I’m back on Abilify

The title says it all. I was off Abilify for 23 days. It wasn’t the mental side effects. It was the physical side effects or withdrawal.  I felt physically sick and that kind of led to depression. I hate feeling sick. I just can’t deal. Anyway, I’m only back on the Abilify because I need to feel “normal” to go to Los Angeles. When I was throwing up one day last week, I knew wouldn’t be able to enjoy my trip.

I guess I should list the symptoms so I know what to look forward to when I go off again. I felt very nauseous especially after I ate. I didn’t have much of an appetite but I forced myself to eat. Maybe I should not have eaten as much. I have to eat lunch because I need to take my birth control at the same time every day. Next time I will eat less. I need to mention I also had muscle cramps.

It’s hard to describe how I feel/felt. Basically, I feel like crap.  I just started Abilify on Friday. Now I’m waiting to feel physically better. I’m surprised I don’t feel more depressed. I don’t feel very motivated. I was supposed to take my test for Chapter 10 today and I’m not doing it.

I’m not upset to be back on Abilify because I know I need it to have a good time in LA. If only I knew I was going somewhere before I stopped Abilify. I could have saved myself from debilitating nausea, digestive issues, a bad mood (sometimes), and muscle craps, and horrible mornings. Oh well. I’m going off Abilify again. So this is what I have to look forward to! 😉

Off topic: My dog is glued to me. He is so clingy! It is annoying. I feel bad because I haven’t taken him to the park since Wednesday. I knew I couldn’t walk that far without throwing up.

Forget being on topic. I have a $60 credit from Lyon & Post (THANK YOU!). I ordered two things to try on for Los Angeles. LA averages about 68 degrees in January. Of course, I don’t need anything new but since I have credit, why not? I’m not taking a lot of clothes since I’m only going for a weekend. I have to pack very light because I need to pack 4 copies of Gabby’s hardback book on the way back. I might leave one book in LA.

I’m just waiting to feel better. Next time I’m going to taper off Abilify slowly. According to some people, that doesn’t really help, but I’ll try it. I’m thinking about trying a new psychiatrist. But I’m scared. With my doctor recovering from an injury, it would be the perfect time to try someone new. I’m probably going to make an appointment for someone in February next week.

I’m going to post my planner spread here since I’m updating on Sunday.


Well, I’m going to go.

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