The good ones always break

Someone just went off on all vegans on Insta! It was great. LOL. I’ve been getting tired of their self-righteous attitude. Not all vegans have that attitude. Obvs. I’m talking about the ones that go on and on about it and have the holier than thou attitude. No one wants to hear from their privileged ass about being vegan. Fucking awesome! I admit I loved it a little too much. I want to thank the person for finally saying what I’ve been thinking for years.

YAY for LeBron being a Laker. I’ve been a Laker fan since I was eight years old. I’ve been ambivalent towards LeBron since he came into the league. Now I might kind of love him. 🙂


I started off June so well. I did do well with my groceries. But I ordered twice needlessly from Amazon (total of $70.00). I hired a mentor. I enrolled in Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass (!!). So it was a fail for the second half of June.  I’m going to try to do better in July. I really need to.

Here are some of my July budget categories:

  • charity – 10.00
  • emergency fund – 25.00
  • electricity – 95.00
  • trash – 30.00
  • groceries – 120.00
  • clothing – 25.00
  • gas – 30.00
  • doctor bills – 50.00
  • toiletries – 23.00
  • subscriptions – 46.00
  • pet stuff – 44.00

I’m leaving my debts off again because no one should have to see that. It’s quite scary. However, I did write down every single debt for myself.

Therapy isn’t going well. She doesn’t give a shit. So I may quit. I’m giving her two or three more chances to see if she cares. I think I have 2 more free visits left. She thinks I’m married?? Can’t she remember anything from the last session? Why isn’t she trying? Would this happen in 3D therapy AKA real therapy? Sigh. I’m almost over her. Some of it is probably on me. I hate that she changed from having Sunday hours. After work, I don’t want to talk. I’m tired. *whine*

I hate to say I’m so busy, but dammit, I’m so fucking busy right now. That’s a good thing in a way, but it is also keeping me from reading leisurely, finishing my self-study astrology course*, and just relaxing.

*The astrology course is kind of for my business, but I LOVE astrology so I would do it even if it weren’t for that. I’m obsessed. Astrology is so fun. I’m a geek that way. It’s been one of my interest for years. This course is like a graduate level course. Here is a link to Benebel’s astrology course.  It is very deep, and I may have to delay getting further into it until my mentorship is over.

It was so fun interpreting Trump’s and Obama’s birth charts. They were spot on! OMG. Amazing. Yes, I’m a nerd. I must blog more about their charts when I’m back into astrology again. I haven’t even looked at Hillary’s yet. Ooh. I bet that would be interesting. 🙂

Instagram business update: I have two pictures on my biz Instagram page! It wasn’t that hard to figure out what to write, but now I need to do more random shit. For example, I happen to be reading a bunch of Tarot books right now. I should take a pic of those books and post it. I need to post stuff that has nothing to do with my website.

I’m so tired all the time. That is not helping me get work done. I woke up 1 hour after my alarm went off!!! I never do that. I got up at 5:47 AM and still made it to work on time. Yay, for working from home. (Start time for me is 6 AM). But I didn’t get to meditate, pray, do ACIM, or eat breakfast. At least I made it on time.

Gotta go.

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