Whispers in the silence

I’ve decided I’m going to use Squarespace for my website. I even have a name! I know exactly what I want it to look like. It seems complicated, so I don’t know how I’ll be able to do it knowing very limited code. I started taking a class on Skillshare about Squarespace. I hope that helps. The domain name is available. It’s unique, so I see it being available forever. I will probably buy it within 3-4 months. I hope it sounds okay to others. Unfortunately, that matters because perception matters.

Random update: I did find my credit card at my house. It probably fell out of my purse. I have a bad habit of not putting my card back in my wallet after I use it. I’ll put it in my pocket or anywhere. Then I get somewhere, and I realize I don’t have my card.

I’m feeling rejected. I think the part-time people forgot I am there. I still have their laptop. I haven’t worked since December. I truly believe they have no idea they haven’t gotten rid of me. But I don’t know, and I’m too scared to ask. I don’t want to know that a company doesn’t want me anymore. It’ll be apparent eventually.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been at my full-time job for almost 14 years (!!!). All that matters is that I feel that this one company doesn’t want me anymore. 😦 I have to do a lot of journaling for the beginner’s Tarot class I’m taking, and most of my past hurts involve being letting go from temp jobs over 14 years ago. Still hurts. It didn’t happen that much. Well, is 3 times a lot?  It stings. It was all due to my lack of social skills. I worked hard, but most companies don’t care about that.

I wasn’t in love with any of those temporary jobs. One had potential because I could have led the very small department. I may have had only one person reporting to me so I wouldn’t mind that. But now I have a job I can tolerate. ROFL. I’m working from home. That is the most important thing. Trust me, I would be gone if I were working in the office. GONE!!! I loved the work when I was working in the office, but I hated going into the office. Now I’m at home, and the work is harder and more stressful. So I don’t like the work as much.

Just got back from the park. It was a little nuts. Kind of crowded for 3PM on a weekday. Last summer I got into the routine of going to the park every single day. This summer might be different due to working overtime. As of right now, I’m not working OT on Mondays or Thursdays. I need the money, but the stress of working all those hours is not worth it at this moment. I would like to use those days to go to the park or mow my lawn. I still haven’t mowed my lawn yet for this year. I’m pretty sure I will have to mow it next week.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Kate Rusby, Cardi B, Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, MaMuse, The Weeknd, Kesha, The Wailin’ Jennys

I didn’t know who Cardi B was until Friday of last week. That is how unhip I am. I still don’t understand why she is so famous even though I like her new album and will continue to listen to it. 😉

TV of the week: basketball, curling, news

I’m back to watching the news after being absent for a while. I probably won’t stay long because eventually, the talk will go back to all Russia all the time.

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: Dreams in Drive, The Rachel Maddow Show, Mental Illness Happy Hour, The Lively Show

Books of the week:  Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get to Work Book


Plans for the Weekend: No working. YAY! I’m happy about that even though I could use the money, of course. I’m grocery shopping, taking a test, and completing my Tarot basics class this weekend. I hope to get lots of reading done. I will probably also go to the park. My dog will be happy about that.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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