I walked off an old me

UPDATE: STOP THE MOTHERFUCKING PRESS! Marianne Willaimson is thinking about running for president! AHH. I met her and have a personalized autograph from her. No big deal. Fuck, yeah. I still like Beto.

First, I’m SO glad Amazon didn’t come here. They are going to be about an hour and a half away. Some people think the people in Northern VA are going to move down here*. I didn’t think of that. Oh well. The major drawback from them moving here is traffic. That is why I don’t visit them as often as I would – traffic!

*The ones without the fancy Amazon jobs.

Anyway, I’m glad Amazon isn’t here because it would drive up rent (and other things) and a lot of people here would HAVE TO move. They would be forced out. I would move to the rural part of the state. That is where I’m planning to live in about four years anyway. But other people don’t want to move, and I don’t think it’s right for a huge company to force them out.  Let Crystal City or National Landing deal with that shit. Some of them are elitist anyhow. LOL.

Um, yay for the people getting the excellent Amazon jobs. Not saying I’m not thinking about looking at their job openings. But my car is over ten years old, so I can’t get there quickly. I would have to move there. No, thank you.

In semi-good news, I lost 6 pounds!! It is an anxiety diet. Not a stress diet. I can eat when I’m just stressed, but not stressed AND nervous. I can’t eat a thing when I’m nervous. That’s pretty common, right? Since I’ve moved, I have not eaten a regular day of meals. I’m so anxious while living here…ugh. I would feel way worse about this if I couldn’t stand to lose 20 pounds. If I were 110 pounds, I would be worried.

And my dad is moving in for about 2-3 months, in less than 10 days. I kid you not. This can’t get any worse. If it gets worse, I’m going to request to go back to working in the office. I have to put my work first. I don’t care that I’m not eating. I care about my work!

My mom is no longer working for now, so she’s home ALL DAY. I work from home, so I’m home all day. She’s loud. Loud noises make me nervous. Hence, why I can’t eat. However, she will be working part-time soon. 20 hours a week. Unfortunately, she probably won’t start until mid-December. I have to get better at work ASAP.

I’m also using my mom’s treadmill every other day. So, not eating due to nervousness and doing a little working out = maybe weight loss? I’ll see

Anyway…I really think Marianne William is running for Prez! I keep checking my email. The announcement was supposed to happen today. Hmmm. I am so going on Instagram and posting a pic of her and me with a caption of saying me with the future president. 🙂

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Pistol Annies, Maggie Rogers, Ariana Grande, Robyn, Chris Stapleton, Britney Spears, Fifth Harmony, Cardi B

TV of the week:  Nashville, Making a Murderer

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week: All in With Chris Hayes, True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, Why is This Happening?, The Lowe Post

Pod Save America is my new favorite podcast.

Books of the week: Now reading –

Plans for the Weekend: Cleaning up the old house. And I plan on driving to the landfill to dump some of my stuff off so I won’t have to pay a ton to the junk removers. I can’t move the sofas to the landfill on my own. I’m also going grocery shopping which will be interesting since I’m not eating. Should I use this opportunity to not buy much food and save money? Since I haven’t eaten much this week, I have some food for next week.

I’m finally getting back to doing tarot readings. I have one to do this weekend, but I didn’t understand her question. Sigh. I hope she responds back because it is a career question and I LOVE doing career readings, but the way she worded it was strange. Sometimes I’m too shy to ask for clarification, but I want to do a good job so I had to question her.

Thanks so much for reading. Have an excellent weekend! 🙂




gotta remember to take it one step at a time

I just want all the Apple using people bashing Amazon to pledge to stop buying Apple products. Yeah, that is exactly what I thought. They were silent when all of the stuff about Apple came out. They kept buying the products, probably justifying it to themselves. But let’s bash Amazon! BS. Get rid of the iPhones and then bash Amazon.

Oh, and I hate when middle/upper class people talk about boycotting something affordable. LOL. Of course, they can afford to boycott it. I would boycott a ton of companies (most big companies) if I had money.

I wouldn’t want to work at Amazon. I wouldn’t last a day. I read the whole NY Times article. Not to sound like a heartless bitch, but these people chose to work there. If they can’t work at Amazon, they can get another job. It isn’t like the Apple warehouses. Hopefully, this article will make more people aware of what kind of company Amazon really is and maybe they won’t be able to find talent. Who would apply there after reading that article? People who can take the long, thankless hours. There are people like that. Amazon counts on it.


I have a product review. And guess what? I brought it from Amazon. :/  These headphones were on sale for $15 (regular price $25). They are officially called Symphonized NRG premium genuine wood in-ear noise isolating headphones with mic. They are wonderful! Long, tangle-free cord. They feel nice in my ears. Wood must be the answer for the great sound. I love music, but I am not an audiophile. I have spent $70 on headphones before (years ago) but these days, I will use anything that works.

These headphones make everything sound better, but there is one thing that it couldn’t fully save. My laptop. I don’t know what is up with Windows 10, but it made my sound horrible. Prior to upgrading, the sound wasn’t great but it didn’t bother me. As soon as I upgraded, I knew I had to buy new headphones. These headphones help but the sound quality is still bad. The sound is still a little muffled. I wouldn’t recommend anyone who loves music to buy this laptop. Sucks but I’ll survive. Anytime I complain about sound quality, it must be bad.

Anyhow, great affordable headphones unless the product is bad. Nothing can save that.


Despite only working 4 hours on Friday, it is going to be one of my craziest days. I am already dreading it. I’m used to staying in so any time I have to leave my house it is like, whoa! 😉 I am doing two fun things: taking my dog to the park and going to Red Lobster. The rest is boring errands. We have a new ALDI (grocery store). I’m a little excited about going there since I’ve never been to one. It’s a grand opening and I have a coupon for $10 off any $40 purchase. woohoo!

I have to get back to planning my week in my planner. #TypicalSunday