Just protecting my soul

Can’t even go to concerts anymore. Music is supposed to be the one sacred thing left. Some people would say church. For me, it is music. It brings all different types of people together…yes, even at a country music concert. I went to see Jason Aldean many years ago. I’m a liberal. Not all country music lovers are conservative red necks. People like to stereotype people based on the music they listen to. That’s another subject.

About gun control: I don’t get how we are supposed to get rid of the guns already bought. A determined person will get their hands on a gun. Do they know how many guns are currently in America?

There are 300 million guns in America, tell me how we are going to get rid of them. People are just going to follow the law and get rid of the ones they already own? LOL.

I would love for America to have fewer guns. But I also know it is relatively easy to get an illegal gun. I guess I don’t have a lot of faith in people. Drunk driving is illegal. People still do it. Determined people will do what they want. Prove to me that this “gun control” thing will work and I’ll jump on board. I just keep thinking of the guns already here. Maybe if they pass gun control now, in 50+ years, there will be fewer guns in the country. I’ll give people that.

One more thing: I find the NRA abhorrent. They are one of the worst things that have ever happen to politics. I wish they didn’t exist. So I’m definitely not anti-gun control. I just want someone to logically explain to me how this would work.

I haven’t watched the news much since Monday. I woke up at 4AM EST and heard that 20+ people had been killed. I didn’t go back to sleep.  I watched the news almost all day. After Monday, I’ve just tuned out. I feel a bit cold about it. Maybe numb. I don’t know.

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