Talking to the moon

Shit just got real. I enrolled in 3 tarot reading classes! LOL. Two of the classes are no big deal. Not expensive. But the advanced intuitive tarot reading class with Sal Jade cost $347! That is way less than some classes like Marie Forleo’s Bschool and Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass but still…

I’m serious about this. Obvs. The advanced tarot class starts on April 19, and I’m still learning the basics. I will be working hard to learn everything I can by the start of the class since it is advanced.

I’m aware that this Tarot thing could be a phase. (I hope not!!) By the end of Sal’s 10-week class, I will know. I’m still not planning on starting a tarot reading business until the next 2-3 years. I’m not nuts. I need practice. But who knows? I could be really intuitive. Then I may not need the 2-3 years.

I had no time to think. Her classes sell out FAST. It was already 50% filled when I paid for my class on Sunday. *sigh of relief* I’m glad I got in. She only opens the class once a year.

I also signed up for tarot classes on Skillshare. If you use that link, you immediately get two months free to learn almost anything. In addition to the tarot classes, I need an intermediate/advanced Excel class for work. I’m going to start that soon. I’m sick of sucking at Excel. I have a long list of classes I plan on taking with Skillshare since I love learning so much. I could be a student for life.

I still want to sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-school. It costs $2000. Ouch! The good thing is that enrollment doesn’t start for another 11 months, so I have time to think about it. Unfortunately, Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass opens in Mid-June, and it costs about $2000 too. It might be a little more. I can’t remember. I would LOVE to join that this summer. But $2000??! ROFL. Anything could happen. Don’t give up hope. It’s not impossible even though it feels that way right now. A miracle would have to happen to get me into that class this June. I believe in miracles!!!

I know I don’t NEED these expensive programs. I can learn the basics by taking various classes on Skillshare. But I want to do them. I have never tried to start an online business, and I would love the support both of these programs offer. I think I’m going to try to get a scholarship to B-School next summer. They give out 20 scholarships a year.

I lost my credit card. 😦 I know it is either in my car or in my house. I hope I don’t have to get a new one. That is the one I use to get miles so I pay most of my bills with it. I would have to change my billing info for each company. ugh. I need to find this card!

My dad went back overseas unexpectedly last night. I’m sure he’ll be back. I just hope he doesn’t come back during my Getaway from DC trip weekend. I’m still worried about that. That happens to be father’s day weekend. Oh well. Gotta go.

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