Courageous me??!

I got up in front of 1,300 people and told a part of my story. I spoke to Gabby in front of 1,300 people (!!) plus 1,000 people online. It was amazing! I never spoke using a microphone before. It was like it was just her and me. I didn’t even consider the audience. How can a person with “severe social anxiety” get up in front of a crowd like that and not even be scared?

I will tell more of this story later when I talk about what happened in LA. I just can’t believe I did that. And Gabby touched me at the book signing and said, “I love you (insert my name)” What you did was so brave”. Yes, she remembered my name from earlier while signing my book. Btw, Gabby doesn’t really talk at book signings. She has thousands of books to sign so she just signs books.

I did get a pic with Gabby. But I’m not posting it anywhere. I look horrible. Gabby looks great, of course. 🙂

More later.



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