Going to be a new mom

I hope my dog doesn’t read this. I’M ADOPTING AN ELEPHANT!!!!!!1111!!!!! I don’t know when but hopefully this month? I have bills, and the system wasn’t working today, so I couldn’t work this morning. Now I don’t have much OT for the week. 😦 I count on OT way too much. It’s not going to last forever. When it ends, I may have to get a PT job. I got an order this week from my online biz, and I’m starting an online course, so there is a chance I may get some extra income from that.

Anyway, I’ve considered many different organizations. I’ve been supporting Elephants.com for years (not always financially) since I read a book about their sanctuary in Tennessee. However, I also love the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust because they allow their elephants to go back to into the wild. They can do that. They are in Kenya. We can’t do that in the US. 😉 It is $50 a year to adopt any animal. After reading so much about elephants, I’m picking an elephant. $50 isn’t bad at all. I don’t know how long it takes to rehabilitate an elephant. I have a feeling they are quick learners, but it probably depends on the animal. As soon as they know how to live in the wild, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust lets them go, so I won’t get to “keep” the elephant forever. But I can find another elephant or a rhino to adopt.

I’m so excited about this, and I haven’t done it yet! LOL.

I couldn’t get on Latuda, so the doctor put me on two other meds. He picked two because I had symptoms of depression on the day I talked to him. Now that I’ve stopped taking the anti-nausea medicine, I am no longer depressed! Ha. No more anti-nausea medicine unless necessary. I still can’t eat early in the morning (no breakfast for me) or anything substantial. I’ve lost 4 pounds in less than two weeks. I now weigh 132. I’m just glad my grocery bill will be low tomorrow. All I have to buy are drinks and yogurt. I think the yogurt is messing me up since I’ve stopped the Abilify, but I’m going to buy the smaller cups. After I eat yogurt, I just want to get in bed. I’ve been eating yogurt daily for about 5 years. Not trying to stop now.

The meds: Unfortunately they cost $110 a month. Bummer. But I don’t think I’m going to be on them long. If I’m not depressed, one med can go. The other I don’t know about. Oh, it makes me SO SLEEPY! I don’t know I’m what I’m going to do on Monday morning. Today I worked for 25 minutes. The system stopped working, so I went back to sleep for two hours!! That is unlike me. Typically I would have worked on creating my course or studied since I was already working. But I got back into bed, my dog got on top of me. He was exhausted too. If he moved, I didn’t feel it.

When I woke up, I checked the system Still down. I tried again at 1. The system was still down. I gave up on trying to work.

I see my doctor on August 4. Hopefully, I won’t be depressed, but I doubt he takes me off something so soon so I’ll just have to pay and take the meds. 😦

Election 2020: The debates are next week. I’m not as excited as I was last time. Biden will be more aggressive. That is all I know. Oh, and Booker will go after Biden if the moderators ask the right questions. I’m sure they will. I will probably fall asleep since I’m on all these meds. Booker vs. Biden will be the second night.

This week I…

Music of the week: Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Maggie Rogers, Victory, Sara Bareilles, SWV, Aretha Franklin

TV of the week: Big Brother, Grey’s Anatomy, The Hills

The Hills is fake and may be as decent as used to be? I’ve only watched one and a half episodes, so I don’t know if I’m going to keep watching.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Learn Astrology with Mary, Generation Why, White Lies

Books of the week: Now reading:

Weekend Plans: Well, I was supposed to do OT today. I worked on the course I’m creating. Tonight I’m going to write scripts, so I can get some recording done before I go grocery shopping tomorrow. I don’t have astrology class tomorrow. Yay! The class lasts for about 3 hours, so I’m so glad for a break.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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