You’ve turned this heart

I haven’t blogged earlier this weekend because I don’t have much to say. Haha. I have a feeling that will change soon. Unfortunately.

Well, Marianne Williamson made the debate stage!! Too bad she’s going to be on the same stage as Joe Biden. Unlike Kamala, Pete, and Bernie I don’t think she will be attacking Biden. I’m guessing she will focus on her message. However, it will be all about Joe.

I’m looking forward to both nights of the debate because I’m a debate whore. 🙂  I’ll watch any debate.

Ugh, this guy on Facebook is so annoying. He says things like, “hi” and then he’ll say “how are you?”. Okay. Then he’ll say, “hi beautiful” and I’m all turned off. LOL. Stop already. Every time he says something like that I don’t respond. Does he not get it? Sigh. I know I should unfriend him or block him or whatever people do on Facebook. But I don’t do that. I already muted his posts for 30 days.

I’ve been on FB more in the last 2 months than ever because I’m in so many courses and everyone uses FB. I’m thinking about starting a FB group for my course, but what if only one person takes the course? No need for Facebook. LOL. So I will just make sure the person knows they have email access to me. I have to discuss this with my mentor. I don’t know what’s best if only 1 -3 people sign up for the course. I’m not doing a FB group for those few people.

FB groups are easier, but it’s also hard to get people engaged. But if people have questions, it’s perfect! It’s better (IMO) than emailing back and forth. And yes, I know there are now alternatives to Facebook. I haven’t checked them out yet. But I know people like the other platforms.

Oh! My new astrology class has 100 people in it. I kid you not. There were about 96 people live on Zoom!! ROFL. We have today off. Yay! He is on a working retreat with bad internet access, so no class. The FB group is very active. I just introduced myself and haven’t said anything else.

Speaking of astrology, there is this HUGE astrology conferences in one of my favorite places in the United States – Baltimore Inner Harbor. I want to go, but #1 the cost and #2 not sure I can get the time off from work. It’s just 2 days off, but everyone wants time off in the summer. The hotel even accepts pets!! I love Hyatt. But there’s no way I would leave my dog in a hotel room, while I’m at a conference, so my mom would have to come for sure. My dog can’t be left alone.

Anyway, that would be at least $800 or so with the hotel cost. I could go for one day and not even stay in a hotel. Hmmm. I love the Inner Harbor. I grew up going there and haven’t been there in years. I would love to go to an astrology conference. Most of them are on the west coast so I feel like I should really consider it. I was going to cancel my birthday vacation and just go to Baltimore for this conference. But I love the beach and nature more than sitting in a conference room with a bunch of people. 😉

I could also meet my new teacher if I go. Hmmmm. Thinking about it. However, he knows I’m on a sliding scale so it would be weird if I went to the whole conference (and financially irresponsible). He would be like, “She must have some money”. Uh, nope. Damn. Probably not going. I do plan on going to Seattle or Portland for one of their conferences within the next 5 years. I don’t want to think about the cost of the flight.

This week I…

Music of the week: Sara Bareilles, Lauren Daigle, Tori Kelly, Beyonce, Lissie, Rachel Platten, Alessia Cara, Carrie Underwood

TV of the week:   NBA playoffs, The Handmaid’s Tale

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch,  Man in the Window, The Jump, The Lowe Post, The Ringer NBA Show, First Take, The Bill Simmons Podcast

I listened to a lot of sports podcast since the NBA season ended this week.

Books of the week: Now reading –

Mostly reading astrology books for class and for creating my course. Not much time for leisure reading.

Weekend Plans: Well, today is Sunday. I have about 3,000 words to write if I want to get certified for one of my astrology classes. I have been staring at one birth chart forever and I only have 70 words. LOL. I have to write two papers on my own chart. That is a little easier. But I want to start on the harder charts first, because if I can’t do those, then why should I waste time doing the easy stuff? I just want the certification.

I also recorded a module for my astrology class. I did the intro, but I’m having tech trouble. No sound. ARGH. Should be easy to fix with google.

I’ve been eating too much. I know I can’t fit into my high rise jeans right now, but I haven’t tried. It’s not about exercising for me. It’s more about food. But exercise is good too. I walk about 20-25 minutes a day. Ideally, I would walk 40 minutes a day. Before I moved, I would walk at least 45 minutes a day and it didn’t affect my weight, but it probably kept me healthy. Skinny doesn’t equal healthy. Anyhow, I’m a little concerned because the kids are out of school as of Friday. If there are a lot of kids around, there goes my walks.

Tonight I’m going to attempt to go to bed on time and work on my astrology paper. If I could get to 300 words, that would be great.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week! 🙂

Make Love to Myself

I didn’t blog last week. 😦 This blog is helping me with my astrology class. I can’t remember anything that happens in my life…except vacations. I do journal on paper, but I’m not consistent. I found a post from this blog that represents how Saturn affected my life. Now I have to write a 300 – 500 word paper on it. Without this blog, I would be lost entirely.

I just had therapy. The insurance thing is still not completely straighten out, btw. It’s a bit of a pain. But 3 weeks after my appointment, I do get my money back. I just have to email or call both companies after every visit, which is annoying. But at least I have health insurance. For now. Yes, I still have my job. I will check back around June 15th (or maybe before) for an update.

Anyway, NOW she suggests I get off the Abilify. Duh. Everything changed once I was on it for 2-3 years. I went from frugal to an impulsive spender. I was smart with money before I was on Abilify and then I got depressed. Nothing else worked besides Abilify. I did make an online appointment with a psychiatrist, but it isn’t until July 7. I see my “normal” psychiatrist at the end of June. It’s probably a waste to see him, but just in case the online doctor doesn’t work, or I lose my job, I want my prescriptions.

1 in 3 people on Abilify change in some way. In the articles I read, they mostly talk about people losing all they have to gambling. They are suing the drug maker of Abilify:

Patients who took the antipsychotic Abilify are filing a lawsuit after they developed compulsive behaviors that led them into gambling or other addictions. According to the ongoing mass tort litigation, the manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceutical failed to warn patients that the antipsychotic medication may increase the risk of compulsive gambling and type-2 diabetes in children. The pharmaceutical companies are facing legal claims by dozens of individuals who allege that the drug caused them to lose thousands of dollars or harmed their children.

If you or one of your beloved ones lost a considerable sum of money due to pathological gambling or showed any other sign of compulsive behaviors after taking Abilify, you should seek monetary compensation in court.

I might get in on some lawsuit as long as I don’t have to pay a dime. It is an antipsychotic but only at high levels. I take .5 MG 5 days a week, so I won’t go through withdrawal. Anyway, it’s probably a bit of work to prove it. I dunno. They only have to look at my credit report from before Abilify until now. So it might not be too bad. Thinking about it. I’m not expecting any money. I just want to get off the drug.

Update: Bristol-Myers Squibb has paid $535 million to people so far. Might be too late for a group settlement. And I’m not hiring a lawyer. LOL.

What else is going on? I signed up for a year-long astrology class (Thanks, Abilify). I got on the sliding scale. YAY! So glad some people offer sliding scales. School starts on this Sunday at noon online, but it’s in Maryland so I might get my ass up there once or twice over the year. I DESPERATELY wanted to do the 2-year apprenticeship, but it is $6,000 with no sliding scale. So I’m taking his class instead, and I’ll see how we get along. If we don’t click, I’m 100% sure it will be my fault. However, if we do click, I plan on saving up for either his level 2 year long class OR the more expensive apprenticeship. I would kill to have an astrology apprenticeship. That would be so helpful and speed up my process.

I am definitely creating the online beginner’s astrology course. I’m not worried about the other astrology classes out there, but since I opened my big mouth on Instagram, I am worried that others may recreate the exact same course I’m trying to do, and that would break my heart. Dozens have copied from me during this past year, and I don’t care as much because it’s FREE content. Copy me. I’m flattered. I know I came up with the idea first because you weren’t doing it until you started following me. Whatever. It’s free content.

I signed up for a course launch program (Thanks, Abilify). I have worked with this coach before. She’s awesome. So I know I’ll launch something because she’ll make me. 🙂 I don’t know how I’m going to juggle everything, but it can be done. I hope school isn’t too time intensive. It’s supposed to be every Sunday, but we already get Father’s Day off. That’s good. It’ll allow me to catch up on reading the two big textbooks.

I’m launching my class in September because that is when my coach thinks it’s best. It’s not a 1:1 coaching thing. That would be too expensive. It will be a small group of us. I hope there isn’t another astrology course creator. I would DIE! I’m going to try to pick a date that is best astrologically for me. I haven’t looked at what’s going on with the planets in September yet, so I don’t know what date I’ll pick.

Election 2020 – As of right now, Marianne Williamson is in the June debate. But since there over 20 people running, the polls could change. If one person -can’t remember his name- moves up to 1% in the poll within the next week, Marianne will probably get bumped. Sigh. So it’s too early to celebrate. Hopefully, by next Friday, we will know. But for now, all the media outlets are reporting that’s she’s in. Of course, they also mention that guy who might bump someone. I’m too lazy to look up his name right now. I think he is a DC politician, or a governor, or a mayor. Haha. In other words, he is a politician.

Update on Buttigieg. Things aren’t looking good when it comes to the black police chief or sergeant. Long story, but The Young Turks have done a lot of research on this story. A few other outlets are picking up the story. I’m not getting into all the details. But since white officers were supposedly using racial slurs against the black police chief, it looks bad that Buttigieg made the black guy resign. The good thing is that Buttigieg hasn’t heard the tapes of the slurs. That would be a felony in Indiana, so he has to say that. I’m sure he knows some of what’s on the tape.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t affect my opinion of Buttigieg. It could hurt him. It depends on when the tapes are released. Right now, he’s not doing well with blacks. He’s doing okay with whites, but I think Elizabeth Warren is currently doing better than him. Oh, and Kamala is surprisingly still hanging in there. I don’t get it. She’s smart. I thought she was tough, BUT I watched her townhall on MSNBC, and she sucked on some questions. It was bad. She stumbled on the Medicare question. She couldn’t say whether people could keep the doctor they have now. She needs to be more prepared. How is she going to debate Trump? (Not that Trump is good at debates). How is she going to do against the other Democrats in June? I guess my standards were too high for her.

This week I…

Music of the week: Jess Glynne, Mariah Carey, Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareilles, Britney Spears, Ellie Goulding, Carly Rae Jepsen, India.Arie,

TV of the week:  Dead Like Me, When They See Us, NBA playoffs

Podcasts of the week:  True Crime Garage, Online Marketing Made Easy, So You Wanna Be a Witch, All in With Chris Hayes, Pod Save America, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The Astrology Podcast, Why is This Happening? Your Own Magic

(This is a combo of last week’s list and this week listens).

Books of the week: Now reading –

And a bunch of astrology books.

Weekend Plans: Working overtime on Saturday. I’m excited about the astrology course starting on Sunday. I’m glad we have a big group. It looks like it may be 40 people!! My last live class had only 14 people, which was a large class for them, but way too small for me. We don’t have to speak, but he would like to see our faces (not a requirement), so I will have my webcam on 90% of the time. If I’m eating or have to take my dog outside, I’ll turn off the camera. Since I don’t plan on participating (but who knows?), the least I can do is show up on camera since he likes when students do that.

I’m also doing business stuff. I have to send out my newsletter to my email list this weekend. It’s more work than usual because I promised more stuff. (WHY?) Sigh. I’m definitely going to spend a few hours on the course I’m creating. I still have research to do, but I have been practicing recording videos. But nothing is done. Not even an intro.

What else? Oh, I want to find time to knit. I might cook again on Sunday. I canceled Hello Fresh due to cost. I also have to cancel Nutrisystem. Back to Hello Fresh – I cooked Flatbread Pizza tonight. Considering the ingredients (baked tomatoes, walnuts, arugula), it came out pretty good. I would give it an A-. I only cooked that one because it was the only one that didn’t need something thawed out and it was so quick and easy. None of the other meals are that easy. I now have the chicken, cauliflower mac and cheese, and meatloaf to cook. I think that’s it. I cooked the tilapia, hamburgers, and pizza. I will probably try the meatloaf because I’ve wanted to make my own meatloaf for years and I’ve never tried.

I didn’t blog that much about transcendental meditation. Now I’m doing it when I first wake up for 20 minutes, and 20 minutes before I eat dinner. Yesterday afternoon I meditated with my TM teacher on the phone. I can’t make the next (and last ‘required’) group meeting, due to the astrology class, so she decided to meet with me on the phone. We have two more telephone meditation meetings scheduled, and she might add more. I was so scared my dog was going to bark. He moved and heavily sighed once (LOL), but he didn’t bark.

The meditation is going fine so far. I will blog more about that later. I feel like I have more energy (hence why I’m blogging at 11:30 PM on a Friday night and not tired at all). And my sleep is better. Now if it could only cure my anxiety/PTSD. That would be awesome.

Another long entry. Shocking. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great weekend. 🙂

When did I come undone?

First things first – my dog. Well, I guess he is okay. They didn’t do a test on Friday so I don’t really know. They really think it is just his temperament. He is high strung. He can’t help it. He is a Taurus Sun (like me) and Taurus Moon. Okay, since I don’t know exactly when he was born, I’m not 100% sure on the moon part.

Anyway, the good news is that he has no blood in his urine. The vet thinks it’s just stress. Some people/animals are just naturally anxious. He is so much like his mom. 🙂 I bought him one more expensive bag of food. This will be his last bag. It’s $50 for a medium bag!! He’s going back to his old food as soon as this runs out.

I’m still concerned. I guess only time will tell. For now, I’m choosing to believe he is okay.

My dog is stressed. I’m stressed out about work and money. I did apply for a temp job. I’m pretty sure it was filled by the time they got my resume. However, the lame ass resume I sent her isn’t that impressive. I barely updated it. It pays double what I make now*. That is the only reason I applied. Well, and she contacted me first plus I kind of want to learn something new. The job I applied for was in marketing. LOL. I’ve hated marketing since I took marketing 101 my second year at university. The job would have lasted through mid-May.

*Double what I make now sounds like so much, but I don’t make a lot now.

I think I’m going to seriously start looking for jobs in April unless my current situation drastically changes. Wouldn’t it be nice if my side hustle took off? Expecting it to take off before April is probably asking a lot.

Astrology school update: As of right now, I’m one and done at this school. I don’t like that discussion is 40% of the grade in ALL classes. This shy, introverted person calls bullshit. So, the plan is to finish this class in mid-March and not go back. I’m taking a break until June. That break will be all about my side hustle. Then I plan to either take self-study classes at Astrology University (not a real school) or take a beginner to advanced course from the AFA. I can’t decide. Astrology Uni is awesome. I have bought audio courses from them and webinars. SO GOOD. But the course from the AFA covers everything, but it is all written or online. No videos. How old school. :/

I’ll make a decision after I finish this class. I feel like I’m no longer behind. I’m doing okay, but to be honest, I’m rushing through my assignments. I want to turn in good work, but I care more about learning than doing all this homework.

Politics: Not much to say compared to last week. I hope Fairfax resigns. I 100% believe the first accuser. I haven’t heard anything from the second accuser. I just know one exists. As far as the governor goes…sigh. I don’t like that his nickname was coonman. I can’t get over that. Plus no one will campaign with him for 2020. He’s dead. Herring apologized for wearing blackface. Whatever. Let him be governor. But I don’t think Northam is going to resign. He has to give a speech/talk on race right? What is he going to do? Say nothing and hope all this goes away? I’m sooo over this.

Not much to say about the 2020 folks. A few are announcing their presidential runs this weekend. No one I like. HA! However, I do have one video I want to share for people who don’t know what Marianne Williamson stands for. Oh yeah, Marianne was on CNN! I caught it on YouTube. I was so happy. I took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram. 🙂 I hope she can raise the millions she needs. I have to cancel a bunch of stuff before I can give. If she is still around in April, I’ll donate at least $10 to her campaign.

Here’s the video I wish every democrat and independent would watch:

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Maggie Rogers, Rozzi, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rachel Platten, Lake Street Drive, Lissie

TV of the week:  Celebrity Big Brother, Nashville

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Why is This Happening?

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Plans for the Weekend: No overtime again. I’m going to the bank on Saturday to deposit a $25 refund check from Verizon before it expires. I could’ve really used that money before now, but since I’ve moved the bank is out of my way so I never got around to it. I’m working on astrology class and my side biz. That’s about it. I put a lot of time into something on my website and the response was lukewarm. I know that happens A LOT to everyone. But I only posted about it on Instagram. Hopefully, when I pin it to Pinterest and link it on Facebook, people will appreciate it. If not, I will continue on. That’s life.

Thanks for reading! It is now 11:48 PM on Friday night. I did my homework and blogged. I want to get to bed by midnight, so I’ve gotta go. I’m not proofreading tonight. If there are any errors, I’ll fix them tomorrow. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Thought I was gonna break

I’m blogging today because I may not feel like blogging later. Tomorrow I take my dog to the vet for Xrays. $$$ Sorry, yes I care about his health, but I feel like X-rays won’t solve the problem. I feel like he has kidney failure. 😦 There isn’t a cure for that. But being optimistic – they will do x-rays while he is sedated and then they’ll do surgery on another day if he needs it.

I’m thinking there will be no surgery because of what I said above. I’m working for one hour and then dropping him off. I should have just asked to go to work at 8:30. Oh well. I HOPE HE NEEDS SURGERY! That is a cure. No one wants their dog to go under anesthesia, but the other alternative is unthinkable. Well, I think about it a lot.

UPDATE: I updated Instagram, but forgot to blog here. Basically, I won’t know anything for 2 weeks. He doesn’t have kidney stones, so no surgery is needed. Like I said above, I would rather him have kidney stones because that’s curable. Kidney failure IS NOT. Anyway, the total cost was $460 for x-rays that proved nothing. Just like I thought. Sigh. I have to give him expensive food for the next two weeks and some medication. Then I guess they will check his urine again. Hoping for the best, but still extremely worried. :/

I won’t go back to the park we used to go to if he is no longer here. It will hurt too much. Will I get another dog? I’ve had dogs since I was 17. I’ve only had two dogs. My last dog lived for 17 years. My current dog is 4 1/2 years old. He says “almost 5”. 😉 Anyway, I probably will get another dog one day. I can’t imagine a life without a dog.

I’ve cried enough over this and something else. No more tears until tomorrow. LOL.

Astrology class is kicking my ass this week. This is where I got stuck when I tried to study on my own. I’m a little frustrated that I’m getting stuck in an online class, BUT we haven’t had our meeting yet. That occurs on Sunday. If I still don’t get it after Sunday, I’m going to be exasperated. And people think astrology is easy. Ha!

I’m bummed I don’t get it because I’m excited about next week’s homework. I wanted to be ahead and do it tonight. We get to choose a celebrity couple and analyze a small part of their chart. I’m thinking about choosing Bill and Hillary. How original, right? I’ve never studied Bill’s chart and I only looked briefly at Hillary’s. I don’t know who else I’m that interested in…If someone else chooses them first (we have to post it on the discussion board), I’ll choose someone else. I wish I could choose Amelia Earhart, but she wasn’t in a famous couple. I was obsessed with Amelia for years.

Nutrisystem update: I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds in about 25 days. I guess the weight loss is stalling now. I want to lose at least another 10 pounds.

I got a horary astrology reading. I wanted to know if I would become a successful astrologer, but that question doesn’t work because one year I might be successful and then the next year, not so successful. So I asked if I would make $1,000 in revenue within the next year (not counting expenses). Basically, the answer was I do great work, but I need better marketing and branding. And it will be tough to make a thousand dollars this year. I knew that prior to asking the question. I think it’s interesting he picked up on the branding/marketing issue just from looking at a chart!

He also told me it is hard to make a middle class living being an astrologer. I forget that sometimes because all the astrologers I know probably make at least $50,000 a year. They teach, write books, and give speeches. That’s how they make money NOT by doing readings. I know I’m not going to make much doing tarot and astrology. However, I’m not money hungry. I don’t need to make the most to feel successful. Money doesn’t motivate me. I wish it did! But I do want to travel a little, so I can’t be broke…

Anyway, my plan for 2019 is to create at least one course about tarot or astrology. Leaning towards very, very basic astrology. That can be passive income if I can market myself right and do a great job. Marketing. Hate that word. :/

WORK. Sigh. I can’t say much because I do believe one of them (which means all of them) may be reading. I don’t understand why people make a big deal out of little things that mean nothing. There are so many problems in the world. I used to say I wish these people had problems so they wouldn’t nitpick, but I know they have problems! That’s just that person’s personality. Nothing to do with me.

Election 2020. No, I don’t feel like I’m being too hard on Kamala Harris. Don’t call yourself a progressive Democrat when you aren’t. Simple as that. Now she says she’s against the death penalty. Whatever. She’s better than the current president. I’ll give her that. woofreakinghoo! I’m not saying the candidate has to be perfect but don’t paint yourself as a progressive when you’re really not. I take offense to that and so do other people.

She pushed for programs that helped people find jobs instead of putting them in prison, but also fought to keep people in prison even after they were proved innocent. She refused to pursue the death penalty against a man who killed a police officer, but also defended California’s death penalty system in court. She implemented training programs to address police officers’ racial biases, but also resisted calls to get her office to investigate certain police shootings

Fighting to keep people in prison even after they were proved innocent is typical “justice system” BS. I will not vote for her. Enough of bashing her. Should I move on to the other fake progressives in the Democratic party? No. I don’t have enough time. Maybe later. 😉 All these “progressives” running around. Interesting. It’s cool to be progressive now. Good to know.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Maggie Rogers, Rozzi, Kesha, Lissie, Rachel Platten, Lake Street Drive, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift

TV of the week:  basketball, You

I’m 10 minutes into episode one of Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. I read the Ted Bundy book by Ann Rule years ago – Stranger Beside Me. I’ve forgotten a lot so this should be interesting. I love true crime.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, The Astrology Podcast, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Tarot for the Wild Soul (sooo good!), Generation Why

Books of the week: 

I’m surprised I’ve never read a book on crystals. But now I know why! It makes me want more. In fact, I ordered about 6 crystals today. Oops. One was to replace a lost one and one got wet in the rain and got cracked. Right now I have 14 crystals. Can’t wait to add the new ones to my collection. I did go about 8 months without buying a crystal so, c’mon it was time. 😉

Plans for the Weekend: Well, it depends on whether my dog needs surgery. I have a feeling it won’t happen this weekend. So I’m working overtime, doing a free tarot reading and school work.

I feel like this entry is crap. I feel a little down about not only my dog. Other crap is going on too. I’ll probably post an update at the top of this entry when I find out something about my dog.

As always, thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. 🙂

Hurts like hell

It sucks to write about this. I think my dog is in the beginning stages of kidney failure. He is only 4 1/2 years old. I thought we had at least a DECADE more together. 😦 I’m taking him to the vet on Monday. I will probably know for sure on Wednesday or Thursday once the lab results come back. I yell at him a lot, but he is my only friend.

Speaking of yelling at my dog. UGH! He ate my Nutrisystem chicken breast tonight!! &$%^ I am still pissed. I usually put my main dinner on one plate and have a plate for my salad, but tonight I had it all on one plate, so I had to throw my awesome looking salad away. And I only had two bites of my chicken breast. ARGH! Yes, I screamed at him. :/

I’ve lost a total of 7 to 8 pounds in seventeen days. Not bad considering I’m not exercising because I hate winter. 😉

I had my first hardcore cravings on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I wanted to cheat so bad. What did I want? On Wednesday, I would have eaten anything bad. On Tuesday, I wanted pork. I wanted to order from the Jimmy Dean restaurant. I would have ordered sausages and pancakes. Yum! I didn’t cheat because of money. How foolish would it be to spend so much on Nutrisystem and then ruin it by eating out? That was about 90% of it. The other 10% was about me feeling like a failure. I didn’t want to cheat and feel like shit afterward.

I hope I can keep my cravings at bay. I didn’t crave anything “bad” today. Sometimes I think it has to do with the stress of work plus being hungry. That’s what happened on Tuesday. I was so frustrated about work. Then Jimmy Dean sausages sounded so good. Okay, I’ll stop.

I have the week of my birthday off. So far it looks like I’m going to the beach for 4 days and 3 nights. Well, I really don’t know. I want to pay by February 20, but it depends on money. I have a lot of points from Capital One so the hotel bill won’t be that high. Thank Buddha! But the hotel is still expensive since I’m booking one that allows dogs. I’m so glad I have points. I’ll post pics of the suite after I book. It’s really nice. Full kitchen. I could stay on Nutrisystem while I’m there, but that’s probably not happening.

Astrology class. What can I say? I hate that discussion is 40% of our grade. If anything stops me from continuing there, it might be that. As of right now, I’m definitely skipping spring semester. I’m thinking about going during the summer. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I want to know everything…now! I would love to get a diploma* from their school, but the discussion in class and online might kill the fun.

*They used to offer a Bachelor’s in Astrology, but some uneducated snobs decided astrology wasn’t worth a degree, so their program ended about a decade ago. They are a “real” college that has all kind of degrees, but I can only get a certificate or diploma in astrology. As long as I learn something, it is worth it.

Election 2020 talk. Kamala Harris…NOPE! I knew she was a prosecutor. That doesn’t automatically make her a bad person. LOL. But she denied a look into police behavior while she was a prosecutor. I’m done with her. I’m so sick of all these fakes running around calling themselves progressives. Fuck that. I’m not voting for these people!!! I will stay home on primary day if all I have to choose from are LIARS. Yes, I’m pissed.

Marianne Williamson seems bothered by the lack of press coverage. 😦 I feel bad for her, but she’s not giving up. She knows she has a long road ahead. Damn, I feel like I don’t have many options. What are the chances I will get to vote for someone that believes in 85% of what I believe? The last time that happened was when I voted for Howard Dean. I knew he wouldn’t win by that point, but I still voted for him in the primary.

Too bad Beto O’Rourke is untrustworthy, and Bernie is well, Bernie. Sigh. No one for me. I’ll guess I’ll be stuck with whatever fake ass Democrat half of America selects. I hate fakeness if that’s not obvious. I keep forgetting about Elizabeth Warren. I guess I’ll vote for her in the primary if Marianne isn’t on the ballot. Oh, I have to mention that I don’t know enough about Julian Castro to even mention him. That’ll change by next week. 😉

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Kari Jobe, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, First Aid Kit, Kacey Musgraves, Lissie, Maggie Rose, Aretha Franklin

TV of the week:  basketball, You, Nashville

I’m so excited for Duke vs. UVA this Saturday. I have it written down in my planner. I’m a fan of both schools, but needless to say I’m rooting for UVA this weekend. You is a creepy show on Netflix. I don’t know whether I like it yet. I’m only on episode 2. I only started watching because I’m a Penn Badgley fan.

Update: Oh You was on Lifetime and it didn’t do well. I can see why. It seems very Netflix-ish. I wonder what that means for a season 2 if season 1 didn’t do well. It’s doing great on Netflix. I think I love the show now that I’m on episode three. So creepy. I love stuff like this. Give me slow horror.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, All In with Chris Hayes, The Bill Simmons Podcast

Books of the week: I’m mostly focusing on astrology books. I’m doing a list of the top astrology books for beginners soon for my other website. The book I’m reading now is awesome but not for beginners. It’s called How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe : Using Astrology for your Empowerment by Pam Gregory. The Kindle version (which is what I have) is on sale for $3.99. Insane value for that price. Also reading:

Planner Spread for the week: I didn’t do a full bullet journal spread this week. I just used my regular planner. However, I do have my spread from last week:

Plans for the Weekend: I’m working overtime on Saturday. My paycheck will look decent next week. I worked more OT than usual. woohoo! I have to go grocery shopping on Sunday.

The most important thing is SCHOOL. I’ve been doing well. I’m ahead of schedule, but today I blogged here and worked on my tarot and astrology website instead of doing homework. Lame. But I feel like I have to work on my business. I can’t just sit here and do nothing. Since I’m not advanced enough yet, I’m thinking about getting an astrologer to tell me WHEN and IF it is a good time for me to start a business. If he or she says ‘never’. Fine. I will just do tarot and astrology for fun. I really, really, really, want to be an astrologer so I will be disappointed if that’s not on my path. I don’t want to force it. I have a lot of interests. That doesn’t mean all my hobbies should be a business.

I already started the tarot and astrology thing so…oh well. If it’s not meant to be. I’ll do it for free and spend a whole lot less time dedicated to it. In addition to law and accounting, my chart also says I should be a teacher (nice – there are lots of ways to teach) and an interior decorator. I love looking at nice spaces. Love it, but doing it is so not me. One day I will do a ‘report’ on exactly what my birth chart says. 95% of it is accurate. That’s why I believe in astrology.

Well, I have to go now. I’ve rambled long enough. I have my homework done for the discussion board, but I’m scared to post it. It’s not due until Tuesday. Hmmm. I will probably post of it over the weekend. Why am I still rambling?!

Thanks for reading! Have an excellent weekend. 🙂

I don’t trust nobody

I was supposed to write this entry tomorrow…but my schedule has changed and I have news!

I am a professional tarot reader. I got my first sale. Whatever. I’ve done 65+ free email readings so I already considered myself somewhat professional. 😉

OH FUCK NO! She just emailed me and wants to know where her reading is? WTF? This probably won’t end well. If she asks for a refund, she can have it. If someone is already pissed, then they aren’t going to be happy with the reading. SHIT. Now I’m scared to check my email. I emailed her back and told her she’ll have her reading by Sunday night.

People. Sigh. I was going to start her reading tomorrow and then send it on Sunday morning. I’m swamped this weekend. I have her reading to do PLUS a free reading. And I’m working overtime, taking my mom grocery shopping, and school starts this weekend. It’s just orientation, but I want to get started on week 1 since the assignments are already posted.

I’ll check my email after I finish this post to see if there is an update. Geez. There goes any excitement. Yes, I state on my website that it takes 3 days. It used to say five days. Lol. I work for a living. I don’t do tarot full-time. Oh well. At least I made a sale…even if it doesn’t work out. ???? Just trying to look on the bright side.

Oh, I’m now a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. I just paid a somewhat low fee. To get certified, I think it’s $25 and an EIGHT HOUR TEST. Are they nuts? But am I going to go after it? Probably. They are based in Arizona (Why are 90% of American astrologers on the west coast?) They can’t promise a testing place where I live. But I’m willing to bet I can take the test in DC. They say they will work with you. I’m fine with that. Or I’m willing to go to Maryland, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania.

I was going to try to get certified in less than 2 years, but with money issues. Nah. I have the $25 to take the test, but I need more knowledge to pass the test. I would like to take at least 3 astrology classes at the college before I try to get certified. I’m going this winter. I’m 95% sure I’m not going this spring. I am considering taking my second class this summer. But I’m not sure. I will be very disappointed if I can’t take a class next winter. I would like to be able to take at least one class a year.

I just checked my email. My first (irate?) customer hasn’t emailed me back yet. I’m still scared. But it is a lot off my back if she asks for a refund. So I’m fine either way. I just don’t want her to ask for a refund AFTER I do the reading. My mentor and I talked about that, and she says I shouldn’t give the money back after I spent time on the reading. I agree, but I would also feel bad if she hated the reading. Double sigh.

Quick Nutrisystem update: I started on Monday. Today is Friday. I’ve lost 1-2 pounds. I guess that’s not bad. But the commercial promises more weight loss during the first week. Haha. Last time I started I was on vacation at a state park (I kid you not) so I walked A LOT. I think I lost at least 4-5 pounds that first week. I can’t remember. This week, I’ve only exercised once. Lame, I know. I just want to lose 15 pounds in 3 months. But I would be happy with 10. I’m not overweight, but I’m close to being overweight.

There is so much more I wanted to say, but this post is so long. So before I do “weekly”, I’ll just add a quick reminder about Bank Boost. I think it will sell out over the weekend, but it has NOT sold out yet. It’s a great course for the price ($35), plus Sarah is a great teacher. She’s awesome. Love her content.

Join to get ideas on ways to earn extra money. You’ll get ideas from Sarah and I also got a bunch of ideas from the group.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Lake Street Drive, Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara, Sam Smith, Camilla Cabello, Rachel Kerr, Ariana Grande, Missy Higgins

I watched half of Taylor Swift’s concert special on Netflix. I plan to finish it soon. I applaud her for singing live unlike others *coughBEYONCEcough* even though she isn’t a great singer. She was off key sometimes, but she was real. I’m not the biggest Swift fan (only because I think a couple of her albums are just plain bad), but she puts on a great show. Others could learn from her.

TV of the week:  The Innocent Man, Vanderpump Rules

I wanted to blog more about The Innocence Project. After watching 4 episodes The Innocent Man, I decided to pledge to donate to The Innocence Project every month. I have it recurring. I’m not giving a lot. Just $12.50 a month. It’s time to put my money where my passion/anger is. Our “justice” system is sickening. I will blog about this more. Trust me. 😉 If you believe in DNA testing so guilty people can go to jail and innocent people can go free, please consider supporting The Innocence Project. They do such good work.

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week:  All in With Chris Hayes, The Astrology Podcast, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Generation Why, Where Should We Begin?

Books of the week: Now reading:

None of these are school books. LOL. So I’m probably going to give up reading all but one when I have to read my textbook. I’m almost done with Moonology. I want to do vocational astrology when I become a professional astrologer. I want to do tarot career readings and help people find which jobs they are most suited for when it comes to astrology. Not just suited for, they have to like it. I’m supposed to be in law or an accountant. Uh, I tried with accounting. I suck at those kinds of details. I learned that in college. I think I would do okay in law, but I would have to have a job where a ton of talking isn’t involved. Besides, lawyers scare me. I’m intimidated by them so I couldn’t even be a paralegal.

Plans for the Weekend: I already listed what I have to do this weekend. Since I don’t have to buy much food, I’m going to try to find a way to maximize my time while my mom is grocery shopping. I will probably take my textbook with me.

School kind of starts Sunday. I’m a little confused by the schedule so I don’t know when the first assignments are due. I was going to blog about how much participation we have to do. Shit. Aren’t the assignments hard enough? Nope, participation is a lot of the grade. I will probably spend more time trying to come up with something to say than writing essays and doing the quizzes. bummer. :/

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Done jumping through hoops

What have I done? That is the question of my life. Let’s see. I signed up for an online Astrology School. It’s the best one out there so it isn’t as cheap as I would like. I think I still have a couple of days to get a refund. But I doubt I do that. I’m only taking one class because that’s what is recommended and it is expensive. I’m not sure whether I’m going to get a certificate (3 courses) or a Professional Diploma (at least 12 courses – minimum of 3 years to finish).

Orientation is January 6. And then we have 11 or 12 weekly classes on Sunday afternoon. It is a webinar like class. They want us to have a webcam, but I’m using my camera on my Mac. I think it is good enough. I may reconsider. I did buy a headset from Amazon. It is highly rated, noise canceling etc.

I’m nervous because participation will be part of my grade. I’ve already decided that I HAVE TO participate online. I’m not sure about participating during class time. If I’m called on, of course, I will participate. However, if they expect us to just um, talk. Oooh. I don’t know about that. That’s scary shit!

So if this class goes well, I might take more classes. I’m not going during the summer semester. I might go during the Fall. I would like to IF I like the first class. Even if I don’t like the first class, I know I will learn something. I will probably learn a lot. I tried learning this stuff on my own, but sigh. Astrology is so hard. I love it but…hard.

Oh, I also signed up for Nutrisystem. Haha! I was on NS about 3-4 years ago. It worked. I hope to stay on it for at least a year. I just want to lose about 20-30 pounds and then maintain it. 20 pounds is probably more realistic since I’m on a shitload of medicine that causes weight gain. During the winter, I always gain weight because I go into hibernation.

I would go off NS for money reasons OR because I still eat out and don’t follow the diet. I wanted to start on Monday, Dec 31 but I don’t think my food will be here by then. So I will probably plan to start January 6 or 7. I’m going grocery shopping on Sunday. I will try to buy as little food as possible.

Oh! The most important issue. My dog:

His second lab result came back fine. I was ecstatic for about 4 days. But on Wednesday night, he had kidney issues. I think. He couldn’t hold his urine, but everything seems fine now. I will take him to the vet if necessary. I’m not sure what’s going on since the vet just said everything was fine. UPDATE: Well, since Wednesday night everything seems fine. I’m typing this on Friday night.

Woohoo! I just found out my unfrozen food is coming tomorrow! WOW. That’s fast. I usually order more frozen food than unfrozen, but this time I didn’t. So I have a lot of food coming tomorrow. Since I have to take my mom out to eat for her birthday on Sunday, I won’t start Nutrisystem until Monday, December 31. The frozen food should be here by next Friday.

We’re going to O’Charley’s (her choice) for her bday. I was going to order salmon, but nah. I’m eating my last burger for a while. Should be fun. 😉 My last restaurant until my birthday in May?? I hope so. I have to talk about my birthday plans. My main concern is how expensive it’s going to be since I’m taking my dog. (Only the expensive hotels with suites allow dogs. Why is that?) I’m also worried the 3 out of 15 hotels that accept dogs will sell out before I can book. I hope not. I haven’t had a real beach vacation in years. I used to go every year. LOL. I just typed out – every week. I wish I could go to the beach every week.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Rachel Platten, Rachel Kerr, Alessia Cara, Coldplay, Kelsea Ballerini

TV of the week:  basketball, The Haunting of Hill House, The Innocent Man

I finished The Haunting of Hill House. I would give it a B-. I lost interest during the last 3 episodes, so I don’t really know what happened…but I watched it.

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week:  Pod Save America, Septic, The Astrology Podcast, The Lively Show, True Crime Garage

Books of the week: Now reading:

Speaking of books, I got my two textbooks for my astrology class. I have started reading one. The other is a little too advanced for me to get right now. I will probably list them in this section once class starts because I won’t have time to read much else.

Plans for the Weekend: I’m working overtime tomorrow morning. On Sunday, I’m going on a quick grocery store trip and then taking my mom out to eat. I’m not working on New Year’s. I didn’t get to work on Xmas. I tried, but they wouldn’t let me. :/

This will be a busy weekend because it’s my last free weekend before school starts. I finished all but one of my blog posts for January (on my tarot/astrology website). I have a tarot reading to do. I would love to get that done on Saturday. I have a ton of pics to take for Instagram. I have to work on my eBook. I want to release that on January 17th. I have about 15% done. Ick. I eventually want to turn this eBook into a webinar which is really scary. But that won’t happen until April or May or maybe summer. LOL. Who knows?

Have an excellent weekend. Thanks so much for checking in! 🙂

There’s air in between

I was so excited. I was going to take an in-person astrology class. I’m taking an online written college like astrology course, but that course is intermediate. I get most of it, but I got stuck on something and blah, blah, blah. I’m still going to finish the online course. Anyway, I really wanted to do the local course, but then the thing with the landlord happened. Did I really want to spend $135 on a much needed (lol) astrology course? More importantly, did I want to spend 4 Thursday nights in class? Not really. I have to work the next day. Class is from 7-9 PM.

I found two Udemy courses I really like. The cost of both classes combined was under $25. I consider that a win. I’m sort of bummed about not taking the local astrology course, but if I don’t get something with the Udemy courses, I can take the local course IF they offer it again. I hope people show up and show interest.

Astrology is hard, but I love it. But I like that I have the two Udemy courses. I can watch them over, and over, and over.

I’m worried about my dog (see entries below). I can’t get in touch with the vet as of right now. I don’t think I need to speak to a vet. I just need someone, anyone to tell the lab to do the test. Why do I need a vet for that? If I were to call my doctor’s office, they would let me speak to a nurse. UGH. I feel very reversed Queen of Swords which means I feel frustrated because the receptionist probably didn’t understand that I didn’t need to speak to a vet?? Why did she make that assumption about a vet? I’m so confused.

I finally got in touch with a vet tech. Geez. I emailed them. No response. Spoke with and left a message with a person. No answer. They only hold urine for a few days. The test must be done ASAP. Thank god they finally got that I didn’t need to speak to a vet. All that matters is that my dog is going to be okay. I really hope he isn’t going through kidney failure. 😦

About my ex-landlord, he wants me to pay $400 a month. Okay, fine. Well, that does mess up my debt repayment plan. I won’t get to pay 25% of my debt off this year. One goal ended before it started. Oh, another issue is that he didn’t say how long I have to pay the $400 for. LOL. Um, forever? He said he has to get new carpet (carpet looked fine to me) and of course get the water from under the house. I don’t know if there is anything else. So according to him, that is at least $2500. He might not know the total cost yet because they probably haven’t started the work yet.

So now my goals for quarter one are learning tarot by heart and being an astrology expert. I’m sort of joking about the astrology thing because no one can become an expert in that in just one quarter, but I’m going to try to learn as much as possible. It’s easy to have goals for learning tarot without books/resources, but I don’t even know where to start with astrology. How do I break it down?

I would also like to lose weight, pay more debt off, don’t add to debt and blah, blah, blah. But tarot and astrology are the main goals since they are business related. Speaking of business, I’m burned out. Im thinking of taking a brief (a week or two) break from social media and not promoting anything. I can do that because I can somewhat easily schedule posts in advance.

I might do it the last part of January. On January 15th, my newsletter/eBook comes out so, after that, I’m resting. Yeah, I think I will take a week off from Instagram. That is my main thing. I post to Facebook and Twitter 2-3 times a week. I post to Instagram almost daily.

I want time to study online business building (plus tarot and astrology), and I need time to just clear my mind. Sounds like a plan. No major online work for the last two weeks of January. Woohoo!

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Lauren Daigle, Tori Kelly, Alessia Cara, Aretha Franklin, Missy Higgins, Maggie Rogers

TV of the week:  basketball, Survivor, The Haunting of Hill House

I think I’m almost done with The Haunting of Hill House. Good concept, but so far I don’t get why people LOVE it so much. It’s a decent show, but not mindblowing.

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week:  Hardball with Chris Matthews, Online Marketing Made Easy, Pod Save America, Pursuit With Purpose, So You Wanna Be a Witch, The Lowe Post, True Crime Garage,

Books of the week: Now reading:

  • White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo – Every person should read this book. Not just white people. Robin DiAngelo is a white woman trying to speak to other white people. It is mostly about black and white relations. I kind of hate to say this, but it’s TRUE. (what a concept!) Black people are considered the least desirable people – not in a sexual way. But in a normal, everyday way. So I’m glad she focused on black and white relations. I have about 40 pages to go before I’m done. I think only white progressives will read this book. Most conservatives whites, won’t even acknowledge that racism exists.
  • Racing to The Finish: My Story by Dale Earnhardt Jr – I love Dale. Not sure I’m going to love the book. I just checked it out from the library because I sort of admire him for being different in NASCAR.

Plans for the Weekend: I’m working overtime on Saturday. Then I’m FREE! So far. I haven’t had much free time lately. I have a tarot reading to do. I would like to finish that on Saturday. I’m going to probably study astrology and plan more of quarter one. I’m going to try to do at least 6 tarotscopes this weekend. Eventually my tarotscopes will have more advanced astrology and they will be so good. 🙂 Just wait for about 3 months. ha.

I hope the government doesn’t shut down. I’m probably going to listen to a few news podcasts tonight. I haven’t been following the news that much due to my new living situation. Long story. Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Taureans unite

I have to get ready to go to a concert (more on that later) but I found an accurate description of Taurus persons or Taureans. I’m not heavily into astrology. But this description is dead on…for me. I have used these words to describe myself in silly online bios. Anyhow I am posting this not only because I am a Taurus but b/c Kelly Bensimon is one too (for the RHoNYC fanatics). LOL. Maybe this will explain some things.

Taurus persons tend to be strongly hedonistic, cool customers. They live primarily through the pleasures of their senses. This is the more solid and pragmatic sign in the zodiac. It brings a lot of practicality and earthly sensibility. It is very utilitarian and seeks real, useful results for its efforts. This sign may be seen as lazy by some, but that is because it is strongly motivated by reward, and lack of such prize for its efforts tends to drain it of energy. Aries influences can alleviate this.

This sign is not psychologically equipped to deal with conflict and suffering, which reveal its more neurotic, sometimes brutal side. It does not take well to threats, to disrespect or to rigid or overly burdensome demands, and can be quite resentful in the face of these. This is much more a sign of love and pleasure, where he usually much prefers to dwell, but badly afflicted charts can reveal that more problematic side.

Taureans have a great longing to something special, exciting. This is the grounds for the great possessiveness within this sign, as anything that’s considered special to them is held dearly, fiercely protected. On this basis, this sign also tends to be faithful, and it is usually rather respectful as well. It is usually a strongly loyal sign, but only until it starts feeling disrespected or encroached upon, then the rebellious side can undermine this.

They really hate discomfort, and can become quite preoccupied with avoiding it. These natives tend to dislike hard work, and often seek a way to delegate it. They are more inclined to seek occupation in fields they like, so that it does not become too much of a pain. Strong Saturn influences may alleviate these tendencies to some degree. Taurus is usually a subscriber to “slowly but surely”. It usually prefers to hold back than to risk himself.

There is some reserve in the Taurus personality, which is in effect a preservative and protective disposition. There is a strong dislike of unapproved external encroachment upon their personal space, which is very important in this sign. Taurus can be pretty good at keeping secrets.

Most Taureans have a good, earthy sense of humor. Earthy humor is one that is keen and more sophisticated than just excessive silliness or lighthearted joking.

As of the neurotic structure of this sign, these natives may be emotionally susceptible to superstition. Taurus tends to love animals a lot.

Little acknowledged trait of Taurus is its rebellious nature, which often manifests as stubbornness. This rebelliousness is especially pronounced when Taurus feels it is not appreciated, not taken into consideration, belittled or otherwise disrespected, then it becomes extremely willful and difficult, sometimes even contrarian. Forcefulness also brings this about in him. This rebelliousness rises from certain frustrations that make up this personality type, but this kind of behavior is actually in contrast to the fundamental, reasonable and rational earthy nature of this sign. It may be used as a kind of power-play, as Taurus tends more toward passive-aggressiveness than to outright aggression – perhaps because this method offers less of a risk. Then other times what has been said just does not make any earthy sense.

It should be noted that calling Taurus people “stubborn” does not incur any favors either. Sometimes it just makes the problem worse, rather than addressing any issue that may have caused such attitude.

Taurus’ rebelliousness may find other, more refined expressions in Taurus’ life.

In keeping with its association with Venus, Taurus has greatly heightened senses, and has a tendency to deal with sensual things more often than other signs. Taurus can be strongly moved by physical beauty. In fact, some Taurus people, especially Taurus ladies often find themselves delving in fields of aesthetics or cosmetics. These natives crave closeness and touch, but do not let just anyone get so close. They need to trust. This sign usually enjoys music very much. Sexuality also tends to be strong in Taurus. (<——WHAT???!)

Strong Pluto influences can cause debauchery in Taurus unless Saturn is also strong.

Taurus is the sign of security, and as such the need to feel secure is an important facet of this sign. Accordingly, it is somewhat less likely to take risks than other signs, certainly uncalculated ones. It often takes extra measures to ensure its security, though in this light it may sometimes be considered controlling by some. Taurus can even be brutal when robbed of its sense of security.

There is usually a conservative attitude to money, but on the other hand these natives may have a difficult time resisting their desires. In a difficult chart emotional well being can be closely associated with the monetary status and the ability to expend as a compensation for bad feelings.

There are usually some fixations in the Taurus personality, which may perplex other signs. They tend to stick with patterns and experiences they know, as this makes up their sense of being, and makes them feel secure and comfortable. In a more difficult chart this can transform to a full fledged obsessive-compulsive disorder. Tauruses often fixate on unshakeable, practical convictions. To some extent, a Gemini Mercury can alleviate some of the issues with this by reflecting a mind that is more on the dynamic side.

Although these are aware of some wickedness inherent within their natural melancholy, basic constructive drives within this sign usually make them go with the greater good. Even in the case a Taurus person does go down a wrong path, it will be more systematically conductive than just spite, and should be rewarding aplenty. That said, naturally they are actually more inclined to fall into depression than act in a full-fledged negative fashion, unless the chart is energized and focused.

In most cases it wants to do what is proper and fair. It can also have a soft spot for really nice people, even if they are a bit silly.

Normally, justice is more important here, especially social justice, and these individuals will seek to operate within their intellectual idea of what justice is. Usually that idea will be rather close to an objective notion of justice, unless there are problematic imbalances in the chart then there may be an overly critical and even brutal notion of justice. In any case these people are more willing to fight for their idea of justice and balance. They will have a hard time standing by when that idea of justice/balance in being violated, even if it involves complete strangers. Of course dealing with justice can become complicated as justice can sometimes be a subjective and even ambivalent thing. Forcing a definition may sometimes be more inappropriate than letting things be.

Sounds like any Taureans you know?

I can also vouch for this:

Taurus with Capricorn

These signs share the same basic element and so are more or less able to relate. Nevertheless, there are often communicational issues here as both signs tend to be reserved. These signs can efficiently come together in specific goals, but the natural remoteness and chilliness of both can cause difficulty on the personal level. Taurus needs something special and exciting to get over its natural melancholic facet, but minimalistic and business-minded Capricorn usually does not fulfill this need. In addition, tastes tend to be quite different between these signs. The association of these signs can cause depressive issues in Tauruses with weak moons.



* Economics – especially with 2nd house influences
o Money management and investments
* Sales, especially in stores
* Computers, as they have a knack for the logics of this field
* Crafts and design, music, art – especially with Venus of Venus influences
* Aesthetics and cosmetics – especially with the ladies of this sign
* Agriculture, gardening and horticulture – there’s usually a love of nature in this sign

I hate economics so much that I changed my major. But I can see the other things…well I’m not a people person so stores sales would drain me. Oh, and I know nothing about cosmetics. I’ve been thinking about getting into it though.
Have to get dressed. Running late.