Fear got all in my head

These 3 days off from work have been so needed! I had no idea how relaxing it would be. It’s been great. The only downside is that I didn’t get to go to the park. So my dog didn’t get much benefit. Well, he loves when I don’t have work. We get to bond more. 🙂

I did a bunch of work (hours and hours) for my tarot/astrology biz. But that doesn’t seem like work because I enjoy it. What a concept! Speaking of the biz, I’m starting a Patreon!! Well, I already started it, but I won’t tell people about it until March 28th. If you know my biz name, then you can find my page. I tried searching for my page, and it doesn’t show up yet. 😦

I know I won’t make a bunch from Patreon. I know very successful people who “only” made $100 or so a month. So if they don’t make much, how can I expect to make much? I’m a shy newbie. I’m going to dream sort of big though. By May 2019, I would love to make $40 a month through Patreon. Yes, that’s dreaming big! I have 5 tiers. $1 through $16 a month.

Hmmm. I just stopped blogging to join an optional astrology lab. No one showed up. This was the first time I dared to show up. I was going to ask to just listen if I was called on. Oh well. I wanted to learn astrology from people who know more than me. I guess it shouldn’t be on Friday night. LOL. I will try again next Friday night.

I still haven’t called the hotel to tell them about my dog. I will call tomorrow. How about some pictures of the hotel? It has a king bed and a sofa bed. I’m going to sleep on the sofa bed even though it’s my birthday. :/ My mom can have the bed. It always works that way. Whatever.

Anyway here are a few pics of the hotel I’m staying in for my birthday vacation:

Look how many floors the hotel has!! That could be a downside. Who knows?
Woohoo! The kitchen. I’m bringing some food from home.
Studio room with a king bed

I wanted the 1 bedroom, but I wasn’t going to pay all the money for it. This is my most expensive hotel for a beach trip EVER. I plan to spend most of my time on the balcony. I hope it isn’t cool. I remember the first time I went to the beach for my birthday (in May). It was so cold, I had to buy an outfit. LOL. I think it might have been 55 – 60 degrees. And it was so windy. I can deal with 60 degrees without wind.

Ugh. So bummed. I found a perfect photographer in Virginia Beach. She’s awesome. However, her price is $825. Ouch. She’s a well-established wedding photographer, so I get why she charges what she does. She’s now doing branding photos. That’s where I would come in. I was going to schedule a two-hour photo session with her while I’ll be there in May. But $825??! Only if I could pay with cash. Honestly, if I had an extra $825, shouldn’t I use it to pay off debt and not invest it into photos? Hmmm.

Most businesses (70%) close within 3 years. I haven’t had my website up for a year yet. So we’ll see. I have a feeling I won’t close my website unless something drastic happens. If I couldn’t afford to pay for the website, I would have to shut down. I like what I do. So even if I don’t make a dime AS LONG AS PEOPLE ARE VISITING and getting some value, I’m not going away. Will I spend all my free time on it? Nope. I want to go back to reading more for fun.

Election 2020: I just donated $2.00 to Marianne Williamson’s campaign. Well, only $1 goes to her presidential run. The other $1 is a tip which I guess goes to her campaign workers. I only donated because she needs 65,000 people to donate at least $1 to be in the debate. This is critical. If she isn’t on that debate stage, her run is probably over. 😦

I never thought I would only donate only $1 to someone. But things are tight. If she saw my bills, she would say, “thank you so much!!!”. Haha. I might donate later if she’s still there in June. I’ll try to give at least $10. I don’t usually donate to presidential campaigns. I would rather donate to other causes. The last time I donated was to Howard Dean. I think I gave him $10.

I browsed Time’s issue of the people running on the Democratic side in 2020. You know what? They had disadvantages on everyone except Julian Castro. Maybe he is okay? An okay politician? How can that be? Should I stop asking questions? Seriously, they had downsides to everyone else. I’ve solved it. Williamson/Castro for 2020! 🙂 Castro would be a great vice president.

I have to say something bad about someone, right? Okay, Joe Biden still sucks. I’d vote for him over Trump, of course. I truly believe Biden is a nice person, but I don’t want him to be president. And I would NEVER vote for Amy Klobuchar. I don’t care if the Dems pick her. I would not vote on election day. Sorry. Not sorry. Klobuchar better not get the nomination. I happen to think she’s vile and not fit to run the country. Is she more fit than Trump? Of course. But I have standards…and like most Americans, I didn’t vote for Trump.

This week I…

Music of the week: Rachel Platten, Ariana Grande, India.Arie, Maggie Rogers, Christina Aguilera, Rozzi, Hillsong United, Jennifer Lopez

TV of the week: Michael Cohen’s testimony, Survivor

I saw 75% of Cohen’s testimony live. What a productivity killer. I did do some tarot related stuff, but nothing for class. I’m going to rewatch his testimony from the beginning as I go to sleep tonight. I’m super fun. I wonder how long before I fall asleep? I say less than 30 minutes.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Cold, Online Marketing Made Easy, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Pod Save America, Tarot for the Wild Soul, Why is This Happening?

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: It’s 10:56 PM on a Friday night. The only thing I didn’t get done today was an astrology assignment. I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s going to be really late, but I don’t care. I’m so over this class. It’s a good class and school, but I’m checked out. I’m learning astrology on my own after this class. I have a good foundation. Thanks to this class. Who knew astrology was so hard? Whew.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day. I think the remainder of the weekend will be about getting caught up on homework and studying. I should go to bed, but I might spend 30 minutes to see if I can find a cheaper photographer. I’m not going to book anyone. I’m just researching prices. I know I don’t need one. But everyone who is successful in my industry has had a professional photographer take pics of them. Too tired to proof read this. My brain isn’t working right anyway.

Thanks for reading! Have a fun, wonderful weekend. Happy March. 🙂

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