I’m paying for my sins

Fuck it. Fuck doing things the old way. My dog has high protein in his urine. Everything else is fine. Going to pay for another test to figure out what’s going on. 😦

Oh, that’s not all. I have to pay at least $2500 to my landlord. Do you think I have that? NO. He is willing to do a payment plan. What kind? I don’t know. We are playing phone tag.

I had no idea (and I guess he knows this) about the water damage to the house. The problem is there was NO WATER. Okay. Whatever. Empty my pockets. I will suffer. That’s fine. The plumber did mention not being able to get under the house, but I didn’t know it was because of water, but now it all makes sense. Ugh. I thought it was because the crawl space was small. No, it was probably because the crawl space was filled with water!!

Just hope my dog is okay. He looked great on TV today. All the anchors loved him. 🙂

In case you want to help out and you need an Amazon gift card or anything, please use my affiliate link. Thank you. I have to order my sister’s gift card tonight. Keep forgetting.

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Desperate time. Desperate links. I will keep using Amazon affiliates on this site since I’m using it on my tarot site. Why not? Thanks again.

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