The Privilege of Beauty

There are a few smart people out there. I’ve known this my whole life. I’ve been saying this my whole life!!! Geez. Does it take a pretty Asian girl to say it for people to get it?

I was just talking about this in my last entry, so I had to post Benebell’s video here. I agree with 95% of what she says. I would argue that who you know helps you more with getting a job. Yes, a beautiful person will get a job before me an unattractive person, but if the person’s father or mother is a judge (for example), that person will also get the job before me. So looks might not matter as much if the person’s parent’s know a lot of people.

So it is looks and who you or your family knows when it comes to having the easy, privileged life. I’m not saying these people have no problems, btw. ALL people have problems.

I stayed up late last night uploading 12 YouTube videos with my unattractive self. LOL. Now I have to work on the course I’m creating. Oh, one more random thing: We had a bad storm last night, and the tree in my yard broke again!! It wasn’t as bad as last time. No damage to the house. But a power line is halfway down, and I have to somehow remove the branches even though it is impossible for one person to pick all that up. I’m also scared of being electrocuted.  And I also have a plumbing emergency to deal with. Other than that, things are going great! 🙂

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