It doesn’t matter anyway

Long training days at work. The good thing is that training ends on Friday. I don’t know whether that is really a good thing because that means I have to uh, work. No more 3-hour meetings. Just working. How boring and normal. I will try to keep it exciting. 😉

I got feedback on two of the 4 free tarot readings I did over the past week. One was a 3-star rating. Bummer!!! She didn’t say anything about the actual reading. She just said she wanted to know which cards I drew. Okay. I kind of get that now. From now on I will tell everyone what cards I pulled. I got a 5-star reading on the other! Yay. She said I was 100% right and she liked my advice. After that “bad” feedback, I was glad to receive 5 stars.

I’m scared to get feedback on the other readings. One I didn’t include the cards, so I feel like that one will be average or bad. I did that before I got feedback about people wanting to know which cards I picked. Oh well. They have to give feedback if they want to continue getting free readings. The other one I told her the cards, but she asked THREE questions which is against the rules, but whatever. I answered all her questions. I felt like it went well.

UPDATE: I just got another 5-star rating for a reading I did. Thank you so much! Now my average rating is a 4.3. Woohoo! I know I shouldn’t get caught up on ratings. But I haven’t done a lot of readings. I need some type of validation. I have only done a total of 15 readings so far. Most of the ones I’ve done are through email. I’ve done 3 on Zoom/Skype and one in person. So now I’m only waiting for feedback on one more reading.

I think my mentor wants me to read for her. I’m trying not to get too anxious about it. What I want to do is practice on Zoom by myself and do a fake reading. I know I say “umm” and “uhhh” A LOT. I’ve done it my whole life, and I don’t know how to stop. Anyway, if I’m not too busy this weekend, I think I’ll do a fake 30-minute video reading and watch the recording. That will be brutal!

I did a 1 minute 44 second YouTube intro video for my website. I don’t know whether it is any good. I hope I’m not mumbling. I should ask my mentor what she thinks, but I’m scared. I also did Instagram stories last night! I’m very new to that. I was so tired. I did 15 seconds from each of my blog posts.  That’s 12 blog posts! It took forever because I didn’t know what I was doing. I hope that wasn’t a waste of time. It was my mentor’s idea.

I was so tempted to go on another Getaway. Ah, that would be so nice. I even went to the website and saw that the dates I wanted are available. That would be financially irresponsible, so I’m not going. No internet. No TV. Reading in bed for two days. Why can’t I go? *whines* Adulting is so hard.

Sigh. I made an appointment 3 months ago to see my doctor on July 30th. Now she’s going on vacation or something, and my appointment has to be rescheduled.  They called me this past Friday to tell me. I have a problem when doctors don’t seem to care that we take days off from work to go to the doctor. She only does well visits AKA annual visits when I’m working, so I have to take time off to go to her office.

Anyway, I rescheduled it for September 17th. I have that day off. Hopefully, she won’t be off on that day too. UGH. On the off chance, that she has an emergency, I’m sorry for bitching about it.

Gotta go. Bye!

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