Private entries – November part I

October 28, 2019

O god. I just applied for a job at H.  Work at home. really want it, but there was an assessment. Ick. It wasn’t too bad, but lots of are you a loner type questions. LOL. I told them $18 was my minimum.

I’m worried about how astrology 101 is going. Why can’t I just let go? Because I feel like I scammed people by promising a transformation. I just want to teach astrology. I’m not sure I’m a good teacher. I might just make an astrology 101 eBook for $15.

Gotta go do stuff. Day one of no social media is okay. So weird with no Twitter.


October 29, 2019

Sigh. I was happy for a moment. I thought I didn’t have to pay taxes, but Teachable is going to send me a form, so I have to file it, right? Groan. Fuck. Fuck. Life could be so much simpler if I didn’t have to worry about that. Hmmm. To get a CPA or not? That is the question. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. If I could talk to someone. I might have to ask the tax lady the question. Yeah, I’m definitely going to be there.

Listed more things on Etsy, since work was so easy. Tomorrow I have to mail the money to the landlord.

Whatevs. fuck

October 31, 2019

Ugh. Every entry is ugh. I feel a bit out of it for various reasons. It’s 80 degrees. Hot. Fuck. Don’t like that. D is acting like an a-hole, but not completely. She is the queen of passive-aggressive. I learn from the best or worst. Capricorns…ugh!

Trying to be positive. Listening to Gabby B. But it’s hard when you feel like your “baby” is shit. You know? Sigh. Oh vey. There is such a thing as too much optimism. Too much wanting to do that thing. I will somehow survive this. Yes, I will.

I’m obsessed with S seeing my story. I was on break for almost 4 full days! Now I’m back, and is S still there? What if she hates it? Why am I making so much of this? I probably moved down her list because I didn’t post for 4 days. But how do I know? I know one day she will stop and that will suck. STOP FREAKING OUT!

I think this heat is getting to me, and it’s “only” 80 degrees. I’m going to rerecord now. Bye!

November 1, 2019

Today was a roller coaster day. But I did take a secret walk with Baylor while listening to Gabby. That was nice. But I just want to be left alone, and I know I can’t be alone because that costs money.

S. just cemented that we have no friendship. I go from “What a bitch” to I get it. Sort of. Whatever. Boundaries. I cut the cord with her first. Just saying.

Sick of having to feel like I have to do this course, but I will try to have a good attitude tonight and move forward. I just want it to be GOOD and over!

The Miranda Lambert album is sooo good!

November 3, 2019

Well, I just signed up for business coaching with what’s her name. Honestly, I can’t remember. I’ll check my phone. L. $100 gone. But I pulled the 9 of pentacles, so there’s hope. I hope she helps. Not sure about the trade. If she trades for an audio reading, I’ll do it. If she wants live, probably not. Not happy about the 9 Pm time. I will now sign up for 7 her time. That’s 8 my time. Duh!

My astrology course is done for this week. I’m still going to rerecord the houses despite what everyone would probably say. Overwhelm town. Gotta go. I didn’t plan for the week.


Yes, this says November entries, despite most of these entries being from October. LOL. I’ll be posting more from my “private entries” because I post quick stuff over there instead of here.