Can you imagine?

Groan. I might have to see my PCP again. 😦 Well, I know I do. I’ve been having carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms for about 2 months. It has probably been longer than that. My right hand is tingling right now and I feel pain in my left hand. This sucks. Sigh. At least I have health insurance and all that.

It is especially bad in the morning. I can barely use my right hand in the mornings, but now it is slightly bothering me all day.

See your doctor if you have persistent signs and symptoms suggestive of carpal tunnel syndrome that interfere with your normal activities and sleep patterns. Permanent nerve and muscle damage can occur without treatment.

I’m off the week of October 9th. I’m going to get my 4th Depo injection that week, and I guess I’m going to see my PCP that week too. I hope it doesn’t get too much worse by then. So I guess I know what I’m doing on my vacation. Doctor appointments. I don’t have anything else planned. I just wanted to stay home. Well, I’m always home, so I guess getting out isn’t too bad.

But going to my PCP means having to go see someone else. It’s not like she can fix it or even diagnose it by herself. Blah. I might see if I can see the doctor I really need to see since I no longer need a referral to see a specialist. I just don’t know who that would be. There aren’t any carpal tunnel syndrome specialists.

It is also affecting my solo dance parties, so this must be remedied. I might have to go see a doctor before mid-October. This isn’t a good situation. Plus now I’m working two jobs behind the computer all day. ALL DAY.  I might take half a day or two hours off work to see my PCP in September.  And then when she transfers me to a specialist, I can go in October. Sigh. Whatever it takes.

I’m not a person who runs to the doctor every time something goes wrong. I never go for a cold or something like that. And now I feel dumb because I just went to see my PCP in August to check my iron and now I have to go back???! I feel so lame.

I’m so late. I finally ordered a Keurig coffee maker! I can’t wait to get it. I have water issues in the house. Long story, but this coffee maker will make me not have to worry about getting my coffee in the morning. I only drink one cup a day. On most days it’s not even a full cup. I probably average about 4oz a day. I would drink more coffee if it didn’t upset my stomach. ha.

Anyhow, it was a special deal. I get the coffee maker, 54 coffee pods, a cleaning kit and a reusable filter so I don’t have to always buy the semi-expensive pods. I can just use regular coffee. Yay! I’ve wanted a new coffee maker for a while and then I saw this special and I couldn’t resist it.

Every time I pass my coffee pot, I want my Keurig to arrive. I should have said fuck the deal and went to a store. That’s how bad I want it since I have water issues. But I ordered it as soon as I saw the deal and there’s nothing I can do now but wait.

So I typed all this out, and now my hands are definitely feeling it. Nah, I can’t wait until October to see a doctor..unless it will be really hard to get time off this month.  I’ll see tomorrow when I go back to work.

I did a lot of work yesterday at my PT job. Today I’m waiting for feedback so I might not have to work much or at all. I took my first test of my course and made a 95. I’m going to study chapter 2 for a while and then go mow the lawn. Today will be a busy day because I worked all day yesterday and didn’t get anything else done.

Gotta go.

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