PM, so I know what I’m having.  Then back to the cabin to regroup.

This is the part I’m most excited about: The Blue Ridge Parkway!! It is supposed to be just gorgeous. As a nature lover, I know I will love the drive. I’m going to drive the route and end at the Allanstand Craft Shop. Then back to the cabin to eat dinner.

Btw, I want to end each day with the hot tub.

Friday: Wake up at 5 AM. Say goodbye to the chickens, horses, and fish. Maybe have a quick breakfast and then head back home. I have to drop off the rental car and pick my dog up from boarding so no time to do much of anything in Asheville.

The end! I hope the weather doesn’t mess things up too much. It helps to type the plans out.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know the outcome of the mall outing with my dog. Like I said, those shoes are hell. I’m sick of buying shoes. NO shoes will probably ever help my feet because I have serious feet issues so…sigh. I think a bigger size in the Dansko shoes would have made the mall trip less painful.

This was my first trip to the mall with my dog. He acted semi-aggressively towards 50% of the dogs. Needless to say, we probably won’t be going back anytime soon. But other than that he was pretty good. He didn’t enjoy being in most of the stores (Saks Fifth Avenue was okay, though). I guess he doesn’t like to shop. I didn’t buy anything, btw. It was just an outing for my dog and to test the shoes.

For my birthday, I got into the adult coloring book craze. I got these awesome Derwent Drawing Pencils (pic below) and an adult coloring book: Home is Where the Heart Is.

The researchers say coloring is a way to destress and lower anxiety, so I’m going to try it. I was never really into coloring even as a kid. I always loved to paint. But these pencils are watercolor pencils, so I’m hoping that kind of coloring will feel more like painting. I hope to color a bit every day, especially after work.

I also got an Amazon gift card (yay!) and a cute Hello Kitty mini lunch box. ROFL. This is my first real Hello Kitty item. I don’t collect HK stuff, but this might be the start of something dangerous. I would post a pic of it, but I packed my camera and it is in my suitcase at my mom’s house. (A pic of it is on Snapchat).

I posted a pic of myself on Snapchat this afternoon. Did it scare anyone? haha. I might do that more. But it makes me nervous.

I just saw the best, saddest documentary EVER. If someone is anti-gay marriage or anti-gay anything…if this movie doesn’t change their mind, there is no hope for that person. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is so sad. Heartbreaking. The doc is called Bridegroom. It is all about love and happiness. I don’t want to say too much in case anyone wants to watch it.

Here is the trailer:

I’m off to Asheville tomorrow morning. Follow me on snapchat to come along (kat3x5).

Tell ’em that is my birthday


Things happened while I was away (no shit) . I had very limited internet access and basically no TV. I’m bummed I missed a few NBA playoff games. But I had a great, relaxing time at the cabin. My dog was awesome!! He was perfectly behaved. We had a blast. My right leg is still sore either from the dancing or all the walking.

my dog on
my dog on “beach”

This is the area near the cabin where I spent most of my time walking:


The one bedroom cabin I stayed in. A female slave used to live here:


We (my dog and I) went to the beach two mornings. We were there alone on Friday for over an hour. On Thursday there was another family there but most of the time it was just us. I love non-peak season!

beach porn
beach porn

Love this place
Love this place

Here is a pic of the bedroom. I didn’t sleep one night in there. I slept on the sofa in the living room.

the bedroom
the bedroom

I went on a tour of the mansion on the property. AWKWARD. All of my social situations are awkward but how am I supposed to know what requires talking and what doesn’t? It could have been worse. I could have been the only person there. Luckily I saw another family coming and I said, “Someone else is here”. We waited for them so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I could tell the tour guide was a talker and I was getting anxious. I don’t know. All of my social interactions are cringe worthy moments. I’ll just leave it at that. Oh, the mansion was nice but I thought we would be able to see more. The tour guide knew everything about the owners. Nice history lesson.

Great time. I’m glad to be back though.

Nutrisystem update: I’m not supposed to weigh myself until Monday to see how much I’ve lost in 7 days. But I sneaked on the scale today. I’ve lost about 2 and 1/2 pounds. I’ll see the real number on Monday morning. This is a pic of a typical NS dinner. It is NS vegetable lasagna (very good) and my broccoli. I’m eating broccoli everyday for dinner. I hope I don’t get sick of it.

vegetable lasagna
vegetable lasagna

I pretty much love all the pasta dishes. Shocking. I’m going to miss NS food but not the sodium. I’m not drinking enough water. I think I would have lost 4-5 pounds if I drank even just 4 glasses of water a day but ugh, I hate plain water. I ran out of sparkling water and the Dasani drops don’t really do it for me. I suck at drinking water. Always have.

I got a very special gift for my birthday:

Stuart Scott's book
Stuart Scott’s book

I don’t want to read it. I cried for days after Stuart Scott passed. How will I ever get through this book? Right now I have 2 library books to read so I can’t touch this book. I admire that man so much. 😦

Youth is wasted on the young

Today is my birthday. My birthday was pretty underwhelming for reasons I won’t get into. I did get the day off from work (it is sort of a tradition in our department). The rational side of me thinks it is silly to celebrate the day I was born. I mean, WTF did I do? Nothing. But deep inside I sort of like “celebrating” it. I like it to be a special day. I’ve never had a birthday party. Ever. I usually like to go somewhere alone. Last year I went to the state park for two nights. I had the BEST time. Memories…

The day started with breakfast at Shoney’s. What can I say? I’m a high class girl with expensive tastes. Don’t judge. 😉 Now I’ll get into what I received or will be getting. I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly on) for 15+ years and I’ve never done a gift post because I usually don’t get excited enough to want to share anything I got. But this year is different because I got TWO awesome handbags.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a handbag whore? I don’t think so. I don’t have a ton but I admire them. I try to buy a good (but inexpensive) bag every year.

Bag #1 is: MG Collection Weave Pattern Belt Accent Soft Hobo Shoulder Bag The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is HUGE. This will be the bag I take on the plane to Vegas. That and a small carry on suitcase will be enough for 4 days/3 nights. I will also use it anytime I might want to take a knitting project or a bunch of books with me somewhere.

I have it in black.
I have it in black.

Bag #2 is simply fabulous. It is by Big Buddha. It is the Big Buddha Brandi Hobo Bag. I got it in “ocean”. It isn’t as big as bag #1 so I will probably use it a lot more. For now, it will be my go to bag until I want to switch things up.

Big Buddha, baby!
Big Buddha, baby!

Here is a video of the bag in action:

I also got some yarn, of course. How much yarn does one person need? I must stop collecting yarn. I know this is a serious issue in the knitting/crocheting community.


My sister gave me this Baltimore Ravens shirt. I stopped watching football a year ago but I still support my team all the way.


Well that is it for my show & tell. I had to. I LOVE BAGS! 🙂


Music for the week: Sarah McLachlan, Demi Lovato, KT Tunstall, Ellie Goulding, Augustana, Neon Trees, Foster the People, Ray LaMontagne

More men than usual…

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Mad Men

Movie of the week: none so far

Two days without the NBA? 😦 I may get around to watching Enough Said this weekend.

Books of the week: A bunch of knitting books, The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming your Fear

Knitting projects of the week: still working on the other half of the scarf, and the handbag and dish towel. I had to rip out all of the above and start again. ARGH!!!!!!!! I must’ve had beginner’s luck with the first half of the scarf. That went almost perfectly. Now I can’t do anything right. Pics coming once I’m done.


What did I do on my birthday? I brought myself a manual push lawnmower. I kid you not:

pushmowerThat looks a little fancier than mine. I got someone from craigslist to cut most of the grass but I was out of town (“camping”) so I couldn’t tell him exactly what to cut. Long story short, he cut 95% of what needed to be cut but the other 5% is what my landlord really wants cut. Of course! I went out today and tried to use it. It did okay but it stopped working half way. As I was putting it away, it starting working again. Great! I will probably finish it on tomorrow afternoon.


Good news: They fixed my laptop! It is like new. I’m so thankful. So if you ever drop your laptop, it doesn’t have to be over. I love my laptop. 🙂

I came back from camping today. OMG, the cabin was so nice. I felt like I was cheating on my little cabin by being out there. I was in the middle of nowhere. You couldn’t even see my cabin from the road. It was a one bedroom cabin.


The housekeeper of the mansion lived there. She retired in 1984. I think she started in the ’20s. She wasn’t a slave (obviously?). They did have slaves on the plantation. I was hoping to be able to tour the slave quarters but they have employees living in most of the old slave quarters so no chance to tour. But I did see them from afar.

My favorite part was the small beach. (of course!)


I was there all by myself yesterday morning for an hour.

After the beach, I went to the farm:


This goat was excited to see a human. He probably wanted food. I told him to pose for me so he got up on the rock.

Peter the rabbit was my favorite. I even took a video of him. He was so cute. I have always wanted a rabbit.


More random photos:

bedroom in cabin
bedroom in cabin


I was there for two nights. My dog did not go. She wouldn’t get in the car. After she almost fell once, she is scared to get in the car. After I got there, I was relieved she didn’t come with me. The cabin was so far away from everything. I had to drive and park everywhere. So my dog would have just ended up staying in the cabin the whole time. Not fun.

I probably would go back there again – maybe once more. It is a cheaper alternative to the beach. Much of the year there is a week required stay though. That is expensive. But two nights and one day was good enough for me.

I gotta go. I really have to unpack. I will post pics once I’m done. I swear! 😉


I got this flat iron hair straightener for my birthday. I can’t wait to use it. I will probably try it Sunday. I’m so busy with taking care of the house and the apartment plus working. I also got a mini Project Life kit and gym bag…That reminds me, I have to cancel my YMCA membership. 😦