I’m indifferent

FUCK. I was having a good day, then shit hit the fan. However, I pulled an oracle card, and it told me to stay calm. So dammit, I’m going to stay calm. 🙂

I might have to see a lawyer one day this week for a free consultation. I’m sure I’ll probably end up giving her money. Whatever it takes. I want it resolved quickly. My ex-landlord is claiming I owe him $14,000+ WTF? ROFL. But I was paying him…until two people told me I was nuts because he has no legal ground to stand on. One of these people was a house insurance adjuster years ago. The other is an astrologer and counselor. So no lawyers.

I would never listen to ONE person. But two people with life experience*, told me I was insane for paying him monthly payments.

*I try not to take advice from my mom because she has no life experience. Hell, I have more life experience than her. When people say, “Mom knows best.” I always say in my head, “You have NO IDEA.” Whatever she tells me, it is pretty safe to do the opposite thing.

Anyhow, the issue is there was water UNDER the house. I had no idea it was there. He told me when I moved out, and he inspected the house. So people feel like I shouldn’t have to pay. Plus, I never signed anything promising to pay him. Here is what I’ve been emailing to lawyers:

I moved out of a house in late 2018. I have been paying my ex-landlord $500 a month for water damage to the home since 2019. I didn’t know the water damage was there. The water damage happened under the house, so there was no way for me to know. He inspected the home after I moved out. I did not cause water damage. However, I did know that something was strange because the water would keep going off and on for days at a time. I would like to see if I have to continue paying him. We have a verbal agreement. I did not sign anything stating I would pay him. He says I owe him about $14,000 in damages.

If anyone would like to give me advice in the comments (bad or good), feel free. I already contacted a lawyer, but I have to call on Tuesday to make an appointment to see her in person. I hope I can see her ASAP. The ex-landlord called me today, but my voicemail was full. So I’m thinking about leaving it full until I talk to a lawyer…but what if the lawyer calls? I can try to be with my phone 24/7 to screen calls. That is what I’ll probably try to do. But realistically that is impossible.

So that’s that. I borrowed from my 401k, but I don’t currently have enough to pay a lawyer. Plus, I need brake pads for my car. I might have to borrow again IF I have to pay for a lawyer. 😦  So much money coming out of my paycheck. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for anything. But this is Labor day weekend. Stay calm. There’s nothing I can do until Tuesday.

I’m still working on creating the astrology course. I have a free email course (to get people to subscribe to my email list) starting next Monday. So far, I have zero signups. I only have been advertising since Friday night, though. No paid advertising for anything at all. Unfortunately, it costs at least $250 to effectively advertise so fuck that. I don’t have that. (see above).

People with money succeed because they can pay for advertising. Notice how hard it is for someone without money. How can you pull yourself up by your bootstrap if you have NO bootstraps? But I’m 100% calm right now.

Election 2020: I’m done with these Biden idiots. Go ahead and vote for him in the primary, and he will lose in the general election. He couldn’t even remember Obama’s name.  He tried to remember it, stumbled a bit and then said, “my old boss” Hello?? Geez.

Some say Trump won’t run in 2020. I believe he hates being president (accept having the title), but I think he will run. I don’t trust any Republican politician to run the country…even a moderate. But I would rather have a moderate Republican than Trump. Joe Walsh is very conservative. He’s another Trump, but maybe less brash. He probably has feelings. That’s another difference. I’m not sure about the other people running or thinking about running.

The debate is going to be 3 hours on ABC. Yay…not! I was happy at first, but then I found out they will only get 75 seconds to answer a question. Bummer. May as well give them the 60 seconds. Sigh. Fun times.

This week I…

Music of the week: Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kesha, Lindsay Lohan, Tanya Tucker, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Lizzo

TV of the week: Big Brother, 13 Reasons Why

Podcasts of the week: All in With Chris Hayes, 30 for 30, Tarot for the Wild Soul

30 for 30 – The Donald Sterling Story is the best podcast ever. I was listening to it one night while trying to fall asleep. Big mistake. I was so anxious, and I couldn’t stop listening. Good stuff.

Books of the week: 

I finished reading A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong. Coming to Netflix soon. Good book, but as you can tell by the title, there are disturbing scenes.

Weekend Plans: I worked all day today. At my day job (without pay) and astrology stuff. I didn’t even get a nap in. Nothing too exciting is going on. I have Labor Day off. Last year I worked overtime. I will probably still work for 2 hours just to be sure things start off well for September. I have to fit some reading in. Most of the books listed above are library books.

Thanks for reading this long entry. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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