Time to Get a Gun

How are you feeling today?

Rejected, hurt, confused, tired. 

Take some time to describe your vision of the Desired Life in detail:

I want to be able to move around. I want to get up when I want and do whatever. I want to feel like I don’t need a therapist. I want to not work for the man. I want to enjoy what I do every day. I want to travel. 

How would you describe the Depression you are currently experiencing?

I feel unsupported and rejected. I feel all alone. No one cares or gets me. No one helps me. Everyone leaves.

What are your Negative Beliefs?

No one likes me.  No one can like me. No one wants to support me. Everyone hates me.

Take a moment to write down your reflections about your session:

Tomorrow is a new today. Maybe I do have some say in my future.

Grateful for:

Tomorrow is Thursday!