Obstacles are detours

I got more info about my DC Getaway. I’m not pleased with the new dog information. Um, they don’t want any dog hair on their bed or linens. LOL. That’s understandable, but really? So what I have to do now is buy a queen size sheet to cover the bed and a full-size something so that I can have cover. I can’t sleep without something on me. It doesn’t matter how hot is it; I have to have cover.

I did my grocery shopping on Saturday. I happened to come in under budget, so I have cash leftover. I was going to use that cash to pay for my groceries on June 23. Now I have to use that to buy linens for the cabin/tiny house. 😦 Where is my dog supposed to sleep? On the floor? My dog laughs at that idea!  It is a tiny house. There will probably barely be room for his crate*. Of course, he is going to sleep on the bed. UGH. My dog doesn’t shed a lot. But he does shed. I don’t want to mess up their cabin so I will follow the rules. Plus, I don’t want to get charged for dog hair. Whatever.

*I’m only going to leave him in his crate when I’m in the shower. I don’t trust my dog enough to leave him out while I can’t see him in a new place. Showers can’t take long because there is limited water. They call a 10-minute shower long! LOL. I consider a 20-minute shower long. I will probably set a timer for 5 minutes while I’m in the shower. I don’t want to run out of water.

I have an hour long tarot card reading scheduled for June 14. That’s one day before I leave for my trip. I’m so excited. It is going to be on Skype. I’ve never had a reading like this before. Since I’m new, I got 20% off. I paid $44.00 for it. It isn’t in my June budget, but it doesn’t matter because I paid for this on May 31! I cheated. 😉 Can’t wait. This will be the last reading I pay for. Well, I’ve only paid for one other reading.

Now onto the ‘job’ opportunities. There are two tarot reading opportunities I can apply for. One is option A, and the other is option B. Option A is harder to get because I would have to do a LIVE reading on camera with the head of the company (even though I will only do email readings if I get approved). I know I’m not ready to do that now, so there’s no point in applying. But I will apply shortly. Option B is easier to get. I just need a $50 webcam, a good quality microphone, and a nice background. That’s it. I can do that.

Option B scares me because it is just people looking at you while you are sitting there. You can’t see them. And then they can ask you for a reading, and you do the reading live and on camera (not in front of everyone – one on one). Horrifying, right? They rate you after the reading so if I suck, everyone will know. I don’t want to take anyone’s money and not give a good product. That’s very important to me.

Anyhow, I need the practice and the money, so I need to do Option B, but first I need to do more FREE readings. I also need to buy the camera, a backdrop (fabric) and a better microphone. I would like to get started on there by August 1. I will be finished with my class by then so I will have more time to dedicate to free readings.

I’m glad I have those two options. I wish I could do option A now. However, I don’t feel confident enough to give a live reading to the head of the company. The pay isn’t great for either option. For one company, the pay is something like $6.00 for a 20-minute reading! That’s really low.  But it’s great practice, and it is extra money. Plus the person that recommended both of these companies is someone I trust.  I want to do work at both companies at the same time. A lot of people do that.

Truck driving school costs $4,500 where I live. Probably not doing it…ever. But who knows? I know I’m not going into debt to do it. That’s for sure. I’m not going into debt for anything except emergencies. I’m scared of driving a big truck. We just had an accident here involving a truck. Someone died. I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I don’t want to make decisions based on fear. I dunno. I’m still thinking it through. If I feel like it’s my only option, I’m probably going to try driving school (if I can pay with no debt).

Therapy. I was charged $25 for my appointment this Sunday. UGH. It was a mistake I unknowingly made, but they won’t refund me. I should have scheduled it differently. So I still have five more free visits, and then I will have to pay a $25 copay. At least, I finally have the amount I have to pay confirmed. I don’t know about going to therapy weekly. Cognitive behavioral therapy is not supposed to last forever. Ideally, after I finish the workbook, I should be done. That should take less than 10 sessions. After the 10 sessions, maybe we could meet monthly. I do like working with her. I wish our time together were an hour instead of 45 minutes. Oh well.

Training is kicking my ass right now. I’m off work, but I’m reviewing what we went over in training. I’d much rather be working on my tarot class or doing anything fun.  I also mowed the front yard today. It wasn’t that hot. It was about 83 degrees. I think I might do the back tomorrow. It’s either mowing the lawn or going to the park.

Gotta get back to reviewing training stuff. Bye!

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