Fun to play the devil

OMG! Dying. There is a chance I might go the Charlottesville benefit concert! I put my request in and I’ll find out by Tuesday if I get a ticket. Dave Matthews Band, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, The Roots, Pharrell, and Chris Stapleton are among the people who will be there. HOLY SHIT! I wanna go so bad. The only downside is that it is general admission. I have never done GA. I’m not getting there early.  So I probably won’t have a good seat.

I will blog about this more if I actually get a ticket. I only asked for 1 ticket so that might up my chances of getting one. But a lot of people may only ask for one since the limit is two. Who knows? Anyway, it will probably be live streamed since it is a benefit concert. Either way, I hope to see it.

Instead of going to the doctor for my carpal tunnel, I have decided to try braces for now. I ordered two braces (one for each hand) from Amazon. I just got them on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it is slowing down my work. I can’t wait to get used to them. I need to be able to write and type for my job.

I’m practically wearing the braces 24/7. Yes, I sleep in them. I didn’t know that was common, but a lot of people with CTS have problems sleeping due to the tingling and pain. For me, it wasn’t that much of a problem. I would feel the tingling, but it didn’t affect my sleep.

UPDATE: I’m going to see an orthopedic surgeon next Thursday. No, I’m not planning on having surgery. I don’t want to pay for it, and I can’t afford that much time off from work to recover. Bitch gotta work. 😉 I hope he can give me a splint or something. The braces are okay, but they aren’t custom made of course.  Hopefully, this won’t cost a lot. I know seeing the specialist will cost me $45, but there are more costs involve. (Like the splint or whatever meds they might want to give me).

He just better not suggest rest. I can’t rest my hands. I didn’t work on Labor Day at either job, and my hands did feel better after that rest so I know rest would be great. I just can’t do it.

This week I…

Music of the week: Joan Osborne, Paula Cole, Demi Lovato, Jillette Johnson, Lea Michele, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Halsey

TV of the week: Big Brother, The Real Housewives of NYC, US Open

Movie of the week: None

Books of the week:

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Erin Condren


Plans for the Weekend: I’m taking test #2 on Saturday. I will also work at my part-time job on Saturday. I may not have any work on Sunday. Other than that, errands. I might go to the store. Some people are saying prepare for Hurricane Irma so I might buy a few canned items in case the electricity goes out. I hope we don’t get any part of it. I feel bad for Florida because it looks like it will hit parts of them. I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt anyone else. It already destroyed parts of the Caribbean (and killed people).

Hurricanes suck. Weird note to end on, but it’s true.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. 🙂

P.S. I should be working at my PT job right now, but this ish is hard. I spent 2 and half hours working on one thing so I’m done for tonight. I’m going to watch the US Open and read Dead Man Walking. I’m so naughty.

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