I met Marianne Williamson

And she’s a normal human being! 🙂 I won’t post the pics of her and me together on this blog because this blog is supposed to be anonymous. She was sitting and I was standing next to her. She was smiling and I had a huge smile. lol. I did post the pic on Facebook (which I haven’t posted on in forever!) and on Instagram so if you know where those are, you can see the pic there.

Here is a pic I took as I got closer in line to her:

20180106_171348 (2)

It was kind of awkward because I’m very awkward. But I’m not concentrating on that because Marianne meets thousands of people every year. Do you know how many slightly awkward encounters she has? It wasn’t that bad. I forgot she has hearing loss and I talk VERY low and mumble to people I don’t know. So she didn’t understand what I said at first.

I said, “I loved your New Year’s Retreat”. I don’t know if she ever heard what I said (I think so). But she did say, “thank you”. Btw, I had NO IDEA I would be meeting her or getting my book signed. They did not advertise that. I stood in line about 30 minutes. It didn’t seem that long.

The talk was great. She spoke for about 90 minutes and took questions for 45 minutes. It was mostly about America in general. This is the Love America tour after all. It’s hard to explain what she spoke about in a few sentences. Since I’m a devotee, I’d heard most of what she said before, but I still enjoyed hearing it LIVE. Thanks for coming Marianne.

My A Course in Miracles lesson this morning was: I place the future in the hands of God. That’s so hard. I took it to be about my trip to Los Angeles. Don’t worry about stopping in Chicago. I would feel better if I were stopping in Atlanta, but I’m just going to lay it on the altar and not worry about it. Besides, there is nothing I can do now. Hearing about all these planes cancellations isn’t helping.

I still don’t have water in my house. It has been 8 days. No water. Today it was 39 degrees. It’s funny how warm that feels. LOL. Please don’t let this be a plumbing disaster. I can’t afford it. Yes, I would have to pay for it. Not my landlord. He has made that clear. I’m praying for a miracle at this point.

And then there’s the vet and their incompetence. I make mistakes at work so I shouldn’t be hard on them.  I called to board my dog while I’m on my trip. She didn’t seem thrilled about keeping my dog even though she wouldn’t be doing it.  She answers the phone.  Anyway, she knows he’s scared around strangers so she’s asking me all these questions and I’m FREAKING out. What if I can’t leave him at the vet? WTF would I do?

My mom would watch my dog if it were warmer. She doesn’t want to have to take him outside constantly in the cold and what if it snows? There is no way she’s going to want to go out in that. Back to the vet: I did make a boarding appointment but she made the appointment for the wrong dates. :/ Ugh. Now I have to call again. I hate making phone calls. I’m just thankful they agreed to take him. He likes to be around me all the time. He’s scared of everyone else until he knows them.

Normally, I plan trips with my dog in my mind. I want him to come with me! I took him on my birthday trip last year. If I go somewhere this year, I will definitely try to take him. At this point, I will be happy with a week off from work. I don’t need to go anywhere this year. I’m going somewhere in less than 2 weeks!

Justin Timberlake is coming to DC in March. I really want to go. I would go if it weren’t for LA and if I knew how the water situation was going to end up. Sigh. I dunno. I’m not some rich bitch. ROFL. Let’s end on that.

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