Gotta draw a line

My business goal has already changed. I’m going to have a website up in a year and provide FREE content. Then I’ll see where it goes. It’s hard to start charging people when I don’t have years of experience. People will ask me how long I’ve been doing it. Uh, one year?? That’s not good enough.

I’m getting excited about this. I need something to fall back on. I’m not keeping my job forever. They are already trying to get rid of us by using people overseas and technology. I have to have a plan, and Tarot reading is it. Besides even with my job, I NEED extra income. Tarot is the only thing that excites me.

I’ve got to think of a company name and plan my website. I’m not using my real full name even though people could probably easily find it out. Website classes here I come (already paid for since I’m on Skillshare).  I’m not sure which platform I’m using. A business WordPress account would work, but I know there are other options. I need to do some research. I’m already familiar with the free WordPress (obviously) so why not just use them and get a paid account so I can have my own domain?

Year 2 is going to be about starting a YouTube channel (are there better alternatives for videos? gotta do the research) My main issue will be lighting, finding a place to film, and buying a nice camera. I may also start a Facebook page so I can do Facebook live. Once again: Is there a better alternative? Is anyone going to be on FB in two years? I kind of hope not. Lol

Year 3 is all about and bringing in clients! Scary. If I am successful with the website and the YouTube channel, obtaining clients shouldn’t be that hard. Yes, it will take a lot of work. But I should have a small base at this point through the website and videos.

I can’t wait to really get started, but I have to be patient. I want the right name etc. Tarot is my life. After I get off work, I spend hours studying the tarot. And then my advanced class starts on April 19. I’m a little nervous about the class because we have at least 6 coaching calls and I think I will have to participate (just like at work!). The teacher has gone out of her way to get our schedules so she can find times that work for us and to call in and not participate? Uh, I have to say stuff. Lol.

Training is going okay. But I’m scared to start doing real work. Right now we are only practicing. So far it seems like I’ll be working a lot of overtime this month. I decided not to work OT every day because some days I might want to go to the park or mow my lawn or just relax (what a concept!).  All this overtime isn’t normal for us. I think I went a year without doing ANY overtime in 2016. Yeah, that sucked. And this won’t last forever. It is probably only occurring because 5 of us are in training.

UGH! Double UGH! I just had a one on one with my trainer. I have NO social skills. That is why I want my business to be 80% online. When I get nervous, I really can’t talk. I freeze. I’m better if I’m prepared. But he sprung something new on me. It wasn’t good. Bleh. :/ This is probably the #1 concern I have for starting a tarot reading business. I can give people prepared readings, but I’m not confident I would be good in person or even live on Skype. I just gotta have faith and work on it. I guess.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Kacey Musgraves, The Weeknd, Lissie, Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, Joan Osborne, MaMuse, Elephant Revival

TV of the week: Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been mostly watching a court trial online. Not much TV this week.

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, What Should I Read Next?, Dreams in Drive

Books of the week: I finished reading Under the Banner of Heaven: A Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer. I had NO IDEA how violent the beginning of Mormonism was. I’m talking about wars. So many people died. And the incest??! Not good. I love learning about religions. I’m surprised I never bothered to read more about Mormonism since I do find it very interesting.  4 stars.

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get to Work Book


Plans for the Weekend: Staying in. YAY! I am working overtime on Saturday. I still haven’t found my credit card. However, I have only looked in my car so far. I’m going to spend an hour or two searching my house this weekend. If I can’t find it, I’m going to tell the credit card company on Sunday afternoon. I hope I find it.

I will try to finish my beginner’s Tarot course this weekend. I’ve been working on it like crazy. I’m supposed to be working on it now instead of doing this. I might skip a day of the course. Today at work has been a lot. I need a break.

Speaking of the Tarot, I still haven’t gotten my reading from that woman. It is due from her today. She promised in 7 days! If I have to email her…not good. I’ll email her on Friday if I haven’t heard back. I paid for a reading and I want my service. At least I know what NOT to do. I would directly email the person as soon as I got a receipt. I know she’s busy. Sigh.

Right now, I’m going to cook food for the next 8 days. Yes, that is how I roll. I just put a bunch of food in the oven. That’s not really cooking.  I hate cooking. I wish I liked it. Then I would learn. Okay, that’s enough. I really gotta go.

Thanks for reading! Have a fun weekend! 🙂

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