Private entries – October

October 13

OMG. I’m being a big procrastinator. THREE people have enrolled in the course. I should be working on that right now. Instead, I’m doing 50 other things. Hello, procrastination. I want to finish module two today. How likely is that to happen? And I want to have an email ready to send to students (how weird is that?) on Wednesday morning. I have so much to say. I’m so glad this exists. I will try to never take time from work to write here. Breathe. Get back to working on module 2 – something that matters!!

October 15th

Oh god. Today was a day. Jackasses somehow used my debit card and charged $370 worth of stuff on my debit card. To make matters worse, the astrology guy still took money out of Paypal even after I emailed him to NOT do that. Jackass. I called to file bankruptcy, but I don’t think I will. FUCK. Sometimes I feel screwed for life. But maybe I should consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but I don’t want to stop paying my bills AGAIN. Been there, done that.


Was trying to figure out this whole business taxes thing. But who cares at this point? I don’t know whether I’m a business or not. I think I am. I’ll figure that out later. Working on horoscopes while watching the debate tonight.

Oh, and I now have 6 students. The good news!

October 17th

Ugh. I’m watching RHOC. So not good with the sex talk. ick. over it. The drinking and sex talk. Anyway, it’s cold and I’m loving it. Have to do the tarot reading at 6. Recording it at 7. Then more stuff in my Etsy shop. Tomorrow is Astro 101 course stuff. I have to rerecord some of the moon stuff and add it to the zodiac section. Blah. That isn’t until week three.

What else? Someone asked me about my class. Have to respond. My IG story’s views are at an all-time low. Weird. Hmmm. Used to 150+ looking at my last story. Now I have 3. Not feeling super motivated to post in stories.

I hope I can make $300 a month on Etsy + SWT. That would be good. I think. Need to do a budget. Not sure how much Paypal is going to be.

October 21st

Today has been a day. I hate seeing my old entries here. Having all kinds of feelings about S being in the course. She is judging. She’s judgemental. On the other hand, she is forcing me to make the course “better”, but at what cost? I’m napping less. Maybe tomorrow will be fine and I’ll be able to sleep. Working on the planets tonight. I need to take a social break. Thinking about doing it over the weekend. But I probably need it during the week.

FOCUS. Yes, focus.

I will occasionally do this especially when I don’t have time to blog here. These aren’t all of October’s entries. I will try to be back this weekend. Bye!