I have a famous dog​

OMG! Last week was the first weekly update I’ve missed in YEARS. I’m kind of sad because I like to keep up with what music I’ve listened to that week. lol. Oh well, I will update this weekend. So busy with this tarot/astrology stuff and I’m also working a little OT. 6 hours this week. I’m trying to work on Christmas, but I don’t know if the system will be up. Hmm.

Another short entry. Oh, and my dog got a bunch of vaccinations today. He was wandering around like a lost puppy earlier. He seems better now. I shouldn’t have gone on Bing to do more research. HORROR STORIES.

It’s 10PM now. Going to bed. A pic of my dog is going to be on the local news tomorrow. YAY. 🙂 🙂 😉 Hope he feels better ASAP.

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