Better than Stitch Fix

Wow, I met one of my new moon goals already. I didn’t post this goal because it was one of the private ones. My goal was to get down to 140 pounds. Well, today I got on the scale, and I weigh 138!!! WTF? I can’t explain that. I hadn’t weighed myself in 6 to 8 weeks. I was so scared to find out how much I weighed. Is it possible that my scale is wrong? I’m still on the same medication (birth control and a very, very low dose of Abilify). So it can’t be that. I am exercising a little more because it’s warmer. I’m going to the park about 3 days a week. Hopefully, I will be going 6 days a week once I get into some type of routine.

My eating habits haven’t changed that much. I eat okay most of the time and then once a week I’ll order a burger and fries or something similar in calorie value. I’m trying to stop doing the delivery/take out thing once a week. I don’t know what else to say. I hope my scale is right. 🙂 I’ll have more to say later.

I signed up and kind of started a life coaching course on Udemy. No offense to Skillshare, but Udemy has the best online classes. Anyway, people think Tarot reading is just about predicting the future. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I want to specialize in career readings. I want to help people. A basic (AKA cheap) life coaching course will help me give clients tips. I don’t want to just read for people. Most tarot readers don’t just read cards. They try to help the person if their cards aren’t looking positive.

Now let me get to the topic at hand. What’s better than Stitch Fix? ThredUp‘s Goody Box! I don’t know who my ‘stylist’ was, but he/she was amazing. I favorited some things on ThredUp, and I made a special Pinterest board just for my stylist. That person nailed it! I was the person who made a mistake. I told them no high rise jeans and no dresses with slits. But I forgot to mention NO shorts or cropped jeans. Of course, they sent about 3 of those items. My fault.

I got the cheapest box possible. They sent 15 items. Nothing was more than $25. Most items were between $10 – $15. I kept 7 items. My total is a little over $100. Hello? Cheaper than Stitch Fix and I LOVE what I kept. I kept the following items:

Adrienne Cittadini Print Dark Blouse – $16.99


Democracy Solid Dark Blue Jeans 11.99


Reborn Casual Dress $16.99


Ann Taylor Solid Dark Blue Jeans 13.99


The rest is jewelry. I have to say that the jewelry looks better in person and I think most of it is overpriced, but I still kept the following:

Black statement necklace – 11.99


New Directions necklace – $24.99


Light purple statement necklace – $11.99


That’s everything. I will definitely get another Goody Box. I would have never found these items on my own. They have thousands of items, and it is hard to search through everything. I will probably never do Stitch Fix again. I LOVE Stitch Fix, but the prices are much higher than ThredUp. I know some people don’t like previously worn clothes so obviously this wouldn’t be the service for them. But for everyone else, I would recommend ThredUp‘s Goody Boxes. Oh, the only downside is that it took a while to get to me.

I made the $10 deposit (normally $20) on April 4, and I didn’t get my box until April 18. ThredUp is known for having shipping issues. They sent an email a while back saying that it had been improved. Clearly not.

Another thing: I asked for jewelry. You can ask for purses and no jewelry. Or no accessories at all.

Use my ThredUp link if you want $10 off of anything at ThredUp. You must be a new customer to get the $10 credit.

I gotta go work on my Tarot course. Bye! 🙂

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