Nothing left to lose?

Long time. No real entry! I moved to another city. I still live in Virginia. I’m 40 minutes away from my hometown. 

I live somewhat downtown. I could never afford to live downtown in a big city. I haven’t had a lot of time to explore, but I like walking around the neighborhood. My dog likes it too, BUT he hurt his leg on our first walk. He finally stopped limping yesterday. We went to the park and walked around for 30 minutes. I’m so glad that he seems okay. 

My dog on the floor of my office. He has eyes closed.
My dog in the office.

I got out of required overtime this week—kind of. However, I did do 3 hours of OT. I was supposed to do 8 hours, but I emailed my boss and told her that I was moving and that my dad got hit by a car. So she said it was okay for me not to work today.

Yep, my dad did get hit by a car AGAIN. He was living in hotels, but he can’t afford food and hotels for a whole month on his income. Plus, he has officially been diagnosed with dementia. So, he can’t live alone. The problem is, where does he go? The hospital won’t release him until they can find something. 

After I post this blog, I’m going to unpack more. I left a lot of stuff, so I don’t have that much to unpack. I want to get things organized. It’s funny how many clothes I have. I rarely leave the house (except when walking my dog), so I’m thinking of keeping most of my clothes packed. 

The house is mostly okay. The biggest issue so far is how much heat is. There are no vents in the rooms! I didn’t notice that when looking at the house. I have to leave the doors open. That wouldn’t bother me if I lived alone, but I don’t like having opened doors with my dog. If it’s midnight and he has to go the bathroom, he’ll just use it in the kitchen instead of waking me up. Gross! I don’t want to have to clean that up. That’s what happened at the old house. I learned if I kept the bedroom door closed, then he wouldn’t do it.

The heat is also expensive. $178 a month! My mom’s house is way bigger, and her gas bill is about $100 a month. How does that make sense? So, I’m paying way more than I thought I was going to pay. 

The movers were great. I only had a desk, treadmill, bed, and a medium-sized wooden table. Since it was considered long distance, I had to pay $450 even though I didn’t have much. I don’t have any living room furniture or TVs. 

This is the first time I don’t have a TV. I don’t have cable. Besides, I watch everything on my iPad. 

I have much more to say about the neighbors. LOL. But not now. 

I did yoga yesterday during my work break. That felt so great. It’s so great to be able to move around. The living room is kind of a gym. My treadmill is there. And I do yoga there. Otherwise, I’m never in the living room. 

I have to get brakes for my car tomorrow because I’m getting my car inspected on Thursday. I hope it’s not too expensive. I might go grocery shopping afterward. I don’t want to leave my dog alone, but he has to be here alone unless I drive to my mom. My dog was so scared (shaking) when I left him alone on Monday. I had to go turn the water on. It only took about 45 minutes. I know tomorrow is going to take more than that. 

If I still have my job in 2022, I will order my food once a month. I will still have to go to the store occasionally to get paper towels etc. I would love only to have to go to the store once every 60 days. 

Anyway, I was going to buy a computer. But now I have lots of bills. I need a computer to work. I have to see what I can do on a Chromebook. I can do lots of admin stuff without a computer. But I do a lot with Canva*. I need a laptop for that. I have a new-ish Chromebook. I rarely use it, but I’m getting it out today to use my computer less. 

I have a list of laptops I MIGHT consider if there’s a Black Friday sale. I haven’t done much research. I know I’m going back to Windows. The good Macs are out of my budget. At this point, I might be willing to spend $500 on a computer. Not sure. It depends on how the car stuff goes. 

EDIT: Wow, my Chromebook can do much more than I thought. I might not buy anything OR I might buy a better Chromebook. I have to do research. I’m still going to wait until Black Friday.

I’m also thinking about offering some of my services on Black Friday. Unfortunately, I’m too busy now. But if someone wants to start working with me in January? Hmmm. I should follow through with this idea. The service would cost $2000 for six months of work. I know that sounds like a lot, but it is incredibly underpriced. 

I have so much to say. I haven’t blogged in forever. This is getting long. 

This Week I…

Music of the week: Taylor Swift, India.Arie, Joss Stone, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Rachel Platten, Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande 

TV of the Week:  Survivor

Podcasts of the Week: Dateline, Truth and Justice, True Crime Garage, Court Junkie, The Vanished, Undisclosed, Crimelines, Ten Percent Happier, I have ADHD, Generation Why, Dear Gabby

Books of the Week: I’ve been listening to an excellent course about purpose on Audible. Unfortunately, it’s not a book. I wanted to buy the Kindle version, but it doesn’t exist. If you have Audible, I suggest checking out this course – Finding Your Purpose by Christine Whelan. I will take the audio with me tomorrow and do all the exercises while I wait for my car. Most of these courses come with a PDF. That would be so helpful. Instead, I have to listen and write down everything.

Goal for Next Week: Either do yoga or meditate every day. I think meditation is probably more helpful for my ADHD issues, but some parts of yoga are like meditation. But they are not the same thing. 

I also want to get ALL the rest of my stuff from my old place. 

Weekend Plans: I’m going to set a 25-minute timer and unpack/organize twice today. I might get everything done with those two sessions. Then I’m going to do some biz work. I will probably work for about 3 hours today. It’s going to be 60 degrees. I hope my dog’s leg is okay. I’m going to try to go to the park at 2. The park is not that great, btw. It’s nothing compared to our (my dog and me) favorite park. This park is more for kids to play basketball and walk. Tomorrow is all about my car and getting groceries.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week! 🥰 Is this font too big? LOL. I give up with WordPress and font. I also can’t see well, so I want everything big.