I’m the biggest hypocrite

my purple malden
my purple malden

I can’t believe I have one. I got my first real Filofax: A purple Malden. *dies* I brought it on eBay. Sigh. It is like new. She obviously never used it. It’s gorgeous. Love it. I have wanted one since the first time I saw one on YouTube. 🙂

The purple Malden retails for anywhere between $110 and $125. I paid less of course because I brought it used. I’m glad I brought it when it is still somewhat available. Some of the other rare Maldens are going for $200+ USED! I can’t do that. Not now.

the inside
the inside

I will not stop using my Kikki.K. I’m going to try to save my Malden for 2016. The only reason I kind of want to use it sooner is because it has card slots for debit/credit cards. It would be the perfect wallet. Also I hate wasting the 2015 inserts. But I still love my Kikki.K so no reason to switch just because I got something new.

Yes, I am currently addicted to planners. And I’m collecting them.  I have another one I pre-ordered a while ago. Still waiting. It was “only” $35 because it is made of faux leather (excellent choice for animal friendly people).  This will be my first non-purple planner. It is gold. I don’t know where all this gold love is coming from.

All I do is talk about planners. Planner. Planner. Planner. Planner.

This Week I…

Music for the week:  Kendrick Lamar, Keyshia Cole, Marina & The Diamonds, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Meghan Trainor, Ella Henderson

I know it is way too early to be talking Grammys but just give Kendrick Lamar “Best Rap Album” now.

TV for the week: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, March Madness

Thursday was a great day of basketball.

Movie of the week: none.

Books of the week: 

Etsy 101: Sell Your Crafts on Etsy, the DIY Marketplace for Handmade, Vintage and Crafting Supplies by Steve Weber (52% through)

I Don’t Want To, I Don’t Feel Like It: How Resistance Controls Your Life and What to Do About It by Cheri Huber (on page 126)

Heart Collector by Jacques Vandroux (thriller) on page 10

I renewed one of my library cards today. Now I have access to more books so I won’t read the books I already have.

Walked:  edited to update – walked the most on Saturday. 6,094 steps.

Planner update: I rarely mention my planner so I thought I would show a pic of my large (A5) Kikki.K:

this week so far
this week so far

And here are some dividers I made for my personal sized Kikki.K. It doesn’t look like my dividers I ordered from Finland will show up –

handmade dividers
handmade dividers

I think I will shoot my second  (and last for a while) planner video next weekend.

I’ll be back with non-planner stuff soon. I have some things on my mind. 😉

Wake when I wanna, if I wake at all

I’m waiting for my Amazon gift card (coming by mail) and my large planner from kikki.K (AKA A5 Filofax). I did receive my medium planner from  kikki.K. They shipped it express all the way from Australia on January 29th. And I got it on February 3rd. Talk about fast shipping! FREAKING Australia. I’m a little worried about my large planner though. It should have come the next day (Feb 4th). I hope it didn’t get lost. I wish they would provide a tracking number. That would solve my uneasiness.

I also got my Plum Paper Planner! YAY. It took almost 5 weeks to get to me but they do customize the planners. I get to start using it February 23 instead of March 1 because they added extra days. Time for a countdown….

18 days until I get to use my Plum Paper Planner

97 days until I go on my 3 night cabin vacay

Which is more exciting? haha.

Picture time. I have inserted most of my Erin Condren planner into my 3 ring binder. It looks ridiculous because it is so small. But it is useful so far. I’m tracking eBay sales in it. And also keeping a list of what I already have to sell and where I can get things to sell. I have to get rid of a bunch of stuff first. I’m going to a flea market in early spring to make room for inventory of “new” stuff. Whatever doesn’t sell at the flea market gets trashed or donated.

erin condren planner
erin condren planner

Here is my Plum Paper Family Planner:


I used a note to cover my name. I can’t believe they spelled my name right! Everything is perfect. The only thing I don’t love is how the cover is just regular card stock. Couldn’t they use something heavier? The planner does come with a plastic cover (see it?) but I still think the cover should be thicker.

The difference between a regular planner and a family planner is the 7 sections you get to customize. Here are my sections:


My sections are Today (AKA to-do), work, money and fitness. I left 3 sections blank. If I decide to get this next year, I will probably label the sections differently. I did this in a rush. I’m okay with it plus I can easily cover up the sections names I don’t use with a label or washi tape.

I added note pages to the end of each month and a bill tracker to every month. The total cost with shipping was $47.00. That is still cheaper than an Erin Condren planner. Something else I would do differently is add note pages to the end of the planner. I didn’t do it this year because I thought it would be too bulky. argh. My one regret.

I can’t wait to start using it.

Here is my kikki.K medium lilac and gold planner:


I don’t have a problem with the rings (like many people do). The only issue I have is that it won’t lay flat. That isn’t a problem for me but I have noticed that most people don’t have this issue. Maybe with use, it will lay flat?

inside my planner
inside my planner

Like my Target ink pen? 😉 It is so pretty and new. I don’t want to write in it which is silly, I know.

That’s it for now. I’m all planner this, planner that. But that is mostly what is going on right now. I’m trying to figure out what works. The planner(s) are helping during the week. But my weekends are still a mess. I waste too much time…especially on Sundays. I like to do something in the morning (workout, chores, whatevs) and then get back in the bed for a couple of hours. My dog does not like that. He will pull on the covers until I get out of bed. Bad boy!

It will take a while to come up with a system. But I am very pleased with how tracking my time is working on week days. However, it doesn’t help with work at all. I don’t know what I need for that…magic.

I’m a lucky bitch

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. No, not getting the “used” Erin Condren Life Planner in the mail but that’s awesome too. I won a $150 gift certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. Gratitude. Gratitude. Thank you universe! I have never thanked the universe this much. I don’t know all the details yet. In the past, the winner got to pick where they wanted their gift card from. Of course I would choose Amazon. I already know what I want (printer, ink pens, dog treats, yarn, pedometer,  a book or two and maybe more…) I know I’m counting my chickens before they hatch because I haven’t received it yet. I was just told about it. It isn’t a scam or anything but I can’t say how I won because this blog is anonymous. I won a $25 gift certificate in a similar way about a year ago. That is all I’ll say.

I titled this entry “I’m a lucky bitch” because I’m currently reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Thomas. I just started using her system. I skipped over step one (temporarily) and delved into the other steps. I dunno. It just seems like a coincidence that I started reading her book and then I win this gift card. Bizarre. I totally recommend reading this book. I’m only on page 59  so I may decide it is full of crap but I doubt it. It isn’t stuff I haven’t heard before. I know it works, I just have to do all the steps.

My Plum Paper Family Planner finally shipped! I ordered it on January 9 and it shipped on January 30th. They are based in California so it’ll take a while to get to me. Now onto my eBay find: The Erin Condren Life Planner! It came on Thursday. It is so much smaller than I thought it would be. At least I won’t be shocked by the size of my Plum Planner.

eBay find - erin condren planner
eBay find – erin condren planner
inside of planner
inside of planner

It is uncoiled. obvs.  Here is what you can do with an uncoiled Erin Condren:

I’m just going to put my planner in a regular 3 ring binder. I will start punching the holes tomorrow after I buy a good hole puncher.  If you want to buy an Erin Condren planner, please use my link. You get $10 off and I get $10 off. They sell more than planners. I want a planner bag/pouch ($32) but I don’t want to pay full price for it. 😉

Next up is hopefully my kikki K. haul. Is it a haul if I only brought two things? Oh yes, I went back and ordered another planner in addition to the medium planner. So I will have two lilac planners. lol. (judge away). 50% off baby! I got the medium which is equivalent to a personal Filofax and a large which is the same as an A5 Filofax. Even though they are coming from Australia, I expect them next week. I heard they ship really fast. I just wish I had a tracking number. Bummer.

This Week I…

Music for the week: Brooke Fraser, Ella Henderson, Ellie Goulding, Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, Miranda Lambert, Sam Smith, Butterfly Boucher

TV for the week: The Twilight Zone (sooo good!), basketball

No Super Bowl for me. #BoycottFootball

Movie of the week: none

Books of the week: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Thomas

Knitting Projects of the week: I’m about 35% done with my purple cowl. Finally got some knitting done this week.

cowl - 35% done
cowl – 35% done

Wait For It Ladies

I’ve died and gone to planner heaven…or hell. I got a 2015 Erin Condren Planner from eBay for $12 (including shipping!). It is dated from Feb. 2015 to Dec. 2015.  Here’s the catch: It is uncoiled. That is why it was so cheap. Not many people want a bunch of uncoiled pages but I do. I’m going to cut off the edges and hole punch it to fit into a 3-ring binder.  (I will post a video from Youtube on how to do this once I get my planner). It will take a loooong time to do. I hate binders because they are so big but it is the cheapest option. This planner will rarely leave the house.

The Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP fom now on) will be for my eBay business only. Yes, I’m going to start (or continue) selling on eBay. I can’t make anything sell worthy. I have no social skills. I’m not talented. What else am I supposed to do? This is my only option. The good thing is, I like selling. But I’d rather sell at flea markets. Since I don’t enjoy being around people, that is kind of weird. Sell in person??! Anyway, eBay will do.

My point is that I will use my ECLP for everything related to my new hustle. Nothing personal will be in it. I will have plans for going to yard sales/flea markets, when auctions start and end, expenses etc. etc. I have an auction going on now. I thought I would start slow and get back into the flow of selling.

(To get $10 off a Erin Condren Planner you can use my link).

That’s not it. NO. I also got….wait for it. A Kikki.K planner! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanted the big one so bad but I had no real use for it so I got the medium. It will replace my wallet. I got it for 50% off. It just happens to be the latest version which is purple. My favorite color is purple. (OMG – Like are u serious??!!1) Kikki.K is an Australian based company but their shipping is affordable worldwide.

Here is a video of the planner: (Skip to around the 4 minute mark to just see the planner)

I know she had a few negative things to say about the planner but at 50% off I decided it was worth it. Besides, isn’t it gorgeous?

I doubt I use this planner for planning. Shocking, I know. It will be a wallet and what I pull out at doctor’s appointments. I’ll keep track of the major things in there, of course. It will go with me everywhere. The Plum Planner (will it ever ship?) and ECLP will mostly stay home.

So in summary….My Plum Paper Family Planner is my personal planner. Everything (except ebay??) will go in there. My ECLP will be for eBay only. My Kikki.K is basically a fancy wallet. A grown up wallet. You should see the purple (!) $10 wallet I have now. It is pretty but it looks cheap. Obviously I don’t care about looks because I brought it 6 months ago and use it everyday. It will be nice to have something fancier.

I know some people don’t get why people need more than one planner but I kind of explained my reasoning in the last paragraph. Well I don’t need it but youknowwhatImean.

Planner heaven or hell? I don’t know. I haven’t gotten anything yet! My ECLP should arrive first – Friday or Saturday. Can’t wait. 🙂 Pics of the planners once they come.

Thoughts on the Bloom Planner

….and my non-planning ways.

bloom planner

It’s funny how I go gaga over planners. I hate things scheduled.  I value freedom and I’m a gypsy. I got my Bloom planner on Monday and I barely have any to-dos in it because I do things when I feel like it.  What is the point of writing down something I hate doing (like cleaning) when I know I’m not going to do it until I feel like doing it? So I don’t use my planners in a planning way. I only write down things I’m at least 80% sure I will do.

I use it to keep up with what I’ve done since I have a lousy memory. I paid about $5 for this planner by using my Amazon points. It is worth about $8. It isn’t well made. It reminds me of the planners I used to have in high school but it will work until I get my Plum Paper Planner in about 5 weeks. I decorated it with washi tape and stickers. I finally get to use my tiny stash.

Getting into the planner: It has a “Goals for this year” page:

bloom planner
goals page

It also has a few class schedule pages, lined note pages, “things to do” and a contacts page (yes I will use that). And then we have the monthly spread. Here is January:

monthly view
monthly view

The main reason I chose this planner is because of all the space in the weekly spreads. Here is this week so far:

2 page spread

And here is next week which is mostly empty since I don’t over plan:

bloom planner
next week

It will get filled up as the week goes on and I do things.

Ideally I would like to use these planners to help accomplish my goals but I’m probably just going to use it to chart progress. If that makes any sense??? lol.

Final thoughts on the Bloom Planner: I love the size (small, lightweight), the amount of space for notes and even the aesthetics.  There are many covers to choose from. I don’t like the cheap coil that is already coming loose. It is great for college students and people on a budget (like me!). It has fantastic reviews on Amazon so I don’t think the coil is bad on every planner. If I hadn’t already  ordered another planner, I could easily use this (if it LASTS) for the whole year. I’m surprised by how much I like it. I think decorating and making it mine helps.

p.s. I know I need better pens and handwriting.