Does anyone have a map?

I don’t know why I’m advertising this because it’s going to sell out fast. It always does. Hopefully, it will still be open by the time I post this. Here goes…

bank boost

As some of you may know, I am in heavy debt due to some things beyond my control like Abilify and some things 100% in my control. So in 2017, I spent $35 on an online class that billed itself as “a no-deprivation-required approach to spending less, earning extra, and not hating your life while doing it.” 

It seemed sort of …. too good to be true? But for $35 I figured, why not?! I spend more than that on monthly subscriptions that don’t always fulfill me.  

Long story short, it WASN’T too good to be true. In six weeks I managed to come up with wonderful ideas for making extra money.

And the class is live! It’s not one of those self-paced things you buy and then forget about. There are live Q & As, weekly emails, and a super active Facebook group full of people who are cheering you on and sharing their insights. FOR 35 EVER-LOVING DOLLARS. 

Anyway. Bank Boost is open for enrollment now (IT WILL SELL OUT SOON!) and I thought you should know about it. It’s fun, super effective, and unlike anything else you’ve tried when it comes to money. You can sign up here >>

Full disclosure, I *am* an affiliate for the course, but that’s because I really, really believe in it.

I started Nutrisystem on Monday. It’s going okay. I’m eating about 1,200 calories a day. I’ll post if I lose any weight during my first week later on. NS is definitely not necessary to lose weight. Everyone knows that. But I like the structure.

The only problem I have with NS is that the dinner options aren’t great. Well, I had the turkey sausage pizza tonight. It was pretty good even though I microwaved it instead of using the oven like most people do. It is a little better in the oven, but I don’t have time for that ish.

The lunch, breakfast, and snack options are GREAT. The tuna salad and hamburger for lunch are to die for. I can’t even name all the great breakfast options because I love so many of them. The best dinner option (minus the pizzas) is the chicken breast stuffed with broccoli. I love those, but I can’t eat them day after day. They are okay 3 times a week. I could probably eat pizza for dinner every day. 😉

I’m still waiting for my password for my astrology course. Orientation for the class is on Sunday. I keep checking my email and nothing.

Gotta go. Bye! Be back on Friday or Saturday.

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