Wait For It Ladies

I’ve died and gone to planner heaven…or hell. I got a 2015 Erin Condren Planner from eBay for $12 (including shipping!). It is dated from Feb. 2015 to Dec. 2015.  Here’s the catch: It is uncoiled. That is why it was so cheap. Not many people want a bunch of uncoiled pages but I do. I’m going to cut off the edges and hole punch it to fit into a 3-ring binder.  (I will post a video from Youtube on how to do this once I get my planner). It will take a loooong time to do. I hate binders because they are so big but it is the cheapest option. This planner will rarely leave the house.

The Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP fom now on) will be for my eBay business only. Yes, I’m going to start (or continue) selling on eBay. I can’t make anything sell worthy. I have no social skills. I’m not talented. What else am I supposed to do? This is my only option. The good thing is, I like selling. But I’d rather sell at flea markets. Since I don’t enjoy being around people, that is kind of weird. Sell in person??! Anyway, eBay will do.

My point is that I will use my ECLP for everything related to my new hustle. Nothing personal will be in it. I will have plans for going to yard sales/flea markets, when auctions start and end, expenses etc. etc. I have an auction going on now. I thought I would start slow and get back into the flow of selling.

(To get $10 off a Erin Condren Planner you can use my link).

That’s not it. NO. I also got….wait for it. A Kikki.K planner! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanted the big one so bad but I had no real use for it so I got the medium. It will replace my wallet. I got it for 50% off. It just happens to be the latest version which is purple. My favorite color is purple. (OMG – Like are u serious??!!1) Kikki.K is an Australian based company but their shipping is affordable worldwide.

Here is a video of the planner: (Skip to around the 4 minute mark to just see the planner)

I know she had a few negative things to say about the planner but at 50% off I decided it was worth it. Besides, isn’t it gorgeous?

I doubt I use this planner for planning. Shocking, I know. It will be a wallet and what I pull out at doctor’s appointments. I’ll keep track of the major things in there, of course. It will go with me everywhere. The Plum Planner (will it ever ship?) and ECLP will mostly stay home.

So in summary….My Plum Paper Family Planner is my personal planner. Everything (except ebay??) will go in there. My ECLP will be for eBay only. My Kikki.K is basically a fancy wallet. A grown up wallet. You should see the purple (!) $10 wallet I have now. It is pretty but it looks cheap. Obviously I don’t care about looks because I brought it 6 months ago and use it everyday. It will be nice to have something fancier.

I know some people don’t get why people need more than one planner but I kind of explained my reasoning in the last paragraph. Well I don’t need it but youknowwhatImean.

Planner heaven or hell? I don’t know. I haven’t gotten anything yet! My ECLP should arrive first – Friday or Saturday. Can’t wait. 🙂 Pics of the planners once they come.

negative nancies

I don’t care if people are negative about their own life or even the world. I remember when I was really into politics from age 17-25. Now I think all politicians are professional liars. They have to please their constituency…so unless they agree with everything the majority believes in, they are lying. A person can’t be a politician without being a liar. I actually feel bad for the “good” ones because they probably have a conscious. No, I don’t know who the good ones are. I do believe there are “good” ones though.

/end tangent. Okay so be negative about yourself, the world etc. But don’t try to bring ME down. That’s where I draw the line and do a journal entry. lol. WHY? Because no one knows the story but me. It’s my life, bitches! And you better be thankful not to have it. 😉

AVON didn’t work for you. FOR ME, it is about:

1. working on my social anxiety (hasn’t happened yet, loooooooong process). If I’m unwilling to work on this at work, then why not try to use Avon?? Maybe it will help me deal with rejection and meet contacts.

2. Doing something I like. I have moderate depression. It is nice to have an ACTIVE hobby. I have tons of passive hobbies.

3. The discounts. I have already gotten everything I want for myself. I probably won’t order anything for me for the next year. heh. I’m not really into makeup, fragrances or skin stuff and I tend to lose jewelry. I just ordered myself these awesome boots that would cost at least $70 at Victoria Secret from Mark. (same company as Avon). I do have to get my sister xmas gifts but I’m waiting until mid-October. She is soooooooo hard to shop for. I am so thankful for Avon and their discounts. Now every holiday she will get Avon and a $10 gift card. How easy is that?

Anyhow, that is why I’M doing it. Okay? It only cost 4.00 a month to keep your Avon account active but I bet they would suspend my account, if I were to order only 4.00 for 3 or 4 months straight. I do have to cut back. From Oct 1 on, I’m only spending $25 a month on Avon. Some months may be less but Xmas is coming and I want tons of Xmas brochures. MY issue is that I want to give people 5 samples with every brochure…which is probably absurd. Actually tonight I am taking back some samples from the packets I put together last night. That will cut down on spending. Btw, samples are only 1.00 for ten when it comes to fragrances. The skin stuff/lotion/make-up samples cost more.

Tomorrow I’m going to my dream downtown neighborhood. I so wanted to live in an apartment there before I found this house. College students live in some and the other apartments are filled with affluent people. Everyone is getting a dollar coupon (sarcastic WOW) and one or two samples. And hopefully I get a customer or two. I only live 3 minutes away from the apartments/condos. Some of the apartments have controlled access including one I took a tour of so I may not be able to get into some.

Then on Sunday, I’m going to the “projects” to hand out goody bags with actual products and coupons. Yes they can afford Avon. My only concern is, is there already a big time Avon seller there? Maybe but are they handing out coupons? These projects are in the suburbs and are the best “projects” around…even though there was one murder there over 15 years ago. I actually knew the guy. 😦 They never caught the person who did it. I think about him all the time.

Anyway, I have a customer at work. woohoo! I could have more but I don’t feel comfortable selling there. She says she LOVES Avon and will be a regular. I could hug her for life xoxoxo. heh.

The negative nancies are one of the reasons why I did not want to hand out brochures there. I work at a huge corporation but I don’t feel comfortable with them having my personal info. I don’t like them knowing my name! (Why didn’t my mom give me a middle name?) The other reason is the social anxiety. I deal better with strangers. Unfortunately Avon is easier to sell with people you “know”.

So sorry Avon didn’t work for you. 😦 You probably didn’t NEED it. I’m not doing this simply for the money. If I were outgoing maybe I could pull in $50 a month in this economy (excluding expenses). But I’m not outgoing so I’m coming up with creative ways to sell. It might have been a waste of money to you but this could be a life changer for me (re: getting out there). What they spend on eating out, I spend on my Avon hobby.

So hate on, haters. We all do things for different reasons. And if it were a way to get rich, then EVERYBODY would be doing it. Don’t hate on what you don’t know.

People at work also said I have OCD, no coping skills and I’m emotional. No shit. I’m not sure where they get the OCD thing from. It’s hidden you &%$*. As far as coping skills, anyone with a mental illness has to have coping skills. How did I get through college and get a full time job? It was hard. I did stuff others would never have to do or would do. However it is true, that I am bad at coping with some “little” things but they have to remember, they have FRIENDS and FAMILY to help them out. Support is everything. Try doing this shit on your own and call me back.

And yes I am happily emotional. I can hide happiness/excitement easily at work. But sadness, frustration and anger or much harder to hide. I wear my heart on my sleeve…not by choice.

Breaking News (from last week):

*******OH and I sold two handmade necklaces that I made 3 years ago at the flea market last weekend! More on that later. I have pics.***************

Thanks for making me blog you negative nancies!


Tomorrow will be busy. I’m going to sell stuff (@ the crack of dawn), do laundry & go grocery shopping. After that the weekend should be a breeze. I have no labor day plans. After tomorrow, I have to decide whether or not I want to continue with Avon. I’m not completely done with them. I still have to order all birthday, xmas and mother’s day gifts by the end of this month. 🙂

I’m a little bit confused about tomorrow. I have no idea whether it cost to sell there. Is it first come, first serve when it comes to tables? Is it free? Damn, I hope so cause I only have $3.00 in cash. %$# I forgot to get money! I hate not knowing stuff so this is driving me insane.

I did learn a lot from the last sell. NEVER (ok maybe it is fine sometimes) present yourself as an Avon seller. People won’t come by. They will assume they know your prices even though I was selling almost everything at least 10% off and other things 35% off. The kids stuff sold. (I love you Miley Cyrus – party in the USA!) One women brought 95% of the kids’ stuff for her niña. G-d bless you for supporting small business! 🙂 xo

This time I want to get rid of ALL the beauty/fragrance stuff so I’m selling it for 50-75% off. I am also selling more than Avon (DVDs, books, unopened coffee, my handmade necklaces etc.) IF I do continue with this whole Avon thing I will focus on necklaces and watches. Sure if something is a big seller, I will continue to sell it like Hannah Montana and popular stuff…but otherwise I’m staying FAR AWAY from the typical Avon stuff.

Wish me luck. I have no idea what I’m doing. heh. I’m going to post pics of my handmade jewelry alongside Avon marvelous jewelry tomorrow.
Today I didn’t have any klonopin. Some days it doesn’t matter but remember today is friday. My nerves are frayed by then. I have forgotten to take my med on a Monday and that is not such a big deal. Even though the effect only last for 3 hours I like to have it when I’m around people all day.

I’ll cut to the chase: Is it social anxiety or irritability? Are they the same? I am anxious, a worrier and when I’m out it turns into social anxiety (which is only bad b/c people hate you – lol). Today I was so irritable. I couldn’t stand anyone looking at me. I went to the mall during lunch – very rare. And I wanted to shout, “WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” or “DON’T LOOK AT ME!”

I should be discussing this w/a psychologist. I really just need to work in a corner. I am so much more productive on Mondays when I’ve had time away from people and in the morning (after taking klonopin).

this ish is affecting my work. help. 😦

What scares me

People…but that’s an everyday thing.

What scares me more than failing at selling Avon is ‘what will I do if Avon doesn’t work?’. Avon has become my life outside of work. I LOVE IT. It so exciting to have a new hobby. Nothing enjoyable has overtaken my life this much. (not including passive things like watching sports).

So if a lot of people are at the flea market and my stuff doesn’t sell, what do I do? Not give up. There is more than one flea market so giving up after one day would be foolish. I am worried about the # of people ) because last time I went, the # of buyers was lower than I’d ever seen (2 years ago).

I will probably have about 100-150 items (mostly lotion, skincare and jewelry). Some repeats but since I don’t know what people are willing to buy and for how much, I went for variety. I’m definitely going to only buy in the future things that sell.

I’m not too concerned with selling the inventory, I know I can find someone, somewhere to buy this stuff. Avon will take anything back in 30 days (yes used too) so the only thing I may send back is some makeup. I really wrestled with how much makeup to buy. I don’t know much about it. It doesn’t interest me. And I don’t know what colors are in. I was buying redish lipstick but then I noticed that a lot of people are wearing nudes, light pink and brown. ugh! I don’t even know how to apply lipstick! I will be wearing my SPF liquid foundation since I’m going to be in the sun for hours. More on that later…I’ll just say there is no way in hell I would wear that everyday!

What is so fun about Avon? Besides picking my own little store, I love that we get to see and buy the new products at a discount. I love putting goody bags together (brochures, samples, order forms etc.) That’s not it. I just love it. I’ve always wanted to have my own business. And this is something that could work for me. Thank God I love selling at flea markets. Last winter wasn’t too cold so maybe I can go into the 1st week of November selling. I plan on going to school regardless in January. So this money will go into a remodeling/stuff that I need to do savings fund.

I also love looking at remodeling books and shows but I get frustrated because of the cost so that is not a fun hobby…yet.

So if I lose Avon, do I lose my life? My joy? This has to work. This is what I’ve dreamed of. I will not give up easily…and I won’t keep going back to flea markets if people aren’t buying. I will probably be blogging about this a lot (when I’m not working 9-5 or Avon) because this is my life.

Avon and me

It’s sooooooo hot. And what did I do when I got home from work? Mow the lawn. I’m glad that’s done. Why did Brett Farve sign with the Vikings today? Because he was sick of the Vick coverage! He knows how to work it.

I’ve decided to be 100% upfront with what I’m doing business wise in this online journal. Sometimes a paper journal isn’t enough but that will probably get most of my fears and indecision.

I’m selling Avon at flea markets. My first sell will be Aug 29 or 30 (weather). I got my first boxes of inventory in. Let me back up – this is very much your own business. I know a few people who do it. Only one (and it happens to be a husband & wife) is making enough to quit her day job. Most people just do it for extra $$, not really taking advantage of all Avon has to offer…and I’m not either. For now.

This is so time consuming and slightly addictive. I’ve spent over 60 hours on training, picking inventory*, making/printing orders forms etc. And I just started 2 weeks ago! However, this is my business so I should be spending time on this.

So selling Avon. The average person has apprehension going up to 3 strangers a day SO HOW DO YOU THINK I’M DOING? Haha. Yes that is one of the reasons I’m going the flea market route. I love flea markets…buying and selling. Avon is well known. People love it so the brand recognition is there. I’m always thinking about the display etc. It will be neat with colorful recruitment fliers in the middle of the table. People who buy and seem really into Avon will get a catalog and samples. They will get my business card (love them – very professional looking) and personalized order forms.

*The biggest issue I’m having right now is picking inventory. I liken it to a fashion/clothes merchandiser. Avon/Mark (selling both) have over 300 different products. AHHHH! And I don’t wear make up. I know nothing about make up. So I’m thinking, “Maybe I should just leave the makeup alone”. What if that is a big mistake? That’s why I have to get out there ASAP to find out what people would want and how much they are willing to spend.

I was going to concentrate on just selling lotions and jewelry/watches because that’s what I know. And there may be another person selling the typical Avon products. I already have a very nice NY Giants Superbowl watch that I’m sure will sell. The problem with that is that right now we get double points (which is a huge deal) on beauty products. So no more watches until after the beauty thing is over in a few weeks.

My aunt and mom ordered things I didn’t even think of! See, this is the problem. Doing this at a flea market is like having a store. You have to have the right inventory on hand. I’m having a hard time on next week’s shipment. Do I just sell fragrances? And delete all the make up I’ve ordered.? This is what I spend my days doing.

Well I have to do more Avon stuff. Print glossy fliers, online training etc. All I do now is Avon all the time. I enjoy it so far. If only I could recruit other people to sell…trust me, I’m working on that.

If anyone wants to list their favorite Avon/Mark products in the comments, I’ll be forever grateful.

weak of heart


Just do it. I’m finding rejection everywhere these days. ha. at work. everywhere.

A person who wants to start a business can’t be concerned with the little things.

I’m doing it alone.

I have always dreamed of this. My dream is coming true…but it doesn’t seem real. Maybe it will seem real when I face the public on August 29 or Sept 5. I’m not really scared of failing. I’ve failed before. I was selling my handmade jewelry. Only one necklace sold and that was online. NONE sold in 3D. I didn’t have enough $$ to keep pressing on. Besides I wasn’t good at making jewelry. I was mediocre. I still dream of being great at it one day. Even if I never make money from it. A hobby.

I feel the pressure but regardless, I’m going out there in 3-4 weeks. I’m going to “make” money (even if I only break even – which is NOT MY GOAL). I’m not going to bust my ass to break even. I’m doing this so I can go to school this winter.

Btw, I made a B in my biology class that I took this summer. If I hadn’t gotten the days mixed up, I could have made an A. 😦

The point of this entry is:

I’m not in the right frame of mind to succeed in business. I have to get there. Have to.