Thought I could take it from here

I didn’t eat turkey. I don’t like turkey. I ate alone in my room. Well, my dog was there for 40% of the time. I know what others do on Thanksgiving and I enjoy my way more. I hate holidays. They are the worse. Mainly because I dislike anything that disrupts the norm. Snow, holidays, etc. Hate it all.

Work is kicking my ass. If I don’t meet their unrealistic expectations by the end of December, I could lose my job. I’ve been with this company for 13 or 14 years. They start a new system and suddenly I’m nothing? That’s fair. NOT. Anyway, I’m determined to get better. I am getting better, but it’s still not good enough. As of right now, I’m at about 66% of goal. Yes, I’m supposed to be at 100%. 

Working from home with my mom here is not helping. And my dad will be here on Friday or Saturday. What if he’s loud too? I haven’t lived with him in YEARS, so I have no idea how loud he will be during my work hours. About my mom, she will probably start a new job soon. So that’s good news.

I’m trying to get to 70% by the end of November and then somehow get to 100% by December 31. I have to believe I can, or I would just sit around depressed. 

I’m mailing my letter tomorrow to my landlord about moving out. 😦 I have come to peace with wanting this whole moving thing to be over. However, the landlord might want to do a walk through which sounds like hell. I’d rather not. I have to accept whatever he says. He can’t say I broke the lease. I haven’t had a lease since May 2013. 

But there are water issues with the house. It is no longer working in the kitchen. I called a plumber to fix the leak. That was a lot of money. I can’t keep calling plumbers. I give up. Keep my security deposit. I know I’m not getting that back. I never expected it back. Who thinks about that after living somewhere for 5 years? 

How about some 2020 talk? Okay, not too much. Marianne Williamson versus Stacey Abrams. Well, really it’ll be Marianne versus about 20 other people. I really like Stacey since I’ve done my research, but I have a history with Marianne so it has to be her, right? Marianne versus Beto? I will probably vote for the one I think can win. I love voting for people I like. It is so rare for me to get the opportunity. 

I’m not crazy about Elizabeth Warren or Corey Booker. I don’t want to vote for either of them. I prefer Warren over Booker. Anyway, Marianne wants people to donate to her, and normally I would donate $10, BUT I have given her so much of my money. So much. It’s ridiculous. Nah, not donating to her campaign unless she makes it past Iowa. 

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Mariah Carey, Rachael Sage, Kacey Musgraves, Ariana Grande, Maggie Rogers, The Weeknd, Christina Aguilera, Janelle Monae

TV of the week:  Nashville, basketball

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week:  True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Mental Illness Happy Hour, Generation Why

Books of the week: Now reading –

Plans for the weekend: Ugh, tomorrow will be busy. Blah, blah, blah. We’ll be cleaning my old place since most of my stuff is gone. Then when I’m off in December, I’m calling the junk people to remove my sofas and other “junk”.  I think I have a truckload so the junk removal may cost more than the move. That sucks.

I’m also working on an astrological birth chart for my mom which is kind of impossible because she doesn’t know what time she was born. So it won’t be that accurate. I was born at 3:12 AM and my chart is almost 100% right. So far I have 486 words. I’m doing this in case someone buys one from my website. I need to have a template. I can’t just wing it. Maybe after I do this, someone will buy one from my shop. 

My dad is moving here temporarily for a few months tomorrow or Saturday. Have I mentioned that? My dog is the biggest issue because he doesn’t like anyone other than my mom and me. He now has to be locked in the room with me. He isn’t going to like that. 😦 

Tonight I will probably try to record some YouTube videos. Try is the key word because I can’t get the lighting right in this room. I never have great lighting, but this lighting is really bad despite me having THREE lamps in the room. LOL. 

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 

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