Beginning of November 2021

November 1, 2021

Only 5 minutes of writing today. Sigh.

I’m moving on Sunday. Wow. I won’t have electricity until Monday, so I don’t know how that goes. I will have gas, though. 

Today was rough at work.

Tomorrow has got to be better. I was planning on leaving after I talk to my ADHD coach to go to the water company. But should I wait until Monday??? I will have more time on Monday. My dog will have to be alone unless it is cool.

Tired. Frustrated. And it’s only Monday. Wow. Yeah, I should not go to the water company tomorrow. I will look into that. 

Have a lot to do and buy before Sunday. I hope I can do all my overtime on Saturday. This is bonkers! 

I might get neurofeedback. Probably need it, but how many sessions? And how much. One near where I’m moving starts at $50. 

End of 5-minute session. Bye!

November 2, 2021

10-minute writing session. I can’t believe I have ten minutes! 

I didn’t do much overtime today. I had an appointment with my ADHD coach, and I made up that time. I was supposed to go to the water company but fuck it. 

I did call the electric company, and they are coming on Friday. PLEASE let them turn the power on. If they see that dog or something is blocking the meter, I’m screwed. 

I’m moving on Sunday, and I need power for food and my noise machines. I’m not sleeping in a new house without the noise machines. I don’t even know how my dog would do. 

I still haven’t decided whether I should take him to meet the landlord. I think it will be too much. Stimulation overload, and I will lose focus and get frustrated. 

Sunday will be a long day for my dog. He can handle it.

Work went well today. Went above my numbers.

I’m not doing a good job at packing, but it is only Tuesday, right? 

Bummed that people are recording CPS hearings and messing things up for everyone. So now I must watch live. Is there a way to record YouTube? Maybe. But why bother? 

No walk today. It rained.

I don’t have food for next week. UGH. I might order groceries, but I don’t even know what to order. Is there a Taco Bell where I’m moving? Hmmm. If so, I will probably go. 

I didn’t get to meditate today because of my appointment with my ADHD coach. She has helped me, but she doesn’t want to help with the accommodation stuff, which bugs me. It’s not helpful. Maybe I can get my therapist to help me, or perhaps I shouldn’t fill it out at all??? 

I don’t know. So confused. Time is almost up. Wow. I feel behind. I need to pack. Have business work to do. But I think I can do it all this week. 

November 3, 2021

8-minute session today. I am so tired after the governor election last night. Screw who won! He will set us back. Some of those people deserve it, but many don’t. 

Yes, Terry sucked, but he would have been better. Oh god.

Work was slow this morning. Picked up a little in the afternoon. I didn’t do too bad.

I’m behind on packing. Um, screw it. It’s not happening. I will probably have all of Sunday morning to pack. At least that’s the plan. 

Oh, my dad is living in where I’ll be moving in a motel. Interesting. Too bad I can’t help him. If he sees me, I will have to lie about where I live. 

Wow. So sleepy. Need rest. I was going to do a ten-minute packing session. I think I will lower that number. 

I need to relax and not work. So maybe I won’t bring the laptop to bed tonight. Good solution. 

I’m running out of things to say. I hope the move is successful. I have a big fear of people and new situations. So this is scary, but I’m also a little hopeful. 

My plant is dying. I might feed it some water after this. All I really want to do is get in bed. I hope tomorrow is an easy workday. I need one. I had one yesterday.