Happy Taurus season!

Well, I will be busy throughout July…maybe. We were just asked for overtime throughout July. That’s rare. I feel bad for only doing 7 extra hours a week, but that’s all I can do and still sorta have my sanity. I can’t work 55 hours a week. Would I like the money? YES. But is my mental health worth it? Nah.

I say maybe because they could easily change their mind about OT or something else could change. Who knows? But I signed up for 7 hours every week until the end of July. Well, I’m off for one week in May, and I have 3 days off in the middle of July, but other than that, I’m pretty much working EVERY Saturday.

Health insurance and counseling have not been figured out. What a shock. Not. Ugh, I hate paying the full rate. I have therapy on Friday at 6PM. I really, really, really hope I’m not charged the full price. I won’t know until 15 minutes before the session. Great. Sigh. She only works on Fridays, so it’s easy to just see her twice a month. I’m sure she’ll try to get me to see her weekly and I might consider that IF my insurance gets straight. However, after a few months, I usually don’t see the benefit of going to therapy every single week. My life often isn’t that intense. It kind of is NOW.

I’m behind on my therapy homework. She gave me so much to read. Gotta put that on my to do list.

Today was a waste of a day. I didn’t get anything done besides working OT. I was supposed to mow the lawn, but the fully assembled lawn mower has an issue with the handle. Sigh. So I wasn’t able to mow the lawn. Maybe tomorrow.

I’ve lost 20 pounds and can fit into all my old clothes. Okay, the midrise skinny jeans are still very tight, but I wore them today. Thanks to Nutrisystem. 🙂 Today wasn’t a good day. I drank vanilla iced coffee (300 calories!) and had potato chips. That is what happens when I go out unexpectantly and get hungry. I hate that. I need to carry healthy or low-calorie snacks with me. I can’t leave the snacks in my purse because my dog would destroy my bag to get to the food and I can’t leave snacks in my car because it is too damn hot. I’m sure there is a solution somewhere. I’ll think about it.

I guess I have to get off Nutrisystem soon. If it were cheaper, I would not be thinking about getting off because it has the stability I NEED. Not want. NEED.

Election 2020 – Joe Biden is running for president. 😦 That will make the moderates and people who don’t follow politics carefully very happy. My mom falls into both categories, so she’s happy. I, on the other hand, follow politics too carefully and I’m liberal so no Joe for me. I probably will watch his announcement on Wednesday and his rally whenever he has it. I don’t hate him. I just don’t want him to be president.

Marianne Williamson did great on the CNN town hall. It was painful to be forced to watch CNN, and I won’t do it again (until they have a debate). Anyway, her saying abortion is a moral issue…I get it, but ugh, the way it came across will rub progressives the wrong way. She is pro-choice of course, but she just pointed out that abortion is a moral issue. I agree with her, but I don’t want to judge people who get abortions. It would be easy for me to judge because I don’t have sex! I have no idea what it’s like to even THINK about getting an abortion. So I’m not going there with abortion. I’m pro-choice. And that’s that.

Btw, Marianne is more moderate/conserative than me. But I still support her to be president. We definitely do not have the same values when it comes to some things.

About the debate in June…MSNBC will divide the debate into 2 nights. LOL. They have no choice! There are so many candidates. I like this better than the first idea they had which was one hour to ten candidates and the second hour to the second group. I wonder how ratings will be for the second group? I think they should do random draw, otherwise it won’t be fair.

This week I…

Music of the week: Beyonce, Marren Morris, Rachael Sage, Ariana Grande, Rachel Platten, Maggie Rogers, India.Arie, First Aid Kit

Liking the Beyonce live album. I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan, but I can appreciate decent work. Beyonce is good (NOT GREAT), it’s her fans that drive me insane. She’s not the queen of anything, but she sang live at Coachella last year! Props to her. I know she can sing live. She just chooses to lip-synch sometimes. I’m just surprised she actually sang at Coachella! Interesting…

TV of the week:  NBA Playoffs, Real Housewives of NYC

Movie of the week: Street Fight I hate this damn new linking shit with wordpress. Fuck this shit!

Anyway, Street Fight is an Oscar-nominated Cory Booker documentary. OMG. If he can survive Newark politics, watch out! He might not win in 2020. But this man can be president one day…when there are fewer candidates. I like him, but I don’t love that he gets money from corporations and maybe Republicans. He’s a great person and would be a decent president. I’m just not sure of where he gets his money. I don’t know. I’m not 100% anti-corporations like most progressives. I do want companies to pay taxes, though. Amazon. About the Republican money (THIS IS NOT PROVEN, BTW), I would take money from anyone except the NRA. If a Republican wants to help me…hello? Here I am. At this point, I think I could vote for Booker in the primary. Would I be thrill about it? Probably not. Would I vote for him over Biden? Hell, yes.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Pod Save America, The Jim Fortin Podcast, In the Dark, Tarot for the Wild Soul

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: Well, today is Saturday. Like I said, I didn’t get much done other than work. Tomorrow I would like to finish my book review (so late, but I don’t care) go grocery shopping, and I’m going to mow the lawn.

Thanks for reading. Have a great rest of the weekend and the rest of the week. 🙂

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