Not waiting anymore

I have to do a 500-word book review for my tarot class. I haven’t done a book review in over 2 decades. WTF? And what’s up with the 500 words? This is for a certification, so I feel like I have to do this. What would happen if I did 350 words? Would she not certify me? Once I complete the class, I get to say in my bio that I completed 20 hours of advanced tarot…blah, blah, blah.

I had to google how to write a book review. I only found 2 useful links. Most of the links were on how to do book reviews for blogs and advice for teenagers. LOL. 500 words? Can I even do it? All through school and college, I never made word count. I’m blunt and to the point (except on here). I can’t fake it and just write sentences that don’t mean anything.

About therapy and insurance. Groan. I never make phone calls, but I’ve made several calls because I really like this therapist. I was charged $80 for the 45-minute online visit. According to two people, I will get my money back (yeah, right) minus the copay. I don’t care about that visit. I already paid. I care about future visits. My next appointment is April 26.

I even emailed them. The email said that the diagnosis wasn’t covered. Huh? Due to the Affordable Care Act, mental health is treated decently if you have full benefits. My previous diagnosis was generalized anxiety disorder and major depression. The new therapist gave me a diagnosis of social anxiety and major depression. Sigh. There’s NO WAY social anxiety isn’t covered, right?? I have never heard of that.

One more thing I like about the therapist is she says I don’t have to have friends. FUCKING Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. 🙂 🙂 She says there are things society tells you to have like sex, but she doesn’t believe in all that. This is why I really, really, like her and I’ve been making thousands of phone calls.

So I guess I have to wait and see. I keep checking my credit card bill to see if I’ve been refunded, but she did say it could take 14-30 days. I just want to know if therapy is covered. I need everyone on the same page. SCREAM.

Election 2020: Marianne Williamson town hall in DC will be at 6PM EST instead of at 7PM because CNN is thinking the Mueller Report will be released Sunday night. What if the report comes out at 2PM and the whole town hall is cancelled?? Please NO! It’s on Sunday, April 14th. I’ll be watching for sure. 😉

Pete Buttigieg is doing well in the places that matter. He’s #3 in Iowa or New Hampshire. Or both. I’m not sure how he’s doing nationally. I think he is top 5 or 6 right now. I like him. I’ve listened to him talk policy A LOT this week. I’m kind of sick of him at this moment. But yes, I’d vote for him. Oh, and he should just leave Mike Pence alone. People know he’s bigoted when it comes to gays. Next.

Joe Biden is #1 nationally. :/ Kamala is still doing well. BUT Biden is beating Kamala in her state of California. Not good. Elizabeth Warren keeps talking and introducing new policy. If it weren’t for the Native American thing, I think she’d be doing a little better, but honestly the men are getting more media coverage. Kamala was hanging in there at one point.

So many people are running. It doesn’t really bother me because I know people will start dropping off. One person already dropped out. The first debate in June won’t be as good as debates usually are because so many people are running. How can they really get into policy with 10 people on the stage? I think MSNBC is doing 10 people for one hour and 10 people for the second hour. Ugh. Not much time for each candidate. Don’t quote me on this. I read about this debate format a while ago, I don’t know if they are sticking to that. They can’t have 20 people on the stage at the same time.

This week I…

Music of the week: Lissie, India.Arie, Rachel Platten, Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareilles, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Jussie Smollett

TV of the week:  April Madness, Vanderpump Rules, Survivor

UVA won the National Championship!! It was amazing. 🙂 I’m still excited.

I wanted to talk about the drinking on shows like Vanderpump Rules. I don’t understand why the people on the show can’t understand that drinking leads to most of their problems. Most of these people aren’t alcoholics. Can they not drink when they go out? If alcohol, is causing you to do stupid shit, stop drinking!! I would never say this to someone with an addiction. Obviously. It’s just so strange to watch people say, “I don’t know why I acted that way.” Uh, because you were drunk!! Hello??! It drives me insane to see the same people questioning their behavior and pretending not to know it’s about alcohol.

Podcasts of the week: So You Wanna Be a Witch, The Jim Fortin Podcast, Why is this Happening, The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Lowe Post, The Ringer NBA Show, The Russillo Show, True Crime Garage

I’ve been listening to a lot of NBA podcasts because Magic Johnson quit the Lakers job! Wow. I don’t blame him. He obviously didn’t like the job. Go have fun. The NBA playoffs are going to be so weird without either of my teams. No Lakers. No Washington Wizards. 😦 I will probably only watch 20% of the playoffs. I’m sure the games will be good, but I don’t care who wins.

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: Not really sure. I don’t think I’m leaving my house because there are two big events going on and it will be hard to get around the city. I do plan on walking my dog. The weather has been so nice. I’m loving it. I go on vacation for my birthday in 31 days. Woohoo! I have my very cheap sunglasses and my on sale sandals ready to go.

I’m mostly reading, doing therapy related stuff, and working on astrology and tarot stuff. I’ve been doing well with my three day work week. I just don’t want to get overwhelmed by a hobby. So not too much going on. These are the kinds of weekends I like.

Thanks for reading. Have an excellent weekend. 🙂

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