I’m moving…again

In my defense, I’ve lived here for at least 5 years. When I graduated from college, I moved around A LOT. I mean once a year. I don’t hate moving like most people. I’m indifferent to it. It’s just something to do. 😉

I’m moving back in with my mom. OH NO!!!!!!!!111!! Yeah, this isn’t ideal. But it is better than filing for bankruptcy next summer. I’d rather pay off my debts, have a better credit score and save for a downpayment on my dream house. I’ll probably need $25K for a downpayment.

My dream house isn’t expensive. The most expensive house I’ve swooned over was probably $150,000. But most are under $130,000. I want at least a 2 bedroom house with a big bathroom in a rural area. The smaller the better. However, I do want at least 2 acres of land. So I really want to pay for the land, not the house.

Anyway, there are bad things about this move. I have to leave my house. I’ve loved this house for years, but it’s time to go. I love the area. I can walk to the freaking park. Hello? Who wouldn’t want to live here? It’s like a dream area. But due to finances, I must leave. The worst thing about the move is living with my mom. Sorry, but true. The second worst thing is that my dad lives there about 4 months out of the year. (Not 4 months straight). Too many humans!

I love living by myself so this kind of sucks. But what are my options? Filing bankruptcy next year? I haven’t looked into debt consolidation too much. Even if that were an option, moving is still the answer.

The hardest thing for me will be writing a letter to my landlord. 😦 I will feel so anxious. I don’t want to do it. Sigh. His assistant just wrote me a letter saying the landlord hopes I live in this house for YEARS. A year ago, that would have made me happy, but it just sucks because I know I’m moving. But I can’t say anything yet because I have to have the house in good shape before I move.

He also raised my rent by $15 (not a huge deal)  and now requires a $200 pet security (WTF?)  for my dog. So I have to pay a ton by October 1. I’m glad I got that letter before I was going to pay extra to my credit card. It came just in time.

I’m trying to move out by Thanksgiving. But I will probably continue to pay rent and electricity until January 1. That isn’t great because the electric bill is the main reason why I want to move. It can be $200+ when it is cold. Hopefully, November and December won’t be too cold. Where is global warming?

I’m going to pay my mom $200 a month in rent. I already have a debt repayment plan written down. Most of the extra money, that’s not going to rent will go straight to debt. I will up my money to my emergency fund. In fact, from now on that will be called my downpayment savings.

I also have some health-related things insurance won’t pay for. I will need a few thousand (Maybe $5000?) for those medical bills. I guess I should get the health thing taken care of before I start saving for a house. Ya think?

I consulted the tarot for moving out. So far I’ve only asked two questions. If I have faith in the tarot, it’s telling me this move is a good move. It told me that I need to prepare for what I know will be “bad” about living with my mom. It also told me to have faith. This morning I asked, what do I need to know about making a decision regarding moving? I got the Six of Wands which is one of the most positive cards I could have pulled. It’s basically saying this move will be a success. Okay. I hope the cards are right.

Oh, and most of this debt (85% of it) is due to Abilify. So I have to get off of it, or I will probably be back in debt again. I need to get my life back to what it was before Abilify. I’m going to talk to my regular doctor on September 17 to see if she can give me anything for Abilify withdrawal. I know she is going to say “Ask your psychiatrist.” Um, he doesn’t believe the side effects are real, so that’s pointless.

I’m worried about Hurricane Florence. It’s raining so much I can’t mow my lawn, and I really need to. I hope it doesn’t affect anyone too much.  I have to do a tarot reading tonight. Be back later this week. Bye! More on this later. And more on the plumbing situation too.

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