Not Dead Yet

This will be kind of short. I weigh about 105 or less. I’m too scared to weigh myself.

I didn’t go to work on Friday (more on this later). I went to the urgent care instead. I had been vomiting more than usual. I wasn’t eating. Etc. They didn’t do much because I wasn’t dehydrated or anything like that, although I am underweight. And I have high blood pressure.

The doctor gave me nausea medication. But he only gave me seven pills. Now I have to figure out which doctor to call to get more. The GI doctor? My PCP? Or someone new?

I have an appointment with the GI nurse on May 12th. That’s too far away, but what can I do? Sigh. The medicine they gave me caused the vomiting, so I stopped taking that after two doses.

As of today, I’m eating a little. Four small meals/snacks a day. That’s on a good day.

About work, I’ve been sick since July. I took ONE unplanned day off, and they questioned me about it!!! One day! Do they know how sick I’ve been? I’ve been sick and busting my ass for you! I HATE THESE PEOPLE.

I’m not going on FMLA right now. Right now, I want to go on my birthday vacation with my dog on May 17. That is all I care about. I have to keep my weight up or around 105, so I can go on this trip. I NEED this trip. This may be the last trip I’m able to go on. Who knows?

I might be applying for a medical marijuana card. Weed helps with appetite and nausea. I have my appointment for May 4th, but I haven’t paid yet.

I never thought I would want marijuana so badly, but things change. I’ve never tried it before.

I’m rushing this entry. I have a ton of work to do. I kind of hired someone in my business because I can’t do this shit alone anymore. I just hope she’s good. People say they can do things when they have no idea how to do it. I hope I don’t have to fire her.

I’ll be back later. Hopefully, my thoughts will be more coherent.

Have a nice week! Thanks for reading. 🙂