I don’t need a lot of cash

Guess who had a therapy session this evening? Yes, on a Sunday! Guess who didn’t leave her house to go to therapy? Guess who didn’t have to pay for the session? Gotta love ME. 😉 I don’t know what to think about the session. I feel like she wanted me to talk more or something. What a concept! Hello, not happening. It was okay. I don’t like that she has me buying an $18 workbook. I told her I was in debt. Anyway, I have the gift cards from my birthday and that will cover the cost.

I don’t know how many free sessions I have. I think it is 6 and then I would have to pay. I don’t mind paying a copay, but I’m not paying her whole rate. ($95 per session). The therapy was done like a Skype session. Thankfully I didn’t balk at that because I’m so used to being on camera for the tarot coaching calls. My health insurance book claims that telehealth sessions are NOT covered, so am I only allowed the 6 free sessions? Or is there an exception? Yes, I did call someone and she said I should only have to pay the copay. But she wasn’t sure. She was just guessing. Sigh.

I don’t need therapy bad enough to pay $95 for it. I was in therapy for a while, and it was helpful at one point to have someone to talk to, but then she just focused on another damn workbook on anxiety, and that didn’t help. So here we go again with another workbook. LOL. I know this stuff works most of the time if ya work it. I’m trying to be open-minded.

Anyway, I’m glad it is therapy through video. I hope it is helpful and I hope I never get charged $95 for a session. I also hope she doesn’t expect me to go every week. That would be $100 a month IF I only have to pay a copay (not bad at all, BUT I’m trying to cut bills). I will probably tell her I’m trying to save money and ask her if twice a month is okay. Only when I was in college did I need therapy weekly. That was a long time ago. I was very depressed. I’m dealing with general anxiety now, and I don’t think weekly is at all necessary.  Even twice a month was too much, and that is why I quit therapy last time. :/

Who can complain about free therapy? Me.

I worked on my June budget almost all day on Saturday and Sunday.  The result didn’t turn out to be as stressful as I thought it would be. I’m going to start buying my groceries with cash. I reviewed past receipts. I was spending about $120 a month on food. I don’t think that’s too bad. But I will probably try to lower it. It won’t happen this month because I’m going to a Costco like store this weekend. My grocery bill is always higher when I go there because I’m buying in bulk.

I’m not going to list my whole June budget (especially my debts – hah), but I will list some categories. Most of these amounts will change monthly.

  • electricity – $91.00
  • food – $130.00
  • clothes – $25.00
  • medicine – $37.00
  • gifts – $5.00
  • charity – $10.00
  • pet supplies- $49.00 (includes his insurance)
  • subscriptions – $61.00

For the record, I’m using Dave Ramsey’s budgeting sheets. Some of his category names I wouldn’t choose. For example, I wouldn’t put my dog’s insurance under pet supplies, but there isn’t a category for pet insurance. Next time, I will put my dog’s insurance under another category. I don’t have any “fun money” or anything for entertainment. I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I still have entertainment like Spotify and Hulu. Is it sad that I consider those things entertainment? I don’t think so. 😉

I don’t have to budget for medicine for the next two months. That’s good. And I won’t always spend money on clothes. I want a pair of shorts and a top for my short vacation coming up soon. I also have to save for my storm door. I didn’t budget that for June. Argh. I need to get some kind of quote on how much the installation will cost. The door I want is $208. I can go lower if necessary. I want my door installed by September 15. I’m hoping this will lower my electricity bill during the winter. My electric bill can be $250 (!!!) if it gets really cold.

Finally done with the budget and now I’m feeling overwhelmed with something else. I have my tarot coaching videocall Monday night. I didn’t do all the homework yet. I still have time, but I have to work and I’m going to my mom’s house. Etc. I hope it goes well. Or at least better than last time. Whatever. It’s not that serious. Don’t take things too seriously! Life lesson.

Something weird is going on. Someone keeps charging Facebook advertising fees to my credit card. I reported the first charge as fraud. They locked the card. I’m getting a new card in a couple of days. Then another Facebook advertising fee came up on the NEW card I haven’t even gotten yet. How is that possible when I haven’t activated the card? So strange. I’m going to call them maybe tomorrow. What is going on?

Gotta go. It’s getting late. I’m watching game 7. Cavs vs. Boston. I guess I’m rooting for the Cavs because it makes a better story. I don’t really care. I just saw that there is major flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland (near Baltimore). That’s scary. I hope everyone is safe.


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