I did one thing right

I have New Year Eve weekend plans!! Woohoo! I’m attending a weekend retreat by Marianne Williamson. No, I’m not attending live in L.A. I will be in my house viewing via live stream. Laugh if you must. It’s not cheap (unfortunately), and it took a lot of thought. To view it via live stream costs almost the same as being there in person. I’m not sure I agree with the pricing, but I already paid for it.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I hate NYE because of the fireworks. (Where I live now that is not much of a problem. Yay!) I’m almost always in bed before midnight on NYE. 95% of the time. I just don’t get the specialness of it. But this year I’m ready for something magical.

I’m not waiting until New Year’s to start anything new. That doesn’t work for me. Why wait? If I know what I want to accomplish, why not start now? However, I do want 2018 to be different. 2017 was okay. The start was rough, and right now, it is very um, I can’t find the right words. Everything is so average. I feel like I’m flailing a little.

Back to the New Year weekend seminar: It starts on Friday night and ends on NYE (Sunday). I probably still won’t stay up past midnight to view the celebration part live. But I’ll watch it the next day. I decided to buy it when Marianne said that people who “attend” the retreat will have permanent access to the videos. Marianne describes it as –

I invite you to join with me for a celebratory weekend of forgiveness and healing, in which we wipe the slate clean of all the emotional bruises that have accumulated in 2017. Whether you wish to heal from personal sorrows or collective anxieties from the past year, or prepare yourself to manifest your greatest dreams in the year coming up, I will guide you through the principles and processes that lift all things to their highest place.

I know this isn’t magic and ACTION must happen. Why not do it with one of my spiritual teachers? I’m excited about it. I’m just glad to have plans for that weekend. I am taking my mom out to eat for her birthday on that Saturday so I won’t be able to watch everything live. But I will try to take the rest of the weekend off and just be present.

After that, I am seeing Marianne Williamson LIVE in my city on January 6. Tickets range from $35 to $50. We don’t get a private reception like other cities are getting. Strange. Anyway, I’m going to try to get a $50 ticket because those seats are reserved.

Unfortunately, she will be talking politics. 😦 I follow politics very closely, and I don’t need someone to preach to me about it. I prefer her talking about spiritual things, but hey, I get to see her live.

This entry is all about Marianne. Gosh, I wish Gabrielle Berstein would do lives events like Marianne does. I relate to Gabby much more. We have/had some of the same issues. We are around the same age. Etc. I would pay ANYTHING for her. Well, almost anything. I’m still not sure on Kripalu. So expensive.

I’m going to add my planner update here since I’m posting today. I rarely blog on Sundays. Anyhow, here is my first week in my new Get To Work Book:


I can’t wait to start using it daily in 2018.

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