Let me remind you

I’m still here. My dad still has advanced cancer…as far as I know. He won’t go to a doctor right now, so they are only guessing. Anyhow, he is a disabled veteran, and he doesn’t have proper health insurance. 😦 Good job, America. You’re the #1 country, right? LOL. Maybe if he lived in the States year long, he would have insurance because he does have some money. I think he retired when a thing called pensions existed (lucky people). But since he used to spend most of his time overseas, he might not have bothered keeping up with American health insurance. What’s the point if you’re not here much?

BUT now he’s too sick to travel. So he is kind of stuck here. I feel bad for him. I’m sure he’d rather be overseas. Not sure. He’s really private. I just did his birth chart for the first time a few hours ago. I don’t have his time of birth, so it’s not 100% accurate. But privacy is written all over his chart! He is a Libra with a Capricorn Moon, btw.

He can barely walk, so I (and my mom) have been helping with that. He loves to be on the go. That’s in his chart too! When we were growing up, we would always go on random walks. He loves to travel. We have a lot of things in common. I got my love of politics/current events from him.

Not to go on about his birth chart, but is amazingly accurate for not having a birth time. I wish he could get around better. I’m sure I’ll talk about this more. Obvs.

I’ve been working on the astrology course I’m creating instead of working on the courses I’m taking. Creating is more fun for me. But I’m going to have to balance my time better. I just want to have fun and yes, creating an online course is fun!

Marianne Williamson and Joe Biden are not having a good week. Ugh. I’m okay with Biden having a lousy week. Who gives a shit? It’s not going to severely hurt him. I did read in the Washington Post, NY Times or was it another paper…that his people are really concerned that he is going to fuck this up, by the stuff he’s saying. Not apologizing? Being defiant? Sounds like anyone we all know? I wish America would wake the fuck up and realize Elizabeth Warren or Marianne Williamson are the best candidates. 😉

I’m disappointed in how Marianne has run her campaign this week. She has a good campaign manager (Maurice Daniel), but she is new to running on a huge stage. She did run for the Senate or the House about 5 years ago. Can’t remember. She’s exhausted like everyone else. But she doesn’t have the resources Biden, Sanders, Warren has. They have so much more help. Anyway, she can’t say stuff about vaccines like she said this week. She hates pharmaceutical companies. She doesn’t trust them. That was her point, but saying parents should be in control of whether they get their kids vaccinated? Touchy subject. Btw, she did apologize and tried to explain herself on The View and MSNBC.

The View was a disaster for Marianne. Who knew the ladies all loved John McCain enough to be so unprofessional? Marianne said stuff about McCain like most Democrats. She disagreed with some of his war stances (like a lot of people!) I hope Marianne didn’t say a bunch of stuff after he died, if so, that may be why Meghan McCain acted like the rude, entitled, spoiled brat she is. For the record, I’ve always taken up for Meghan. Never again. I’m over all of them. I would say I’m boycotting the show, but I only watch when they have a political guest so…Anyway, they said she was just like Trump. More than once. She was treated like crap. So unprofessional? But are they ever really professional? They aren’t journalists. They are talking heads. Whatever.

The debates are on Wednesday and Thursday. Night one is basically Warren against Beto.  Most people are just saying it is Warren’s night. Good for her. I hope she shines. She’s a great speaker, but I’ve never heard her debate. Marianne is on the second night. She’s against Sanders, Biden, Mayor Pete*, Kamala and 200 other people. Sigh. I hope they ask Marianne about reparations and NOT vaccines. She was the first person to talk about reparations for black people 10 years ago (or maybe more), so they should go to her first on that. But vaccines are currently a big topic so who knows. She’s lucky if she gets to speak twice. 😦

*Oh, I forgot Pete also had a bad week. He canceled a bunch of events, including an LGBT event. The police shot and killed a black man in South Bend. If I remember correctly, the man had a knife. So far it seems to only be bad locally though. Man, I didn’t know he had such a bad rep with the “black community” in South Bend. That isn’t going to help him. Not a man being killed, but his bad rep with a large number of blacks in Indiana.

Should I talk more about politics? Haha. I could go on. Trust me.

Thanks to Hello Fresh, I’ve been eating tilapia and rice every freaking day! At least, it’s not chicken. I’m so over chicken.  I just found out that white rice isn’t good for diabetics. I don’t have diabetes. But both of my parents do. Unfortunately, I bought a 5lb bag of white rice. Oops! I did take a break two days this week and had brown rice. Anyway, after that big ass of rice runs out I’m not going to buy anymore. I still have two more meals to cook from Hello Fresh.

This week I…

Music of the week: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Miranda Lamber, Lauren Daigle, Anna Nalick, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jason Mraz

TV of the week:  The Handmaid’s Tale

I’m rewatching season 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale because I can’t remember a thing. I’m almost done with season 2. People talk about parallels from the show and real life. The main parallel I see is how fertile women/women with kids are valued more in society. Fuck that shit. Childfree for life! Loving it.  No regrets. 🙂 I used to think I wanted to adopt. LOL. No. I will probably help kids out in some way (I have ideas…), but adopting is too permanent. I value freedom.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch,  All In With Chris Hayes, Pod Save America

Books of the week: Now reading –

Honestly, I’m mostly reading astrology books. But I’m also attempting to read:

Weekend Plans: I attempted to work a half of day for overtime, but we had system issues, so I had to subtract one hour. Bummer. Oh, I’m now giving more money to the government. I changed my withholding to zero like the tax lady recommended. So they are taking out more taxes. Once overtime stops, I’m changing my withholding back to one.

Good news! I sold one of my astrology related ebooks. I just remember that now because I have to pay taxes on that. LOL. I only made $5.35 since the place where I have the shop (not Etsy) takes a cut.

Tomorrow I have my 2-3 hour astrology class. Super fun. (Slight sarcasm). I’m planning on going to the park early in the morning, feed my dog, eat lunch, and then have class. After that, I’ll meditate. Then eat dinner. Then I have a 30-minute mentoring session to finish up my tarot certification class. I know my schedule is fascinating. (Strong sarcasm). I could just not go to the park, but I haven’t been to the park in about 5-6 weeks.

It’s 10:45 PM on a Saturday night. I will probably go back to working on the course I’m creating. I’m too tired to work on homework.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great rest of the weekend. 🙂

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