I just want it to be over

Um, okay. I don’t know what to think. We just finished the free in-house dog training consultation. Basically, it’s all up to me and I know that. But I also hate that. What if I pay all this money for training and I don’t follow through?? What if I fall back into old habits?  I always let my dog lead the walks. Bad idea, I know. Sigh.

So the cost is $200 for 3 hours of training. Not bad. That is probably the average price for private training. I think I’m signing up. But I’m not sure. I will probably contact them tomorrow if I decide to go through with it.  I’m still having the doubts I mentioned in my first paragraph.

Decisions. Decisions. When she came in the house, he barked and growled at her for a while. Eventually, he stopped doing that, and we were able to go for a short walk to the park together. We didn’t see any dogs, so the trainer didn’t get to see his reaction to that situation.

Trainer: How long does it take him to warm up to people?

Me (thinking): What people?

lol. He has only warmed up to my mom and most of the time he is okay with Michelle (the Jehovah Witness who sometimes comes by). He is sometimes okay with my dad and other times he barks at him like a madman. So I have no idea how long it takes him to warm up to people.

Today is election day. I voted at my new election place. The new place is nice. It is definitely better than the church. Now I vote at the old library.  It still has the same number of polling machines so no difference there. I’m off from work today, so I voted at 9:30 AM.  I had to wait for about 3 minutes to vote.

I’m nervous about Virginia. The Republicans are amped up to vote. I feel like the Democrats don’t care as much about this race. I’m watching MSNBC now, and it says on the screen “Dems on edge in tightly contested race for Virginia Governer.” Yes, “on edge” describes it perfectly.

I’m going to somehow be calm tonight. AHHHHHHHH! No matter what happens tonight things will be okay. No matter what happens tonight things will be okay. No matter what happens tonight things will be okay.

I’m trying to be zen. 🙂

This week is going to be crazy. I have to work tomorrow. I’m off on Thursday. I have to get my car to the inspection place by 8 AM. Fun times. Sigh. I might wait until after I get my car inspected before I agree to training. That sounds like a good idea. Just in case, I have to pay for car stuff. Blah.

Oh, I didn’t go after Demi Lovato tickets. Well, I did check. I could have gotten a floor seat, but it would have been about 20 rows back. That wasn’t the only problem. I’m not paying $164 for a concert unless I’m up front. All the floor seats were $164. That’s ridiculous. Just because she’s some big name star. SMH. I didn’t pay that much for Janet Jackson or Shania Twain in her prime. Would I pay that much for Justin Timberlake without complaining? Probably. Haha.

Well, I have to go. I do not understand this stuff for my class. I like a challenge, but I have a lot riding on this. So I better get to work. I feel like I’m doing this all by myself and I kind of am. I’m not taking the big exam until September 2018. I’ve got time to learn this. It is a little overwhelming.

Gotta go.

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