Sometimes I don’t wanna fight

What a day it was yesterday! I did FOUR free tarot readings. That might not seem like a lot, but I had to meditate and pray on each person. Plus I had to clear the cards between each reading. Then I have to type it up and for two readings I took pics of the cards. That took hours. I’m kind of shaking right now because one of the readings I did was spot on! I can’t share the details because I want to keep all readings private. All I can say is that I was scared to deliver her bad news, but I was right!

Who wants to tell someone something isn’t going to work out? I don’t. I don’t mind positive readings or neutral readings, but bad news??? Ugh. However, I did learn something. Even if the cards say something bad, SAY IT. It still hurts my heart to deliver that info. But I think it is my responsibility to say the truth. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a tarot practitioner? I have to tell what I think is the truth.

So I think I’m batting 50%. I have no idea. I didn’t get feedback from everyone. Some people just want to be positive and won’t say, “You are dead wrong”! LOL. I’m like that. I will tell the person what was right and what may be wrong, but I won’t be overly negative. If someone asks for a positive review, I will give it to them.

So I dunno. I need to get to 90% right. When I read for myself, I’m usually spot on. I think I just need more practice, but with working a day job with overtime on most days…who has time to practice? I was off on Monday, and that’s the only reason I volunteered to do the 4 readings. I kind of got an idea of what it would be like to do tarot readings full-time. I didn’t hate it even though it kind of sounds like I did. 😉 If I were doing it full-time, I would have my days structured better, and I would be 100% focused on tarot, and I would be fine with doing many readings in one day because that would be my job. This was FREE!!!

I’m so relieved yesterday is over. First I did one reading right after breakfast, then I took my dog to the park which was nice, then I mowed the front yard, and then I did the rest of the readings. I finished all the readings by 8 PM. I started my day at 6 AM. One person asked me a follow-up question; I have to do another reading for her tonight. Well, I don’t have to, but I will.

UPDATE: I received my first testimonial for my website!! Well, I have one on there now, but it is from a family member I did a reading for. That doesn’t really count. 😉 YAY. In case anyone is wondering, the testimonials are on the homepage. The first one is by a stranger I did a reading for yesterday and the second one is by the family member.

Oh and I also received sort of negative feedback. It was like “Thanks, so I guess I’ll do X”. I didn’t say anything about X at all. She definitely didn’t resonate with what I said. Oh well. I can’t please everyone. Her reading took forever because I was trying to get an understanding of her. Grr!

I’m so glad those 4 people gave me practice. THANK YOU.

I’ve gotta go. I’m erasing all the links to my tarot website later today. Bye!

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