So Lost Sometimes


4 days until my vacay

17 days until I move

I’m so tired. I think I’m on my third week of working 70 hours a week. For this week, it’s either work now or work on my vacation. I didn’t tell any of my clients I am going out of town. So, it’s my fault if they ask me to do something. I hope they don’t need anything extra from me. I’m only gone for about three and a half days.


Unbelievable, right? I finally found a house. I will sign the lease tomorrow. I’m not moving until November 6 or 8. I told her the 8th, but now I think it’s best to move on a Saturday. I want to move around Thanksgiving, but she doesn’t want her house vacant for a long time.

P.S. I would not be going out of town if I knew I was going to be moving. I would rather save that time off for the move, but I didn’t think I would find a house to rent. Unfortunately, it’s too late to get my money back, so I’m leaving on Wednesday and will be back on Saturday.

The house is 40 minutes from where I live now. It’s a different city. I worked there as a temp there years ago, but I’ve never lived there.

She said no to me at first. I think I was her second choice. She said yes to someone else, but that fell through, and then she emailed me. She had 80 applicants! Coming in second isn’t bad. She doesn’t understand why I want to leave the bigger city to move to their small city.

AND my dog is an issue only because the next-door neighbor has two dogs. One is an unleashed yorkie. The other is a leashed pit bull in the backyard. My dog doesn’t like other dogs. He gets annoyed with them pretty quickly, so the yorkie will be interesting.

I’m worried about the pit bull because I like to take my dog outback. Will his dog bark the whole time? If so, my dog will bark. How will he use the bathroom? Will the yorkie constantly run in my yard every time I go outside? My dog will not do well with this. I’ll see what happens. I might have to sneak out the front. There are more people around the front, so I would rather go out back where only one person can see me.

The house is so tiny! But it’s just my dog and me. I chose not to pay the extra $50 a month for a washer and dryer. I wanted it, but it doesn’t make sense to spend that money when I could buy my own washer one day. And the landlord said she was going to buy a cheap washer and dryer. LOL. Thanks for telling me the truth. I do like her.

I can’t remember if there are closets. If not, this will be the second place I have rented without closets. I’m going to ask her tomorrow when I sign the lease. I’m not sure if the house will be empty when I go there tomorrow. I would love to see it one more time.

The only furniture I have is an old desk and my bed. Nothing will be in the living room. I’m calling it my yoga studio for now. Why not? I don’t see the point in living room furniture if I’m never going to be in there—what a waste of money.

What else? No AC. I will buy probably two window units. I think the previous tenant only had one unit. The place is small, but I’m surprised one AC cools the whole home. And no shed for the lawnmower. I will have to get one I can tie to the back porch. I might hire someone to mow the lawn for the first few months. It depends. I shouldn’t have to think about the lawn until March or April. Hopefully.

I could go on. But I’ll share a few pics. The place is pretty basic. LOL. So not much to show. There are two small bedrooms (one will be an office for me). The bathroom and kitchen are small. I’m glad I don’t cook.

Front of the house. The front yard is small. Yay.
The kitchen. I like the black. No space to really cook, though.

The living room AKA my yoga studio

One of the bedrooms. The bedrooms look identical. Nothing special. Small.

I might share more pics after I move in, but I’m too scared to spend money on making it look nice. I’m only spending on organization stuff.

More later.

This Week I…

Music of the week: Adele, Boyce Avenue, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift

TV of the Week:  Survivor, Housewives, Only Murders in the Building

I don’t know what kind of TV I will have access to when I move. I will keep Hulu. I will probably have Netflix. I won’t have cable. So I might add $10 more worth of streaming services. I would like to be able to watch Survivor. It isn’t my favorite show, but I like it. I only watch TV when I eat. I watch one hour a day on most days.

Podcasts of the Week: Dateline, Truth and Justice, True Crime Garage, Court Junkie, The Vanished, Your Permission Prescription, Undisclosed, Southlake, Crimelines

Books of the Week:

I finished I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker ★★★★ Long book. The most informative part was the section on COVID. The rest was okay. It was hard keeping up with some of the names of the people in Trump’s organization. I don’t really care about most of these people. So maybe 3 and a half stars.

Goal for Next Week: Survive until my vacation. And then enjoy my time off. I want to use that time to plan for the beginning of 2022.

Weekend Plans: So far today (Saturday), I’ve worked and had therapy. Blogging is my break. I’m going back to work for a couple of hours after I post this. Tomorrow I’m working my day job for 5 hours and signing the lease. I also have to pay the deposit and pet fee tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week! 🥰