Before you tear it apart

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! (Yes, I made the following graphic…lol)

Untitled design-23

I’ve been sick forever with these allergies. But today was really bad, and I don’t get it. I’m using the $149 air purifier. I took allergy medicine this morning. It definitely affected my work production today. I don’t need help with anything making me slow. Right now, I can barely breathe. Whatever. I might come back to this later.

I’m going to link to my tarot website. It is about 80% done. It had a makeover. I might leave this link up for 10 hours or 10 days. It definitely won’t be forever. The most will probably be 2 weeks. HERE IS THE LINK. 🙂 All readers of this blog can use the code SWT65 to receive 65% off any reading. No limits and you don’t have to join my monthly newsletter to get that code.

I think I’m moving on November 10. No, nothing is really prepared. Sigh. This is probably my most stressful move. I’ve moved a lot since I graduated college. None of the moves were really stressful. It sucks because I can’t pack because I’m not feeling well.

Here are my most recent blood pressure readings:

  • 157/92 October 20  1:30 PM (!!!!!!!)
  • 142/93 October 20  1:35 PM
  • 140/95 October 21 1:45 pm
  • 146/97 October 21  6:30 pm
  • 142/97 October 21 6:34 pm
  • 136/86 October 23  5PM 
  • 146/77 October 24  8pm 
  • 129/79 October 24  8:30 pm (after meditation)
  • 132/80 October 25 6:10 pm

As you can see, my readings have been higher since I last posted. The only low reading was after a short meditation. I was listening to Sarah Jenks talk about the full moon in Taurus, and she led a 4-5 minute meditation, and I stopped what I was doing and did it. Then I decided to take my BP again, and it was lower! That’s great, but not necessarily real. I could meditate every morning, and by the afternoon, I’m pretty sure my BP would not be lower. But I will test that theory.  I did meditate this morning. Kind of. My dog is messing up my meditation time. He used to let me have my morning time. ARGH!! Anyway, my BP this evening was 132/80.

I’m so glad someone won that damn lottery. Andrew S. (a radio personality) once said: “The lottery is a tax on the stupid and the poor.” I don’t like calling people stupid. But it is a tax on the poor. I know so many poor people who can barely afford to pay their bills, but they will play the lottery. They play every day, so occasionally they win. The people I know win 3 to 4 times a year, but they don’t make all the money back. So they are either getting even or losing money.

It boggles my mind that people actually believe they are going to win. I wish I were that um, naive? I’m much more pragmatic. I’m not saying I’ve never played the lottery. I’ve bought scratch-offs. I’ve probably put about $28 over my lifetime in the lottery. I played once online, and $20 was the minimum amount to play, so that’s why that number is kind of high.

I can’t breathe. *Whine* I need to work on my website, so I’m going to end this soon. UPDATE: I couldn’t breathe last night so I finally decided to try the diffuser again. I had it on all night. I put peppermint and eucalyptus in it. It worked. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without it. I have it on now. AMEN! Essential oils work for colds and allergies. Thank the universe!

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Jess Glynne, Ariana Grande, Jason Mraz, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Matt Nathanson, Joan Osborne, Miranda Lambert, Britney Spears

TV of the week:  Nashville, The Sinner, basketball

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week: Dirty John,  All In With Chris Hayes, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Bear Brook, Mentally Chill, The Lowe Post

Books of the week: 

Plans for the Weekend: Packing and maybe working overtime at my day job. I hope I feel better so I can get stuff done. I also need to feel better so I can record 8 more YouTube videos for my tarot biz. I was off on Tuesday, and I didn’t record anything due to OTHER PEOPLE TAKING OVER MY TIME (meant to yell), but even if I were home, I couldn’t have recorded because I couldn’t fucking breathe.

Anyway…thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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