Boycott this!

I wanted to name this post –  boycott this, bitches! Because I like everything better with bitches on the end. A lot of people are boycotting my blog. 😉 LOL.

These elitist fuckers are making me defend GOP Walmart. Who wants to support Walmart? Who wants to shop at Walmart? I would never voluntarily shop at Walmart like most sane people. Not because I’m a snob though. That’s the difference between me and the elitist fuckers. Is there anything worse than an elitist, privileged, liberal person? Probably. But not in my mind today.

I’m just sick of people only thinking about the middle class. Everyone isn’t middle class, morons.

Yes, boycott Walmart (and Amazon), if you can afford it. Why were you shopping there in the first place? Some people are time poor and want to get everything all in one place. I understand that. Most people don’t fall into that category. I’m talking about people that work 2+ jobs and really don’t have the time. I try not to judge because I do things that are bad for the environment because of convenience. Lame stuff.

It’s obvious not to shop at GOP Walmart. Btw, this came up today because people want to boycott Walmart because they sell guns (not where I live). They are stopping the sale of video games because of the mass shootings. Lame, but who cares?! My point is that some people don’t make enough to pay their bills so Walmart maybe the only option.

Random: I want to move so bad, but I can’t afford it.

Oh, two people that died in one of the mass shootings last weekend worked for the company I worked for. 😦 I won’t say which mass shooting. One person lived there. She moved there to work from home. That isn’t uncommon at my company. I was going to move to Georgia for a job. Anyway, the other person, l was her best friend, and she was just visiting her. How sad. I was shocked by that news.

Subject change again: Now that I’m off Abilify, I’m pissed that I have to pay the consequences for what I did while I was on the med. So fucking unfair. I’m thinking about just not paying the consequences. How radical of me. FUCK THE SYSTEM. I’m going to get a lawyer. I can’t afford free legal help because I make too much even though when I applied, I only had $550.00 in my bank account. Whatevs.

People aren’t going to take advantage of me anymore. I’m not on Abilify, and I can see and feel clearly. That also sucks. 🙂 Who wants to see anything clearly? Clarity is overrated, especially when you’re broke. I see the future, and I see the zeros in my bank account. Not fun.

Wanna tell me to not shop at Walmart? Not today, fuckers! I’m taking my mom to BJs (like Costco) next month, and I probably won’t be able to buy anything. I will try to buy my dog some treats. Sigh.

Stop thinking everyone is middle class like you are your nondiverse friend group and we can all be friends. Deal? Or do the elites/privileged not want to hang? HAHA.


Target is more expensive than Walmart. Broke people know this. 😉

Election 2020: Nothing to see here. I’m still pissed about having to defend Walmart. I have more to say. *gasp* I’m not defending Walmart. I’m defending the people who make next to nothing, living on a small budget, etc. who have to shop there. And in some places, Walmart may be the only place to shop within 30 minutes. I don’t blame them for shopping there either.

I don’t go to SoulCycle or Equinox either.  My liberal card must be revoked. ROFL.

This week I…

Music of the week: Tori Kelly, Victory, Sara Bareilles, Rachael Sage, Marren Morris, Maggie Rogers, Aalok Bala, Anna Nalick

TV of the week: Big Brother, Grey’s Anatomy

Movie of the week: I started watching Shutter’s Island with Leonardo DiCaprio. I might finish it this weekend.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Crime Junkie, Pod Save America, Generation Why, Rise up! Good Witch

Books of the week: A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong – I just read that this is going to be a Netflix Special with the great actress, Toni Collette!

Weekend Plans: I hope I’m not going to Walmart. Seriously. Anyhow, no work for me. 😦 Bummer. I really need the money. I will work for free for about two hours tomorrow. I’m excited because Gabby Bernstein is doing an all-day live event in NYC and online tomorrow. If I lived alone, I would rearrange my whole schedule around that. We only get to watch the replay for 48 hours. I hope they change their mind and let us keep the recording. Please???

I have to finish creating my course this weekend. That’s going to be tough.  I have 85% of the slides done. I just have to do the voiceover of each slide. That could take hours. If I think about it too much, I’ll get overwhelmed.

I’m going to work on my course tonight until 10 or 11 and then go to bed.

Thanks for not boycotting my blog. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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