Fuck ’em all

I’m not specifically talking about Joe, Kamala, and Bernie but yeah, fuck them too!

I hope everyone’s day is going great because mine isn’t due to some motherfuckers. I know people are dying. Uh, there’s homelessness. People are in cages or centers. In other words, all the usual shit is going on. But’s lets talk about me without really getting into it because I’m too pissed and I have shit to do.

Scorpio Kate would say, don’t complain. However, I know she complains TO HER FRIENDS. Well, I don’t have any friends. Not a complaint. Just stating what some may not know. So yes, I’m going to rant here, Kate…if that’s okay with you.

I have shit to do, and certain people don’t get. I got two sales in the last 24 hours. Glad, I already fulfilled one. Because lord knows when I would have time to do both. I still have to fulfill the other order. Guess I’ll do that tonight even if I lose sleep. Who cares about what I have to do? Always complaining about what YOU have to do. I never talk about all the shit I’m doing. Hint: It’s WAAAAAY more than her.

I work 45+ hours a week, have 2 astrology classes I’m trying to complete, and an online course I need to create by September. I don’t have time to bend to your whims. I don’t have time to explain more. Basically FUCK PEOPLE. I might use this an excuse to book a Getaway. It would be dumb due to finances…pointless to talk about since I can’t pay.

Nope, I shouldn’t have to leave because these fuckers don’t know anything about boundaries.

Fuck them. I have an order to fulfill. No time to fully rant.

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